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Nicole Linton received public attention due to her involvement in a tragic car accident in August 2022, which resulted in her being charged with six counts of murder and five counts of vehicular manslaughter. Despite her history of multiple accidents and struggles with mental health issues, questions still remain about her identity and who her husband is.

Nicole Linton’s college and love lives were said to have been wild before the accident. Nicole Linton was allegedly linked to a well-known Olympian athlete, and it was even rumored that she had a husband. So, the unanswered question is, who is Nicole Linton’s husband? Who is her boyfriend, an Olympian athlete?

What is the identity of Nicole Linton’s spouse?

Nicole Linton never got married, but she did spend a lot of time with Germaine Mason, a well-known Olympian athlete. Nicole Linton and Germaine Mason reportedly had a wedding on the calendar, and they were very happy together. But when Germain Mason passed away in 2017, things got worse for both of them. After this incident, Nicole’s situation deteriorated further because she was already suffering from mental health problems.

Germaine Mason, the late partner of Nicole Linton

Olympic athlete Germaine Mason, who competed for Jamaica, was well-known. He was a track and field athlete who represented his nation with a silver Olympic medal. He became extremely well-known in his home country as a result of this unique achievement.

Nicole Linton’s long-term boyfriend, the Olympic medal-winning Germaine Mason
Nicole Linton’s long-term boyfriend, the Olympic medal-winning Germaine Mason

His friends characterized him as a good man with a competitive spirit. Sadly, despite a stellar career, he was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident in 2017 and never got the chance to reach new heights.

What was the outcome for Nicole Linton following the passing of her boyfriend?

Even after the accident, despite her deteriorating mental state, she was praised for being a very kind person with a beautiful soul. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder as a result of this incident. Her behavior had changed, according to witnesses who were close to her, following the death of her longtime partner. Additionally, according to her family, she experienced an epileptic seizure in 2018.

Who Has Nicole Linton Previously Dated?

Friends close to her claim that she had multiple love interests throughout her four years of college. People say she had a good time during her college years. Nicole, however, was a very intelligent student. She excelled in school and was even named to Howard University’s Dean’s List. She struggled with mental health issues both inside and outside of college, though, at the same time.

Nicole Linton
Nicole Linton (Image Source: Daily Mail)

Her friends allege that she used to be a wild party animal who would stay out all night every night. She also worked as a waitress in a strip club after college. This has given rise to rumors that she had numerous relationships with the men who frequented the stripper’s bar. Any sources that assert this, however, have not been confirmed.

Who is currently in a relationship with Nicole Linton?

Nicole Linton had a boyfriend before the infamous crash, despite the fact that her mental health was deteriorating as a result of the death of her longtime partner. According to reports, she and her boyfriend had argued before the collision. Her family also notes that prior to the accident, she displayed epilepsy and seizure symptoms.

However, the lawyers and medical examiners still need to vouch for this. Nicole Linton doesn’t seem to be looking for a relationship, in any case, as she currently has more pressing problems to deal with. The name of her boyfriend is currently unknown.

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