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Jodie Foster, who won an Academy Award, is the youngest daughter of Lucius Fisher Foster III and Evelyn Ella “Brandy”. Although both of her parents have passed away, one of them supported Jodie and her brother in launching their acting careers.

The Golden Globe-winning actress, on the other hand, didn’t really get along with her father, Lucius. It turns out that the man was a bit of a deadbeat and, up until his passing, had not reconciled with his actress daughter.

However, Jodie’s mother relies heavily on the memories of her daughter and her other kids to survive. The headers up ahead have more information about her and her ex-husband.

Was Foster’s Mother Evelyn Lesbian?

Evelyn or Brandy, Foster’s mother, was raised in Rockford, Illinois; she was born in the Bronx, New York and she attended Milwaukee’s St. Mary’s Academy for education.

In the 1950s, lesbian Brandy and her girlfriend moved to Los Angeles after graduating. Evelyn would soon start working for Robinson’s Department Store as a baby clothing buyer. Brandy had a brief career as a big band singer in her youth.

Jodie Foster’s Parents; How Did They Meet?

Evelyn first met Lucius, Jodie’s father, at a fencing competition in California. He was a lieutenant in the Air Force at the time. Before tying the knot with Evelyn, Lucius had previously been married. In actuality, he had three sons from a previous marriage.

One of Jodie Foster's parents, Evelyn with her daughter Jodie in Dec 2007
Jodie and her ex-manager Evelyn in December 2007. (Image Source: AP)

Evelyn and Lucius, the parents of Jodie, were married in Las Vegas in 1953 but separated before the actress from The Accused was born. When Brandy and Lucius divorced in 1962, Jodie’s mother was four months pregnant. Years later, Lucius admitted in an interview that he had divorced Jodie’s mother due to her being a lesbian.

They met up again for a short while, but they couldn’t reconcile. Jodie was nonetheless conceived by the former couple. Evelyn and Lucius had four children together, including Jodie. Constance, Lucius, and Lucinda make up the other group.

What Happened After Divorce? Foster’s Mother Had Difficulties:

After he split from the actress’ mother, Foster’s father reportedly didn’t give her much support. Although California is a state that recognizes community property,

Brandy claimed in an interview that there was no community property to be divided during her divorce from Lucius. For the support of herself, her three children at the time, plus the unborn child, the court only granted $600 per month.

Actress Jodie and her father Lucius at the 1992 Oscars
The Taxi Driver Actress Jodie Foster with her father Lucius at the 1992 Oscars (Image Source: Alamy)

For three or four months, Evelyn received $600 each month from Lucius. But after that, the money began to arrive half as late as before. Brandy then started scurrying toward her ex-real husband’s estate office to beg for child support.

In October 1976, Evelyn told the Spokesman-Review that those experiences had been extremely humiliating for her. Evelyn claimed that her ex-husband was avoiding her and her kids in the same way that he had avoided his three sons from his ex-wife.

Foster’s Mother Was A Publicist? She Helped Her Children In Acting Career:

Brandy began raising children with her female partner in Los Angeles after getting divorced from Lucius. She started out working for movie producer Arthur P. Jacobs as a publicist. Hollywood royalty like Grace Kelly, Gregory Peck, James Stewart, and Marilyn Monroe was among Jacobs’ clients.

The late Evelyn Brandy Foster, Former manager of Jodie and Buddy Foster and also Jodie's mother
The Silence Of The Lamb actress Jodie Foster’s mother Evelyn Brandy Foster

A little later, Evelyn started overseeing Lucius and Jodie’s acting careers. Jodie was under Brandy’s management up until she won the Oscar for second-best actress in 1991 for The Silence of the Lambs. The 1968–1971 CBS television series Mayberry RFD starred Buddy or Lucius. The character of Ken Berry’s son in the show was played by Evelyn’s son.

How Jodie Became Famous; Her Mother Was The Reason Behind Her Fame:

In a 1976 interview, Brandy expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to support her children’s success in the entertainment industry. As a result, when she had no place to live, money, and four kids to support, one of her friends who lived in a big house offered to take the kids in.

At the time, Brandy also shared a fence with a neighbor whose son was already working in television commercials. Buddy eventually started getting commercials after Evelyn started taking her son and Jodie’s brother to agencies, and he later became the family’s primary provider. Brandy’s son earned around $25,000 per year.

Foster’s Parents’ Cause Of Death:

At her residence in Los Angeles, Jodie Foster’s mother Evelyn passed away on May 13, 2019. The mother of the actress passed away as a result of dementia-related complications. Brandy was 90 at the time. She was the strongest person they had ever met, according to her family.

Lucius, Jodie Foster’s father, died of Alzheimer’s disease secretly and apart from his daughter. He reportedly passed away on October 8, 2016, a short distance from his actress daughter’s $15 million mansion. However, Jodie had only recently sold the house a few weeks prior.

According to Lucius’ death certificate, he suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and cardiopulmonary arrest. According to The Sun, Foster’s father perished in poverty while making only $153 per week. Lucius was in his one-bedroom apartment in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, which he shared with his ex-wife Madeline Leon when he passed away.

The Actress Didn’t Get Along With Her Father; But Why?

Jodie and her father never developed a relationship. When the actress had achieved media success, the father and daughter had never even spoken. The Sun claims that Lucius and Jodie were not reunited until after Evelyn’s passing. Additionally, the celebrity father’s other children weren’t treated well.

Because of the way her father treated her mother after their divorce, Jodie and her father didn’t get along well. Lucius, the actress’s father, was once a successful businessman. Jodie’s father was reportedly a descendant of John Alden, who traveled to North America on the famed Mayflower in 1620. Additionally, Lucius was a wealthy Chicago family’s scion.

One of Jodie Foster's parents, Lucius leaving court in Los Angeles after his tax fraud trial
Jodie Foster’s father Lucius left his tax fraud trial (Image Source: Splash News)

He was also a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force, as was previously mentioned. Lucius, a veteran of World War II, later on, worked as a real estate broker. When he was alive, Foster’s father had also gotten involved in a few disputes. In 2011, he defrauded elderly and low-income individuals of $100,000.

Foster’s father was sentenced to seven years in prison but only spent two of them actually serving time. Lucius spent his last years at the Noho Senior Arts Colony with his final wife, Leon. Regarding Jodie Foster, the actress is married to Alexandra Hedison, and she is the mother of Kit and Charles Bernard Foster.

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