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An overview of Draya Michele’s experience raising Kniko Howard is provided here.

Draya Michele urged everyone to remain indoors and be courageous during the storm by posting some hot videos for her 8 million Instagram followers. A true quarantine has been imposed on the entire planet. You should pay attention to her.

Michele has been the focus of media rumors for a number of reasons, including publishing graphic images of herself as a model and sponsoring companies like her own, “Mint Swim.” She had a semi-public romance with Orlando Scandrick, her second child’s father and ex-fiance. Yes, it was reassuring to see her happy with him.

The firstborn child of Draya Michael and her adolescent sweetheart, the barber Kinko Howard Sr., is Kniko Howard. Michael informed that she had a youngster named Kinko Howard who shared his father’s name.

The name Kniko is uncommon since it may signify many different things, such as “knowledge or an ardent learner,” and people with this name are believed to appreciate music and the arts and are frequently thought to be kind and kind.

LOS ANGELES, CA – JULY 18: Orlando Scandrick and Draya Michele attend The 2018 ESPYS at Microsoft Theater on July 18, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.
The engagement that resulted from the on-and-off relationship didn’t last. Photo Credit: David Crotty, Getty Images

Her first father has also been the subject of heated discussion, which links her past relationships to the moment her adolescent son, Kniko Howard, was born. These discussions haven’t simply been about Scandrick. Things got out of hand once everyone realized Gilbert Arenas was Kniko’s father.

In return for evidence that he is Kniko Howard’s father, Gilbert Arenas offered to donate $1 million to charity

There have been numerous theories about the father of Draya Michele’s adolescent son, Kniko, as a number of men have been connected to her in the past. Keep in mind that Michele’s last name is Howard. Therefore, neither Howard nor was the father’s last name.

INGLEWOOD, CA - MARCH 11: Kniko Howard (L) and Draya Michele arrive at the 2018 iHeartRadio Music Awards which broadcasted live on TBS, TNT, and truTV at The Forum on March 11, 2018 in Inglewood, California.
Kniko Howard had a huge number of potential dads, all of whom were incorrect. Photo Credit: Jeff Kravitz, Getty Images

Michele first gained notoriety when she was Chris Brown’s long-term lover. In 2011, she was cast as a member of “Basketball Wives LA” after moving on. Gilbert Arenas, a former basketball player, had a confusing connection with Draya and Laura Govan, the mother of his actual child.

Observers made connections between dots that weren’t even present. Media speculation regarding Arenas’ paternity quickly spread. Despite the two parties involved disputing everything, everyone seemed to have decided on the idea.

People thought Arenas was the father based on Michele's appearance on 'Basketball Wives LA'.
On the basis of Michele’s presence on “Basketball Wives LA,” some assumed Arenas was the father. Photo Source: NBA Live 08

Arenas initially came forward to clarify that he had just met Michele in 2008 through DeShawn Stevenson, a former colleague of his with the Washington Wizards. He stated in a now-deleted Instagram post, “We were [great] buddies.

He paid $20,000 for a hush pact, according to celebrity gossip websites, which may have also influenced everyone else. not Arenas however. He urged “Industry On Blast,” “TMZ,” and “Baller Alert” to provide evidence to support their assertions regarding the hush money. If they could back up their claims with evidence, he even offered to provide $1 million to each of their charity.

He said that the media outlets accepted the wager. They were unable to back it up though. demonstrates how desperate some individuals could be for a contentious story. Then he went on to explain why Michele was ever mentioned in “Basketball Wives LA.”

Gilbert Arenas' caption snapshot.
When no one could provide evidence, the challenge was abandoned. Photo Source: Gilbert Arenas, Instagram

Draya, on the other hand, was anxious about protecting the children’s wellbeing by keeping the identity of the true father a secret. Gilbert explained the situation, but it didn’t stop others from talking about it.

