Chris Rock's daughter Zahra Savannah Rock

Zahra Savannah Rock‘s father helped her become famous. She is Chris Rock’s (a well-known American comedian) daughter. Chris is a producer in addition to a stand-up comedian. Also, he gained notoriety after Will Smith, an actor, smacked him at the Oscars for making a joke about his wife.

Chris, Zahra’s father, is thought to be worth a staggering $60 million. She was raised by Malaak Compton. In addition, she has an adoptive brother named Ntombi Compton-Rock and a biological sister named Lola Simeone Rock. Her sign is the Gemini.

Relationship Status: Zahra Hasn’t Seen Anybody Recently

Zahra Savannah Rock is now single since she is not seeing anyone. Being a teenager at the time of writing, she is not very concerned about being in a relationship. She currently spends all of her time learning and socializing with her friends and family.

Zahra Savannah Rock is resting her head with her right hand as she is taking a selfie with the other.
Zahra Savannah Rock is caught in the act. (Source: Zahra Savannah Rock Instagram @zahra.rock)

Zahra is active on Instagram and doesn’t avoid the spotlight as many famous kids do. She hasn’t said anything about her romantic life, though. The specifics of her earlier relationships are also lacking.

Net Worth Status Of Zahra Savannah Rock’s Parents

At the time of this writing, Zahra Savannah Rock is still a student and is not currently employed. Instead, we shall examine the wealth of her well-known parents, Chris Rock and Malaak Compton-Rock. Chris is a wealthy comedian who is thought to be worth $60 million. Whereas Malaak, her mother, is thought to be worth $20 million.

Working as a stand-up comedian has been Chris’s primary source of income. His stand-up performances have also been featured on Netflix, which has brought him a lot of cash. In addition to that, he has contributed to other movies. His highest-grossing picture to date is Madagascar, which, according to Rotten Tomatoes, brought in $193.1 million worldwide.

Malaak has also previously had a position as a judge on the reality program The Big Give. She also made a ton of money from the Chris, Zahra’s father, divorce settlement. Although the settlement sum has not been disclosed, Chris has frequently claimed that he lost a significant amount of money as a result of the divorce.

Zahra Has Two Siblings

Zahra has two siblings in addition to her; her parents are Chris and Malaak. One of them, though, is adopted. She has two siblings: Lola Simone Rock, who is her biological sister, and Ntombi Compton Rock, who was adopted by her mother from South Africa in November 2008, the same month Jaye Sousoures wed Joe Maddon.

Zahra Savannah Rock, Lola Simeone Rock and Ntombi Compton Rock are wearing white, yellow, and blue dress respectively.
Zahra Savannah Rock with her sisters Lola Simeone Rock (middle) and Ntombi Compton Rock (middle). (Source: Malaak Compton Instagram @malaak_compton-rock)

The oldest child is Lola, who was born on June 28, 2002. When contrast to her sister, Zahra, she has a tranquil existence. Like her mother, she is a humanitarian who strives to aid African children. She is a Jack & Jill of America graduate from the Bergen Passaic chapter.

Lola avoids the spotlight and scandal, but she did get into problems while she was a student. Even worse, she was expelled from her school as a result, and Chris was really in favor of it. She got discovered drinking while on a school trip to Portugal, and that’s when everything occurred.

The Controversy About Zahra’s Adopted Sister

Ntombi Compton Rock, Zahra’s adoptive sister, caused a major issue for her parents, Chris and Malaak. Ntombi’s alleged removal from South Africa to the USA without following the proper legal channels caused controversy. Samantha Ntombi-futhi is her real name.

In their piece, DailyMail mentioned that Zahra’s parents had been charged with human trafficking. The South African police were investigating the situation, according to the story. The real parents of Ntombi are Thusang Precious Ndebele and Crispen Khanyile. Her mother is Zimbabwean, while her biological father is South African.

Parents of Zahra are no longer living together

Although being from a wealthy household, Zahra Savannah Rock’s parents don’t live together. Chris and Malaak, her parents, split in 2014, although they didn’t divorce legally until August 22, 2016. the cause of her father’s adultery with her mother.

Chris Rock is wearing a black suit and Malaak Compton is wearing a purple dress.
Malaak Compton, Chris Rock, and the parents of Zahra Savannah Rock (Source: Nicki Swift YouTube Channel)

Actor Chris from Madagascar cheated on his ex-wife Malaak with three different women. Their identity is still unknown, though. One of the ladies was a celebrity, according to the article by Page Six. Zahra’s father has acknowledged that what he did was wrong, and as a result, he and her mother have separated from one another.

Zahra Has Fought For Rights

While Zahra Savannah Rock is only in her teens, she has already begun to stand up for what she believes in. She has always been a strong supporter of the right to an abortion and counts it among her core beliefs.

Zahra, the daughter of Chris, is involved in Rise Up 4 Adoptions. The group strives to make abortions accessible and legal for all women, as the name would imply.

About Zahra Savannah Rock’s Mother, Malaak Compton

During her romance with Chris Rock, her ex-husband, Malaak Compton rose to fame. She has a very limited amount of expertise in the entertainment industry due to her role as a judge on The Big Give. She now works in humanitarian aid.

Malaak Compton and Oprah Winfrey are facing each other as both of them are laughing.
Zahra Savannah Rock’s mother Malaak Compton at the Oprah Winfrey Show (Source: Malaak Compton Instagram @malaak_compton_rock

The Angelrock Project is an advocacy and writing project started by Zahra’s mother. The group tries to make young children’s lives better. She collaborates with UNICEF as well.

9/11 Was the Cause of Zahra’s Birth

The 9/11 events had some bearing on the birth of Zahra Savannah Rock. Chris, her father, claimed that his decision to have children with her mother, Malaak, was influenced by the twin tower attacks.

Chris has admitted that he originally didn’t give having children much thought. Everyone was shaken by the 9/11 tragedy, including him. He opted to have his two daughters, Zahra and Lola, after the catastrophe helped him grasp things that would be crucial.

Who Is Chris Rock’s Father, Zahra?

One of the faces of American stand-up comedy is Chris Rock. His observant humour has been very well received by the general populace. Zahra’s father performs on stage and makes everyone laugh in addition to being an actress.

Everyone Hates Chris, the Madagascar television series, the Bee film, and The Longest Yard are among of Rock’s best-known productions. Even more impressively, his outstanding work earned him four consecutive Primetime Emmy Awards.

In addition, he gained notoriety for his Oscars address, during which actor Will Smith notoriously smacked him for making a joke about his wife.

Zahra’s Social Media Presence

By the use of social media, Zahra is accessible online. She is accessible on Instagram. You may find her on her Instagram profile  @zahra.rock if you wish to follow her.

Zahra, the celebrity child, doesn’t post much and isn’t really active on the network. Her profile contains posts about herself, friends, parties, and excursions to other locations.

Quick Facts About Chris Rock’s Daughter Zahra Savannah Rock

Birth Date May 22, 2004
Full Name Zahra Savannah Rock
Profession Celebrity Kid
Nationality American
Ethnicity Afro American
Birth Country USA
Father Name Chris Rock
Father Profession Comedian
Mother Name Malaak Compton
Mother Profession Humanitarian, Advocate
Gender Identity Female
Horoscope Gemini
Marital Status Single
Height 152 cm
Weight 45 kg
Net Worth 6000000
Sibilings Lola Simeone Rock and Ntombi Compton-Rock
Insta Link Insta Link


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