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The only child and only daughter of the late Tiny Tim, an American singer and sometimes actor, Tulip Victoria Khaury (born May 10, 1971; age: 51) is a well-known media figure in the United States.
Back in the day, Tiny Tim became well-known for his falsetto singing voice. With his first wife, Miss Vicki, to whom he was famously wed on an episode of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson in December 1969, he had Tulip Victoria. Two years later, they had their daughter, but they got divorced a short time later.
Tulip, who was just three years old at the time of the divorce, was She was thereafter reared by her mother and lived apart from her father for a while. But before he passed away, they ultimately made amends and repaired their connection. Currently residing in New Castle, Pennsylvania, Tulip Victoria Khaury works in customer service for a waste management firm. She is married with four children.

Summary of Tulip Victoria Khaury’s Biography

  • Full name: Tulip Victoria Khaury Stewart
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: May 10, 1971
  • Tulip Victoria Khaury’s Age: 51
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Sexual orientation: straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Tulip Victoria Khaury’s Husband: Mr. Stewart
  • Tulip Victoria Khaury’s Children: Four, including Cherise, Jade, and Trey
  • Tulip Victoria Khaury’s Parents: Tiny Tim (Herbert Butros Khaury) and Miss Vicki (Victoria Mae Budinger)
  • Tulip Victoria Khaury’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 7
  • Tulip Victoria Khaury’s Height in Centimeters: 165
  • Tulip Victoria Khaury’s Weight: 58 kg
  • Tulip Victoria Khaury’s net worth is $500,000.
  • famous for: Tiny Tim’s daughter

Tulip Victoria Khaury is her parents’ only child.

Tulip Victoria Khaury was born on May 10, 1971, making her 51 years old. She is an American citizen and of Caucasian race with Jewish and Lebanese roots from Belarus.
She is the only child of the late singer and actor Tiny Tim, who enjoyed considerable popularity in the 1960s. Tiny Tim was well known for both his distinctively pale look and his falsetto singing voice.

He also played the ukulele skillfully, and he recorded a number of well-known songs, including Tiptoe Through the Tulips, a smash single from 1968.

Tiny Tim’s first wife was her mother.

Tulip Miss Vicki, Tiny Tim’s first wife, is the mother of Victoria Khaury. Victoria Mae Budinger is Miss Vicki’s true name. She is a native of Haddonfield, New Jersey, and was born there in 1952. Miss Vicki has held positions as a go-go dancer and a magazine cover model, among other things.
She is now a businesswoman and runs a new-age store in Maple Shade, New Jersey, where she offers books, incense, gorgeous crystals, and other interesting curiosities.

Tulip Victoria
EW5HNP Tiny Tim (born Herbert Khaury; April 12, 1932 – November 30, 1996) was an American singer, ukulele player, and musical archivist. He was most famous for his rendition of Tiptoe Through the Tulips sung in a distinctive high falsetto/vibrato voice. (pictu

Tulip’s parents were married for eight years before splitting up in 1974.

Midway through the 1960s, Tiny Tim and Miss Vicki connected in New Jersey. Miss Vicki was still in high school at the time, and Tiny Tim was in his 30s and seeking a career in show business. Nevertheless, they developed a love for one another and became engaged.
On December 17, 1969, during an episode of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, they were married. Miss Vicki was 17 years old, and Tiny Tim was 37 at the time of the wedding.
It was the pinnacle of PR stunts, and it elevated Tiny Tim’s profile for a while while also advancing his professional standing. In the meantime, the newlyweds settled in New Jersey and welcomed their daughter in 1971. Their joy led them to give her the moniker “Tiptoe Through the Tulips,” which is Tiny Tim’s best-known song.
Before facing significant marital problems, Tiny Tim and Miss Vicki basked in the ecstasy of their new arrival for a few months. They separated in January 1974 and started the divorce process. In 1977, the divorce was declared final.

Tulip Victoria 1
Tulip Victoria’s parents’ wedding ceremony Image Source

Her mother reared her mostly, and they went through some difficult times.

Victoria Tulip Khaury was only three years old when her parents divorced, and her mother brought her along. Her mother had to take care of her because her father had not shown much interest in her wellbeing or maintenance.

The woman tried many occupations to make a living but was unsuccessful. In order to survive in the 1970s before her mother could secure a permanent job, they relied on assistance payments. Even though Tulip Victoria ultimately had the opportunity to attend school and participate in other typical children’s pursuits, her life was far from easy.

Before her father passed away, Tulip Victoria Khaury was able to make amends, and she is now dedicated to upholding his legacy.

Tulip, despite being the celebrity’s daughter, had a difficult childhood. The fact that her father never tried to contact her when she was a child made the anguish much worse.
She had more than enough reason to be bitter, yet she chose to be at peace. As an adult, she made amends with her father, and the two remained on good terms up until his passing on November 30, 1996. She received a portion of his inheritance after his passing, including his treasured ukulele.

Victoria Tulip is participating in attempts to preserve Tiny Tim’s legacy more than 20 years after his passing. The year 2020’s film Tiny Tim – King for a Day is one of them. She agreed to give an interview illuminating her father’s life work, particularly his music, for the documentary. The documentary had its debut at the 2020 Fantasia Film Festival, where it got favorable reviews.

She has had a total of four children from two marriages.

Tulip Victoria 3
Tulip Victoria’s late daughter, Jade

In her private life, Victoria Tulip Khaury has four children with Mr. Willie Stewart, to whom she was previously married. They have Trey, a boy, and three daughters, Cherise, Jade (1993–2020), and Zharia. At the age of 16, Victoria gave birth to her first child. Therefore, it’s plausible that she and Stewart weren’t yet wed and decided to be married after having one or two children.
Whatever the reason, the couple was able to maintain their relationship for a number of years while creating a happy household. Tulip Victoria is now wed to Edward Alfredo after they subsequently got divorced.

What has happened to Tulip Victoria Khaury?

Virginia Tulip Currently, Khaury resides in New Castle, Pennsylvania. She had previously taken a break from her work to concentrate on being a homemaker, but she has returned to it. She currently works at Avalon Holding Corporation as a member services associate.
Large-scale clientele, including the government, municipal, industrial, and commercial sectors, are served by Avalon’s waste management services. They also run a country club and golf course. As a member services associate, Khaury interacts with clients of the business to address their problems.

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