When Michele finally revealed that Kniko Sr. was her son’s father, she had had enough

Michele appeared on “Basketball Wives LA” until 2015 because she was probably tired of hearing about Kniko Howard’s father because it was a hot topic. Gilbert offered an explanation, but it continued to gather ground.

It was Jennifer Williams bringing it up in a February 2016 episode of “The Next 15” that really got on Draya’s nerves. Of course, she got away with it again, just as when she refuted the plastic surgery accusations. On the episode, Jennifer and Laura were cast mates.

Later that day, Draya released a detailed statement about her priceless child. It turns out that she had Kniko when she was 17 and that she spent seven years working “in the club” to pay for his upbringing. Draya Michele wrote, “Saying the obvious,

“Now, judging by how under-developed and young I was, besides living in a very small city in PA….. There’s no way in 2002 I got pregnant by some athlete. If I had, there’s not a chance in f**king hell I would have wasted 7 years of my life working “in the club” because clearly child support would be on fleek. I have never received A DIME of child support in my life and that’s ok.”

She continues by writing about his father, Kniko Sr., who has the same name and is currently a barber. When she was seven months pregnant with him, the father spent ten months in prison. Finally, she only wished for the children to be excluded from the play.

The photo Michele incorporated with the caption.
The image that Michele used in the caption. Source: Draya Michele, Instagram

“I have also NEVER attempted to say anyone other than who my son is named after (yes he’s a junior) was the father. My son’s father lives in pa and makes an honest living being a barber. I’m pissed that I had to take time from remodeling my office in my brand new 4000 square foot warehouse to even address this. But I’ve been quiet too long. I’ve also let people tell “my story” on tv too many times. I’ll speak my truths….. You speak your own and keep whatever momentum going by doing that. God bless. Leave the kids out of it for heaven’s sake.”

There were just certain things she had to take care of anyway. At the time, she was getting ready to give birth to Jru Scandrick, her second child with ex-fiancé Scandrick.

Michele received criticism for her poor parenting, and she was also detained for endangering children

The owner of “Mint Swim” also drew harsh criticism when, in May 2019, she posted a picture from the set of a project she was working on that had a school theme, most likely “Be Someone.” She appeared to be portraying a teacher of some type based on the way she was dressed in the picture (sorry if not watching the show bothered you).

A celebrity might be attacked in a variety of ways.
A celebrity might be attacked in a variety of ways. Source: Draya Michele’s Instagram

Many people praised Michele, but many also criticized her for accepting the position while reportedly setting a poor example for Kniko Howard as a parent. As her Instagram followers are aware, she moaned about having to approve Kniko’s speech recital assignment, which was due twice daily for a month, on the platform. Michele said:

“I’m all for helping my child with his homework, but at this point, [the teacher] has him harassing me with his speech,” she wrote as the Instagram post’s caption. “I don’t wanna hear it no more! I’m hearing it two times a day for a month straight … Last night he asked me to sign and I said, ‘No. Tell your teacher I’m done with this.’ And today he doesn’t get points because I don’t wanna sign it. It’s not my damn homework. But it feels like it. What do y’all think?”

Draya Michele with son Kniko Howard and daughter Jru Scandrick.
Draya Michele is staying with her children during the quarantine.
Photo Source: Draya Michele, Instagram

Michele also posted a chat she had with Kniko, a topic that became trending on Twitter and gave others enough opportunity to criticize her.

When she left her open house unattended and failed to watch after Kniko Howard for several months while she worked away from Wyomissing in Philadelphia, she was also apprehended and fined $20,000 for endangering the welfare of a child, i.e., the then-7-year-old.

Michele followed through on all of it. She will continue to advance in the entertainment industry despite the broken engagement. These events have to have occurred in the past for any celebrity, of course.

kniko howard Is Living Richly Thanks to His Mother’s Wealth

Since Kniko Howard’s mother, Draya Michele is worth $1.5 million, he and his mother are able to live a life of luxury. Michele is a multifaceted American television personality who also works as a model, actor, and fashion designer.


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