When someone has a special talent that propels them into the entertainment limelight, it is always amazing. Lily Costner is a member of an even smaller number of individuals who has two abilities that are of the greatest caliber.

The 35-year-old has a diverse background that will continue to get plaudits as the years and decades pass thanks to her acting talent and singing abilities.

Background Information

Kevin Costner and Cindy Silva Costner welcomed Lily McCall Costner into the world on August 4, 1986 in Los Angeles. When she was younger, she enjoyed performing but quickly developed a love for writing and singing.

Costner ultimately chose to attend Wesleyan University in Connecticut, which is located across the nation.

Who is Lily’s father?

lily costner and kevin costner

The one and only Kevin Costner is Lily’s father. Simply stated, during the last 40 years, Kevin Costner has been one of the greatest cinematic stars in both the United States and arguably the whole globe.

He has been in several legendary movies as some of the most enduring movie roles. It doesn’t matter whether it was Draft Day, Wyatt Earp, or The Untouchables; Costner’s films are often shown on American cable television and are frequently thought about by fans.

While it’s difficult to single out one of his performances as the best, his parts in Field of Dreams, JFK, and Bull Durham are among the most admired. The 67-year-old actor who plays John Dutton in Yellowstone is still going strong.

Who is Lily’s mother?

lily costner cindy costner 1

Lily, Annie, and Joe’s mother is Cindy Costner, who was Kevin Costner’s first wife. From 1978 through 1994, Cindy and Kevin were wed. They first met at California State University, Fullerton.

Cindy allegedly struggled to accept her husband’s involvement in love scenes throughout his acting career but eventually came to terms with it. Cindy has a few credits to her name in the 1990s as far as herself. She portrayed Rosa in the 1998 movie “LiteWeight” and was a wagon master in Dances With Wolves.


lily costner siblings

Joseph Costner and Annie Costner are Lily Costner’s two older siblings. Since she created Sound Off Films, a production business devoted to portraying true tales in a documentary-like manner, Annie has been fully absorbed in the world of film.

Joe, Lily’s brother, has dabbled in acting but, like his middle sister, seems to have settled on the music business. Throughout the years, Joe Costner has developed a reputation as a music producer and audio engineer.

Due to Kevin Costner’s later relationships with Bridget Rooney and Christine Baumgartner, she also has four half-siblings. Lily and the original 1980s group of Costner kids are many years older than half-sister Grace, half-brothers Liam, Hayes, and Cayden, and they are all half-siblings.

Acting Career

Given the household she grew up in, it seems sense that Lily Costner would appear in a few iconic feature films. She made her acting debut in The Baby-Sitters Club at the age of nine.

The film is about middle school girls who set up a daycare for younger kids. Her father co-starred and directed The Postman in 1997, and Costner portrayed Lily March. She made her acting debut as a young lady in the 2014 film Black or White, which also featured her father.

Singing Career

lily costner singing

Lily has some notable acting credentials, but her singing career has really taken off. She has put on some amazing performances over the last several years, working with country music icon Trace Adkins on his 2013 Christmas album.

It was beautiful to hear her play “Silent Night” live. Her singing voice has also been heard in the streaming series Yellowstone, in which her father plays the lead role. Lily has played with “Kevin Costner & Modern West,” the band her father plays in and whose songs are featured on the program.

Both the tune “Heaven’s Gate” and the song “I Know These Hills” feature her significantly. Her songwriting talent has also been praised by her father. Lily doesn’t actively pursue recognition, but Kevin Costner has expressed his admiration for the effort his daughter performs behind the scenes to put songs together.

Personal Life

Lily Costner have the skills to further her musical career, but she seems willing to go at her own time. Lily’s father has indicated in the open that she enjoys seclusion in her creative space and isn’t actively pursuing a career as a star or celebrity.

It’s a unique strategy for someone who has spent their whole life in the spotlight. It doesn’t seem that Costner is married or has any kids. She seems to have dated drummer Aaron Mortenson a few years ago, but it’s unclear whether they are still together now.

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