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As Bridget Fonda’s younger brother and a member of the illustrious Fonda family, Justin Fonda is an American actor and artist most recognized for this role. Actors like his father Peter Fonda, aunt Jane Fonda, cousin Troy Garity, and grandpa Henry Fonda are also members of the Fonda family.

Justin is a Cancer Star sign who was born on July 9, 1966, in Los Angeles, California. He is a citizen of the United States and is of European descent. As is customary with many famous offspring, he was reared by divorced parents.

Know Justin Fonda’s Elder Sister Bridget Fonda? Where Is She Now?

Bridget Fonda, an actress, is Justin Fonda’s famous elder sister. Bridget, who was praised for being one of the most self-assured actresses while she was active, is currently enjoying her retirement after an injury in 2003 and a subsequent marriage the same year.

Justin Fonda's sister Bridget Fonda with her husband, Danny Elfman.
Justin Fonda’s sister Bridget Fonda posing with her husband, Danny Elfman for a photo shoot. Source: Irish Mirror

After retiring due to her injuries, Bridget now spends her days away from the media. Despite all, news involving her still receives great interest. Oliver Elfman is being raised by her and her husband Danny Elfman.

Bridget Fonda Career As An Actress From The Beginning To End

In the late 1980s, Bridget started her acting career. She has since been in a number of movies from the 1990s and 2000s, such as Scandal, Singles, Point of No Return, and A Simple Plan. Her performances in movies like Jackie Brown, Lake Placid, and The Bodyguard are what made her most well-known.

Bridget is regarded one of Hollywood’s most gifted and varied actors. She has won praise from the critics for her performances throughout her acting career.

How Much Is Justin Fonda’s Net Worth? Also, Know About His Sister Earnings & Riches

Justin Fonda, the brother of Bridget Fonda, is thought to be worth $15 million. He received the most of his wealth from the estate of his late father, Peter Fonda, but he is also a highly successful videographer, photographer, and part-time actor.

The estate of Peter Fonda, Justin’s late father, was estimated to be worth $40 million. Bridget Fonda, on the other hand, is thought to be worth roughly $50 million. Not to mention, his aunt Jane Fonda has a stunning $200 million in net worth.

Did You Know Justin Fonda’s Aunt Is Jane Fonda?

Even though she is in her nineties, Jane Fonda, an actress and social crusader who has won an Oscar, has enormous star power. She is Justin’s paternal aunt, the mother of Troy Garity and Vanessa Vadim, as well as the adoptive mother of Mary Luana Williams. She is regarded as a national treasure.

Jane Fonda and Justin get along well. He attended her weddings, and if feasible, the family would come together for holidays. Vanessa Vadim, Jane’s daughter, and Justin are very close. Jane has actively promoted Justin and his sister Bridget’s careers as an aunt.

Justin Foonda's cousin Vanessa Vadim, Aunt Jane Fonda, cousin Troy Garity, and Cousin Mary Luana Williams.
Justin Fonda’s posing with his family members. Source: Closer Weekly

Time of Adjustment (1962), Sunday in New York (1963), Cat Ballou (1965), Going Home (1978), and Barbarella are among the films in which Jane Fonda starred (1968). Her fitness DVDs were famous, achieving fame and sales that had never been seen before. Her most recent successes include the 2022 movie Going On and the Grace and Frankie Netflix drama.

Jane Fonda has stated that she will never again purchase new clothing and that she currently concentrates mostly on advocacy. She subsequently revealed that she had been given a diagnosis of Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2022; fortunately, the illness was later discovered to be in remission.

What Is The Age Of Justin Fonda?

As was already known, Justin was born on July 9, 1966. He is currently in his late 50s. Surprisingly, there are just two years between Justin and his sister Bridget.

Bridget, Justin’s famous sister, and Justin spent the most of their early years together. The two children were split equally between their separated parents and were always together, according to their father’s account.

