Fred and Bens sister Kala Savage is an actress writer musician and singer and is known for series Little Monsters Dead Write and Aliens in America

Kala Savage is a versatile artist known for her work as an actress, writer, musician, and singer. She has appeared in various films and television shows, showcasing her talent and contributing to the entertainment industry.

Kala also happens to be the sister of the famous child stars, Fred Savage and Ben Savage, who achieved great success during their television careers. This article provides a comprehensive biography of Kala Savage, highlighting her background, career, and personal life.

Early Life and Family:

Kala Lynne Savage was born on October 16, 1978, in Highland Park, Illinois, to Joanne and Lewis Savage. Both of her parents were involved in the real estate business. Kala has two brothers, Fred and Ben Savage, who gained fame as actors at a young age.

Her grandparents hailed from Poland, Ukraine, Germany, and Latvia, contributing to her diverse East European ancestry. Kala grew up following Reform Judaism and had a typical Jewish upbringing, attending Hebrew school and celebrating Jewish traditions.

Education and Career:

After completing high school at Brentwood School in Los Angeles, California, Kala ventured into the entertainment industry, inspired by her brother Fred’s success. She made her acting debut with a role in the soap opera Santa Barbara. Kala’s first film appearance came in the 1989 movie “Little Monsters,” where she played the titular character. She also appeared in the music video for The Traveling Wilbury’s “Wilbury Twist” in the following year.

Throughout her career, Kala has showcased her acting skills in various television series, including That ’70s Show, Diagnosis Murder, Felicity, NYPD Blue, and Boston Public, among others. Notably, she portrayed the character of Lacey/Lacy in the sitcom TV series 8 Simple Rules from 2003 to 2004. Additionally, Kala is a founding member and co-lead singer of the indie rock band Biirdie, having released two albums with the Los Angeles-based group.

Personal Life:

Kala Savage is married to Jared Flamm, who is not only her life partner but also a fellow band member in Biirdie. The couple tied the knot in 2003 and has been together ever since. Their relationship reportedly began after meeting in Los Angeles during a Halloween celebration in the early 2000s.

Jared is a guitarist and vocalist, and he was also the music coordinator for the film “Daddy Day Camp,” directed by Kala’s brother, Fred Savage. The couple currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

Interesting Facts and Interactions:

Growing up with her brothers Fred and Ben, Kala enjoyed a close bond with them. Fred Savage has mentioned in interviews how he and Kala used to play harmless pranks on their younger brother Ben. They once created a concoction of various kitchen ingredients and made Ben drink it, much to his amusement.

Despite her achievements in the entertainment industry, Kala Savage took an unofficial break from acting in 2008. However, she has continued her involvement in music, with her band Biirdie and working on a screenplay entitled “The Shoenthals,” drawing inspiration from her own childhood experiences in a family pursuing a career in the TV and film industry.


Kala Savage has made significant contributions to the entertainment industry as an actress, musician, and singer. With her diverse talent and remarkable performances, she has carved out a unique place for herself in Hollywood. Alongside her successful career, Kala cherishes her family ties, particularly her relationship with her brothers Fred and Ben. As she continues to pursue her artistic endeavors, fans eagerly anticipate her future projects and the impact she will make in the world of entertainment.

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