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While it may appear that Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) doesn’t have a close relationship with Noah Fox, the son of his fiancée Megan Fox from a previous relationship, it’s important to note that there have been some instances where the rapper has been seen spending time with the kids and has shown a level of civility with Megan’s ex-husband Brian Austin Green.

While their public displays of affection have been widely reported, it’s worth considering that their personal relationships may not have been fully captured by the media. Therefore, it’s difficult to draw conclusions about their dynamic with each other’s children based solely on a few photos or public appearances.

However, it appears that MGK does not share a close bond with Noah or the other children of his fiancée, Megan Fox. Due to recent rumors of Megan and MGK’s breakup, this rumor has only grown more intense. Read the texts that follow for the truth.

Is It True That MGK hates Noah?

This has been a contentious issue for a while. But it doesn’t appear to be the case. The truth of the matter may never be revealed, but MGK appears to get along well with Fox’s kids based on some paparazzi photos.

Late in December 2022, the rapper from Houston, Texas, and Megan went Christmas shopping with three of the latter’s children from her prior union with ex-husband Brian Austin Green. Noah, Bodhi, and Journey were the trio of kids. MGK was seen by the paparazzi carrying multiple shopping bags while Fox’s children, including Noah and his sisters, followed close behind.

Machine Gun Kelly with Noah, Bodhi, and Megan Fox
Machine Gun Kelly with Noah, Bodhi, and Megan Fox (Image Source: BACKGRID)

There have also been other occasions when MGK and Megan have taken each of their children on excursions and to other places. Back in November 2021, a source revealed to Life and Style that Bodhi, Journey, and Noah all think MGK is awesome. On the other hand, Casie, MGK’s daughter, is smitten with Megan and her kids as well.

MGK, his fiancee Megan Fox and their children Noah, Journey and Bodhi
MGK, his fiancee Megan Fox and their children Noah, Journey, and Bodhi

Jennifer’s Body actress Mehan and MJK both appear to make an effort to meld their families together. Overall, some people find it fascinating how well-liked MGK and his actress fiancée are by each other’s children. In addition, MGK and his ex-wife Emma Cannon have a daughter named Casie Colson Baker.

Noah Has A Good Relation With MGK

Since their divorce in 2020, Brian Green, Noah’s biological father, and Fox have shared parenting of Noah and his sisters. Currently, Green is dating Sharna Burgess, with whom he also has a son. Also, with his former fiancée Vanessa Marcil, he shares a son named Kassius, who is over 20 years old. Green freely admits that he is happy that MGK has agreed to be his children’s stepfather.

Brian Austin Green and his ex-wife Megan Fox
Brian Austin Green and his ex-wife Megan Fox

In January 2022, MGK proposed to Transformers actress Megan Fox. The couple has been making “pretty seamless” plans to get married ever since. Insiders assert that one of the reasons Colson and Megan are eager to wed is the fact that they get along well with each other’s children.

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