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Fans are curious in Nicholas Desjardins, Sarah’s brother. Let’s learn more about Nicholas Desjardins’ background, including his family, age, parents, nationality, ethnicity, and personal life. Sarah Desjardins, a Canadian actress, has a younger brother named Nicholas.

After Sarah tagged Nicholas in a birthday post, he has gained attention. On the social media site Instagram, Nicholas Desjardins is accessible. The number of his “nicholasdesjardins13” followers is 298. Sarah Jardins’ youthful, appealing brother likes to have a low-key personal life.

His Instagram account has been kept secret. Nonetheless, Sarah Desjardins, his sister, is well known in the television business. With her performances in Van Helsing, Clue, Wayward Pines, and A.R.C.H.I.E., the glitzy Canadian actress dazzled viewers and reviewers alike.

In the Daytime Emmy-winning series Project MC2, Maddy McAlister was played by Sarah Desjardins. On March 24, 2023, she published Yellow Jackets, her most recent work.

Who Is Nicolas Desjardins: Sarah Desjardins Brother?

The date of Nicholas Desjardins’ birth was December 25, 1996. The brother of Sarah Desjardin is presently 26 years old. His sister is two to three years his junior.

He was raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, along with his sister. He is of Caucasian origin and has Canadian citizenship. Nicholas is of Canadian and French ancestry.

Family-oriented Nicholas Desjardins values spending time with his loved ones. Together with Sarah Desjardins, his sister, he frequents restaurants.

Sarah Desjardins brother
Nicholas Desjardins received a birthday greeting from Sarah Desjardins. (image source: Instagram)

Nicholas Desjardins is a tall man with a strong build. He is 70 kilograms and 5 feet 9 inches tall. Nicholas also has attractive green eyes and short brown hair.

Several followers on Instagram said that he looked just like Sarah. While Nicholas has hidden his social media handles, his sister’s Instagram wall exposes them.

In terms of love, Nicholas may be dating someone. And he has a hidden relationship going on. Nicholas Desjardins seems to prioritize his job above interpersonal ties.

Nicholas Desjardins Net Worth

Nicholas Desjardins has a business administration degree from the University of British Columbia and has experience in a number of fields, including marketing, technology, and finance.

Nicholas works in finance and marketing and earns a respectable living. A finance and marketing professional in Canada can expect to make an annual salary of $79,289 on average.

Nicholas Desjardins’ net worth is projected to be close to $1 million based on his expertise and line of work. The youngster with dark hair and his parents are enjoying the high life in Canada.

Sarah Desjardins, Nicholas’ sister, may not have much more money than she has. She benefits greatly from her developing acting career as a result.

Sarah Desjardins has a $2 million net worth. In 2011, Sarah Desjardin entered the entertainment industry. She gets paid between $40,000 and $70,000 for each film and $30,000 for each episode of a TV show.

Nicholas Desjardins Parents And Religion

Nicholas Desjardins, the brother of Sarah Desjardins, is the only child of his parents. Green-eyed Nicholas was nurtured by his well-educated Canadian parents.

He enjoyed playing with his two black cats when he was younger. Given that Nicholas Desjardins is not a member of the entertainment business. As a result, few people are aware of him.

He is appreciative of his parents and Sarah, his sister, who support him in his efforts to improve himself as a person.

Sarah Desjardins brother
Canadian parents gave birth to Nicholas Desjardins. (Image source: Instagram)

He does not come from an entertainment family like Nicholas Desjardins. As a result, there is less knowledge about the Desjardins family. Nicholas believes in Christianity and is a practicing Christian. Sarah Desjardins, his older sister, is his.

She is a rising Canadian actress on television. Whitney was played by Sarah in the 2011 miniseries Clue, for which she is well known.

The 28-year-old has made multiple TV appearances, including in Riverdale, Yellowjackets, Van Helsing, Impulse, and Project Mc2.

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