Kazembe Ajamu Coleman

Kazembe Ajamu Coleman is a well-known American instructor, talent manager, and member of a famous family. He is well recognized for being Zendaya’s father, manager, and bodyguard. American actress and filmmaker Zendaya is well-known.

You can learn more about Kazembe Ajamu Coleman’s life story, job, age, connection with Zendaya, family, wife, kids, and net worth in this post, along with a few more facts you probably didn’t know. Let’s just review his profile before moving on.

Profile summary

NameKazembe Ajamu Coleman
Date of birth 10th February 1960
Age63 years
Zodiac sign Aquarius
WifeClaire Stoermer
ChildrenKatianna Coleman
Kaylee Coleman
Annabella Coleman
Austin Coleman
Julien Coleman
Zendaya Coleman
Net worth $700,000

Kazembe Ajamu Coleman’s Biography

According to a source on the internet, Kazembe Ajamu Coleman was born Samuel David Coleman on February 10, 1960, in the United States of America, his native nation. He was born in the United States, and Aquarius is his astrological sign. The birthplace of Kazembe Ajamu Coleman is Oakland, California, in the United States.

He changed his forename from Samuel David Coleman to Kazembe Ajamu Coleman, specifically to celebrate his African background, according to the same study that established his birth name. This occurred after he had a DNA test that established his ancestry. Kazembe is of Afro-American ethnicity, I see.

Photo of Kazembe Ajamu Coleman. Source: AmoMama

Yet, speaking about ancestry and individuality, Kazembe’s parents are claimed to originate from Arkansas. His parents reportedly got married when they were only fourteen years old. Kazembe Ajamu Coleman’s genealogy may be traced back to Nigeria, Iceland, and Macedonia concurrently.

Kazembe Ajamu Coleman Education 

One of the neighborhood schools in Oakland served as Samuel Coleman’s primary school; he later changed his name to Kazembe Ajamu Coleman. After receiving his elementary teaching credential, he continued on to a nearby high school in his hometown of Oakland, California, where he graduated in 1978.

Subsequently, he continued to a private university in California, where he eventually earned a Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education with the class of 1982.

Kazembe Ajamu Coleman’s career

Kazembe sought a profession in gym instruction after earning a degree in physical education. He quit being a gym teacher and instructor as his daughter gained notoriety.

He then took on the role of Zendaya’s full-time bodyguard, accompanying her to events and constantly keeping an eye on her engagement and business dealings. Being both his daughter’s bodyguard and her father, he must exercise extra prudence in his work.

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Photo of Kazembe Ajamu Coleman with his daughter and wife. Source: Daily Mail

He does handle his daughter, however. Kazembe Ajamu Coleman identifies himself as “CEO, ETA, 5Tre The Blade, KZC Corp. Mgr Consultant, Performance Coach, and Music Producer” in his Instagram profile. With the evidence at hand, it is fair to assume that Kazembe is not only his daughter’s manager and bodyguard.

Kazembe Ajamu Coleman Height, Weight 

Kazembe Ajamu Coleman has a height of five feet, four inches. He stands at 1.8 meters, or 188 centimeters, and is 1880 cm tall. He weighed 163 pounds, or 74 kilos, and has long, black hair that is styled in dreads, along with brown eyes.

Kazembe Ajamu Coleman’s Relationship with Zendaya, Kids, and Children

Kazembe’s daughter is known by her full name, Zendaya Stoermer Coleman. Zendaya is said to be the child of his second marriage to Claire Stoermer. He has five children total from his previous marriage: three girls and two boys. His sons are Austin Coleman and Julien Coleman, while his daughters are Katianna Coleman, Kaylee Coleman, and Annabella Coleman.

Where is Kazembe Ajamu Coleman now? Residential Address

According to reports, Kazembe Ajamu Coleman resides at Zendaya’s residence in Los Angeles, California, with his daughter. He very much enjoys a nice connection with his other children; however, it is unclear where they reside.

Kazembe Ajamu Coleman’s wife, marriage

The name of Kazembe’s second wife, with whom he had Zendaya, is Claire Stoermer. After just eight years of marriage, the couple, who were married in 2008, parted ways in 2016 when Claire filed for divorce. Nonetheless, Claire Stoermer, Kazembe Ajamu Coleman’s ex-wife, and he remain close friends.

In one of her interviews, Claire Stoermer discussed her ex-husband’s divorce and said that their marriage had failed due to their “irreconcilable disagreements.”

Kazembe Ajamu Coleman Age, Birthday, and Nationality

Aged 63 at the time this story was published on our website, Kazembe Ajamu Coleman. He was born on February 10th, and the sign of his horoscope is Aquarius. He is both an American citizen and an ethnic African-American, side by side.

Kazembe Ajamu Coleman’s net worth

The estimated net worth of Kazembe Ajamu Coleman is $700,000. She has gained this huge sum through her successful career.

Kazembe Ajamu Coleman: Instagram, Twitter

Almost 20,000 people follow Ajamu on the photo- and video-sharing app Instagram, where he goes by the pseudonym @kazembeajamu. Additionally, he has more than 10,000 followers on Twitter under the handle @@Zendayas Dad.

FAQ Of Kazembe Ajamu Coleman

  • Who is Kazembe Ajamu Coleman?
  • Kazembe Ajamu Coleman is a well-known American instructor, talent manager, and member of a famous family. He is best known for being Zendaya’s father, manager, and bodyguard.
  • What is Kazembe Ajamu Coleman’s age and birthday?
  • Kazembe Ajamu Coleman was born on February 10, 1960, which makes him 63 years old.
  • What is Kazembe Ajamu Coleman’s height, weight, and ethnicity?
  • Kazembe Ajamu Coleman is 5’4″ (1.8 meters) tall, weighs 163 pounds (74 kilos), and is of Afro-American ethnicity.
  • How many children does Kazembe Ajamu Coleman have?
  • Kazembe Ajamu Coleman has six children, including Zendaya Coleman. His other children from a previous marriage are Katianna Coleman, Kaylee Coleman, Annabella Coleman, Austin Coleman, and Julien Coleman.
  • What is Kazembe Ajamu Coleman’s net worth?
  • As of the latest information available, Kazembe Ajamu Coleman’s net worth is estimated to be $700,000.

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