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Famous American TV host LAURA INGRAHAM was given the name LAURA ANN INGRAHAM. On the Fox News Channel, she hosts a program called The Ingraham Angle. It is a conservative US television program that debuted on October 30, 2017. Additionally, 59-year-old Ingraham is well known for her stunning beauty and oratory prowess. This show’s host is, however, the “talk of the town” for another reason. Do you have any idea what that might be? Her fans are confused about Laura Ann’s love life and relationship status, and many of their questions remain unanswered. How many men has she been with? And is she currently married? Who is the husband of Laura Ingraham? Well, this article contains all the answers. Continue reading to learn more about all.

The two men Laura Ingraham dated in the 1980s ended up living together.

Ingraham has dated a lot more than just “a few” men. As it turns out, “it’s a small world,” two of these men were roommates in college at the time. The two friends that Laura Ann dated in the 1980s were Mike McKeon and Tim Russert, albeit on separate occasions.

Conservative attorney McKeon has an impressive track record of collaborating with former US President George Bush. Additionally, he later rose to the position of Staff Director for Senator Orrin Hutch. In a similar vein, Russet is one of the most well-known journalists in American News TV’s history.

In addition, it turns out that these men were excellent roommates at Williams College in Massachusetts. Laura was even more ignorant of all of this. She learned about the “coincidental” information only after the two men collaborated on a project. It turns out that they were the ones to inform her that they had previously been roommates..

Who Was Ann’s College Sweetheart? Ann Has Always Been Into Political Men.

Laura Ingraham once had a very committed relationship with Dinesh D’Souza, an Indian-American. These two first connected at Dartmouth University during their undergraduate studies sometime in the early 1980s.

College Sweetheart
Laura and Dinesh were college sweethearts at some point.

Right-wing political commentator by trade, D’Souza. Fans speculatively believe that the couple’s shared fascination with politics and the news contributed to their development of a romantic bond. In addition, Laura and Dinesh met while she was employed by the Dartmouth Review.

In the end, it turned out that their shared interest in politics was what drew them together. Numerous people also think that these two ex-lovers were once engaged, but this is just a rumor. Nevertheless, the former lovers are still close friends. Even more so, Ann supported D’Souza in 2014 when he was accused of campaign finance fraud.

Was it true that she had previously been engaged to a Democrat or was it just a rumor?

Torricelli, her former “rumored” partner, was a Democrat from New Jersey. Additionally, in 2000 and 2002, he made two unsuccessful runs for the US Senate.In 1999, Robert was discovered by the sister of Curtis Ingraham. He was invited to her show on WTKS-FM at that time.

Additionally, their relationship took a wonderful turn when they got engaged on the spur of the moment after feeling a spark during their face-to-face introduction at a party. Unfortunately, Laura and Torricelli ended their engagement after several years. Laura returned the ring he gave her and moved on because it turned out he had been unfaithful to her while they were dating.

Who is the man who Laura Ann Ingraham even dated?

As was already mentioned, Ingraham hosts a conservative TV program on her own. Therefore, it should be pretty clear that the host may encounter opposition to the political viewpoints she expresses on the program. Keith Olbermann was one such critic, and Laura also had a brief relationship with him..


He is a critic
On-air critic for Laura Ingraham; and her then-lover, Olbermann

CNN Money has referred to Olbermann as a “vicious critic.” Prior to this, he also had his own program, Countdown with Keith Olbermann, which ran from 2003 until 2012. He has been employed by GQ Network since 2018 at the moment.

The two TV hosts met each other at work. Prior to that, they collaborated with Fox News Channel. Their strong political differences, however, meant that their relationship did not last very long. On the contrary, they did remain friends for a while before a disagreement tore them apart once more, despite the terrible breakup.

What is more important right now is: Is Laura wed right now? Who Is the Husband of Laura Ingraham?

We have by no means exhausted the list of men who have entered and exited Ingraham’s life. Who has thus far managed to stay and win her over for good? No one, according to sources. Yes, this TV host is as happily single as one can be.

We cannot confirm that she is currently dating David Michael Porter, a conservative author who is the subject of rumors of her being in a committed relationship with him. Perhaps Laura is making an effort to hide her relationship this time. Therefore, we should respect her choice.


Laura Ingraham is a single mother
Who is Laura Ingraham husband?

She is more than just a woman who has dated several men, despite everything. One of the most revered conservative orators in American history is Laura Ingraham. She is also the mother of three adopted children, and she has a kind heart.

She has a daughter and two sons. In 2008, Laura adopted her daughter Maria Carolina from Guatemala, and in 2009 and 2011, she also adopted two sons, Michael Dmitri and Nikolai Peter, both from Russia.

This TV host was previously engaged to a well-known businessman.

James V. Reyes is the next individual on this list. Reyes doesn’t have any connections to politics, but Laura once fell head over heels for him, which was uncharacteristic of her. She was even closer to getting married in 2005, when she was dating him, than she had ever been..


James is a businessman
Laura was head-over-heels for the businessman, James Reyes

Interesting enough, James and Laura Ann went on a blind date. After the initial meeting, things quickly progressed and eventually led to a “almost” marriage. She regrettably did not get to wed him. What then was the cause? Many people think that Laura’s poor health is what caused this couple to split up. She was being treated at the time for breast cancer, which she had been diagnosed with. Furthermore, Laura ended her relationship with Reyes after a successful operation that rendered her cancer-free.

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