Know The Relationship Status Of Justin Fonda’s Parents

His late actor father Peter Fonda and his mother Susan Brewer are Justin’s parents. After dating for a year, they reportedly got married on October 8, 1961, fairly quickly. Susan was one year older than Peter, who was just twenty-one.

Susan Brewer and Jimmy Gibson went on their first date when they first met. Jimmy was not interested in going on another date with Susan since they did not click. Peter didn’t waste any time after that in questioning a friend about her.

An old picture of parents, Susan Brewer and Peter Fonda with their children, Bridget Fonda and Justin Fonda.
A vintage photo of Susan Brewer and Peter Fonda with their kids. Source: AP

It did take Peter some time to learn about Susan, and even longer to meet her once more. It took several approaches before she finally said yes. Jimmy served as the best man during their nuptials.

Why Was Peter and Susan’s Parents Were Against Their Marriage?

Indeed, it is true that initially, Peter and Susan’s families did not embrace their union all that much. Ultimately, they did get married, and it took place in Saint Bartholomew’s Church.

According to all accounts, Peter and Susan’s first few years of marriage were quite joyful for them. Yet over time, there were certain fissures that appeared as infidelity as a result of Peter Fonda’s despair and prior suffering. He claims that he craved any attention since he was so anxious to be liked.

According to reports, Peter was delighted to be married to Susan and would have “ended things” if he hadn’t been. They maintained a cordial friendship even after their divorce, and Peter always admired her beauty.

Who Is Justin Fonda’s Father?

Peter Fonda, Bridget Fonda’s father, is regarded as a renowned actor and the grandson of Henry Fonda. Frances Ford Seymour, a socialite from Canada and the United States, was his mother. Her life was horrible, and she took her own life.

Peter, who was incredibly yearning to be loved, began to experience difficulties of abandonment and mistreatment after the passing of Henry Fonda. The well-known actress and activist Jane Fonda is his elder sister.

The parts he played in Easy Rider, which he also penned, are what made Peter Fonda famous. As a well-known figure in the 1960s counterculture, when he was in fact detained.

Peter, Henry’s son, worked as an actor, director, and screenwriter on several Hollywood productions. He succeeded in establishing a name different than that of Henry Fonda’s son. Unfortunately, he lost his battle with cancer on August 16, 2019, at the age of 79.

Bridget Fonda’s father Peter Fonda’s Had Three Wives

Yeah, Peter, Justin’s father, was divorced twice and married three times. thirteen years to Justin’s mother first in 1961. He then engaged in a lengthy marriage of 35 years with Portia “Becky” Rebecca Crockett beginning in 1975.

Finally, in 2011 till his passing, Peter married Margaret DeVogelaere. His father, Henry Fonda, had been married five times before his passing, therefore this was a fairly typical occurrence in his family.

A Brief About Justin Fonda’s Mother

Susan Jane Brewer, Justin’s mother, is descended from a well-known Hollywood family. Mary Sweet was her mother, and Chauncey Marble Brewer was her father. Her father’s private life is not widely known.

Susan’s mother, on the other hand, later wed Noah Dietrich, a well-known businessman who oversaw the Howard Hughes enterprise. Ruth Brewer is the name of her sister.

Justin Fonda's parents, Susan Brewer and Peter Fonda as newlyweds.
A vintage picture of Justin Fonda’s parents, Susan Brewer, and Peter Fonda when they were a newly married couple. Source: AP

After the divorce from Peter Fonda, Susan went on to dabble in a few movies. She had roles in  Lovely But Deadly (1981), Vision Quest (1985), and Time Walker (1982).

Susan’s Married Bill Tennant After Divorcing Justin’s Father

Susan then remarried Bill Tennant, a former Peter Fonda agent, according to Peter’s autobiography. She and her children reportedly suffered abuse at his hands.

