Who Is Jan Tillery? Guy Bailey Wife

Before her tragic death, Jan Tillery—Guy Bailey’s devoted wife—made incalculable contributions to Texas Tech University and the Lubbock neighborhood.

Jan Tillery, the husband of former Texas Tech President Guy Bailey and a committed supporter of Texas Tech University, died away on Sunday night at Trinity Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama, after a lengthy illness.

Jan Tillery was a fascinating woman who won the hearts of everyone she came into contact with. She made significant contributions to Texas Tech University and the Lubbock community, and she will always be remembered for her kindness and generosity.

Jan’s dedication to social problems is seen by her work with the Women’s Protection Services and the Junior League of Lubbock. She put in a lot of effort to help these groups, which are committed to enhancing the lives of women and children.

Guy Bailey Wife: Who Is Jan Tillery? 

Former University of Alabama president Guy Bailey was wed to his wife, Jan Tillery. Tillery-Bailey was previously diagnosed with cancer at least twice, and both times she triumphed.

Students taking Bailey’s Intro to Linguistics and History of the English Language courses at the English department were informed of the news through email.

Prior to being designated Texas Tech's first woman, Jan Bailey spent a considerable amount of time as a Red Raider.
Prior to being designated Texas Tech’s first woman, Jan Bailey spent a considerable amount of time as a Red Raider.(Source: lubbockonline.com)

About 70 times over her career, Dr. Tillery published or presented research publications, and in November 2003, The New York Times ran a story about one of her linguistics studies.

Jan was generally recognized as one of the top experts on the Texas and Southern English dialects. The Kent R. Hance Chapel at Texas Tech University will host the yet-to-be-scheduled services.

Jan Tiller Wikipedia: Her Age At The Time Of Death

Finding out more about Jan Tiller’s Wikipedia information is of great interest to many individuals. At the time of her passing, Jan Tillery was 63 years old.

In 1968, Lubbock Monterey awarded her a high school certificate. In August 2012, Tillery moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, after her husband’s appointment as president of his alma school, the University of Alabama.

In October 2012, he left that position to help take care of her and her medical needs. Her bachelor’s degree in English and journalism was earned at Texas Tech in May 1974.

She earned a Master of Arts in English in December 1989 from Texas A&M University. In 1992, Oklahoma State University awarded her a PhD in English linguistics.

Guy Bailey Family Details Explored

Guy Bailey, a well-known linguist and academic leader, has been married twice. Jordan and Brooks are two of Bailey’s older children from his first marriage.

Yet, there isn’t much information in the public domain concerning his kids. Jan Tillery-Bailey was the subject of Bailey’s second marriage, and the two remained together until the latter’s sad death on September 1, 2013.

A candidate for provost at New Mexico State was Guy Bailey, a former president of the University of Alabama.
A candidate for provost at New Mexico State was Guy Bailey, a former president of the University of Alabama. (Source: tuscaloosanews.com)

The specifics of their marriage and personal lives have not been adequately covered in public sources. Bailey is a linguist and academic administrator who is well-known in his field.

Over his career, he has held a variety of executive roles at higher education institutions, including president of Texas Tech University.

While there is little known about Bailey’s family, his professional success and contributions to academics are well-known and well acknowledged.

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