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Hector Lavoe, the renowned singer, passed away in 1993, leaving his wife, Nilda Puchi Lavoe, to grieve alone. Hector died of AIDS, despite having survived a suicide attempt. Nilda remained a widow for many years until her own passing in 2002. Let’s take a closer look at Nilda’s cause of death and whether the couple had any children together.

The Manner of Hector Lavoe’s Passing; How Did He Die?

Due to AIDS-related complications, the late singer passed away on June 29, 1993, at Saint Clare’s Hospital. Lavoe passed away when he was 46 years old. The news quickly gained international attention and devastated many people.

Nilda Puchi Lavoe and her husband Hector Lavoe
Nilda Puchi Lavoe and her husband Hector Lavoe (Image Source: The Gemini Geek)

The salsa singer was previously interred in Saint Raymond’s Cemetery in the Bronx, but his and his son’s remains were removed and interred alongside those of his wife, Nilda, in their hometown of Ponce. The three-person family is laid to rest in the Portugues Urbano neighborhood’s Cementerio Civil de Ponce.

The Cause of Death of Nilda Puchi Lavoe, Hector Lavoe’s Wife

When Nilda Lavoe passed away, she was in the middle of filming the biography of her late husband. Her voice was reportedly being recorded for a film about her late husband, Hector.

Nilda also lost her life in 2002 after tripping and dying after falling from a 14th-floor window. Her severe head injury from the fall was determined to be the cause of death, according to reports. She passed away before “EI Cantante” reached its conclusion.

From his wife Nilda Lavoe’s perspective, the documentary depicts the life of the singer Hector. Hector’s career and his connection to Nilda were highlighted in the documentary. She experienced the tragic loss of her husband to AIDS-related complications just nine years before she passed away.

Did The Late Couple Have Any Children Together?

In regards to their children, the late couple had a son they raised together, Hector Jr. Unfortunately, their son passed away before both of them. He was born on September 25, 1969. In fact, he was allegedly killed by his own friend.

Nilda Puchi Lavoe, her husband Hector Lavoe, and their children Hector Jr and Leslie Lavoe
Nilda Puchi Lavoe, her husband Hector Lavoe, and their children Hector Jr and Leslie Lavoe

Some sources assert that Lavoe Jr.’s death was the result of an accident because his friend had a loaded gun that accidentally went off, killing him. The truth of his death has still not been adequately established. Some interpret the gunshot as a well-planned attempt to kill Lavoe.

Additionally, Hector adopted Leslie, Puchi’s daughter, and gave her his last name after the adoption. Yes, you heard it right, Leslie is the product of Nilda Puchi’s previous relationship. But, his name is still a mystery.

A Quick Look At Hector’s Professional Career

As mentioned earlier, Hector was a renowned Puerto Rican salsa singer. He began his career in 1967 with Willie Colon Orchestra‘s debut studio album El Malo. He performed with the band until 1975

The same year, he began his solo career with his debut album La Voz. He went on to release hit albums like De Ti Depende, Comedia, Recordando a Felipe Pirela, El Sabio, Revento, and Strikes Back. No doubt, he was one of the greatest singers.

Was Singer Hector Lavoe A Millionaire? How Rich Was He?

According to online tabloids, Lavoe was worth around $1 million at the time of his death in 1993. All of his income came from his professional career as a singer. He had released numerous hit songs that must have helped him earn a good sum of money. 

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Singer Hector Lavoe (Image Source: RPP)

Not only that, but he had performed in various stages that must have boosted his net value. His character, class, and the qualities of his voice directed him to a thriving artistic career in the whole field of Latin music and salsa during the 1970s and 1980s

Talking about Hector’s wife Nilda, her net worth is still a mystery. However, it is confirmed that she lived a happy and comfortable life until her shocking death. Since the couple has died, their daughter Leslie is now enjoying their enormous wealth.

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