While Susan attempted to make the most of a very poisonous situation, Bill, a Polygon employee, was apparently an alcoholic who used cocaine. He was not a good stepfather or co-parent, and as a result of his mischief, he ended up with a record at the hotline for child abuse.

Bill Tennant, who made the most trouble for me as a parent. He was trying his best to compete with me, and that was a very bad idea.

According to Justin, his stepfather’s aggressive conduct was the reason he made several calls to the CPS. It is unknown what became of Susan’s second marriage after she later made the decision to transfer her kids to live with their father. There are also tales that the marriage failed and Bill ended up on the streets, but there is no evidence to support these claims.

Justin Belongs From A Famous Family Background

As a member of the Fonda family, which has been Hollywood royalty for decades, Justin Fonda is no stranger to stardom. During the 1920s until the 1970s, Henry Fonda was a prominent actor. He was frequently referred to as “one of the greats of vintage Hollywood.”

Jane Fonda, Justin’s aunt, is a phenomenal actress, as was already established. Her son Troy Garity is another well-known actor, so things don’t end here.

An old picture of the famous Fonda family. Justin Fonda is the little boy in the front.
Young Justin Fonda with his family members. Source: Imago Images

Vanessa Vadim, another cousin of Justin, is the daughter of the classic film filmmaker Roger Vadim of France. Following in her father’s career path, Vanessa has also worked as a director. Growing up, she and Justin were quite close. Malcolm Vadim, her son, is also a rising activist.

Noah Dietrich, the right-hand man of Howard Hughes who had a relationship with Gloria Vanderbilt, was Justin’s maternal step-grandfather. His family referred to him as Pappy, and back in his day, he had a very large network of contacts. Justin is also connected to Tom Brokaw through his paternal grandmother Frances Ford Seymour’s first marriage to George Tuttle Brokaw.

Early Life Of Justin

Peter Fonda and Susan Brewer’s second kid, Justin, grew up. His late aunt Frances de Villers “Pan” Brokaw is honored by having her middle name be de Villers. According to all accounts, he had a happy upbringing and his parents adored him. His parents’ divorce, which resulted in him and his sister becoming children of divorce, did cause a lot of changes.

Justin did not get along well with his stepfather, who Justin claims was harsh to his stepchildren. He afterwards developed a deep love for Portia, his first stepmother. He grew close with his stepbrother Thomas as well, and the two ended up living together on the ranch in Montanna.

A childhood picture of Justin Fonda(red scarf) and his friends.
Justin Fonda during his childhood days. Source: Instagram @thompsie4

Justin was a boisterous, adventurous boy who enjoyed biking, skiing, sailing, and hiking during his formative years. He and his late father have a close relationship and showed one other a lot of respect. Together with that, he adores both his mother and his first stepmother.

Justin & His Sister, Bridget, Studied At The Same School

Justin Fonda, the nephew of Jane Fonda, attended Oakwood School together with his sister Bridget. A progressive school, it was. Later, when he relocated to Montanna to live with his father, Peter Fonda, he finished high school in Livingston.

Justin then went on to graduate from the College of Montana State University on June 9, 1989, as described in Peter Fonda’s autobiography. He earned a bachelor’s degree in science in cinema and television production. The term was for five years.

Justin Fonda, his son, was the first male Fonda to earn a degree from an American university, according to Peter. Thomas, his stepbrother, had also attended that institution, and the two had even attended high school together.

Quick Facts About Justin de Villers Fonda Aka Justin Fonda

Birth Date July 9,1966
Full Name Justin de Villers Fonda
Birth Name Justin de Villers Fonda
Profession Actor
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Birth City Los Angeles, California
Birth Country America
Father Name Peter Fonda
Father Profession Actor
Mother Name Susan Brewer
Mother Profession Actress
Gender Identity Male
Horoscope Cancer
Height 183 cm
Weight 73 kg
Net Worth $1.5 Million
Sibilings Bridget Fonda
Education Montanna State University
Religion Christian
Insta Link  @justin_fonda

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