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Billy Bob Thornton‘s romantic history has been troubled. He is presently wed to successful visual effects artist Connie Angland, whose filmography includes films like Men in Black, Big Momma’s House, and Planet of the Apes.

In 2014, the couple discreetly tied the knot, and they have been together since since. Given that each of his previous five marriages lasted just around two years on average, this effectively makes the current relationship Billy Bob’s most stable ever.

The actor had two kids from one of his previous partnerships, William Langston and Harry James Thornton. In June 1994, Harry James was born in Santa Monica, California, the home of his parents at the time.

After almost 28 years, Harry James Thornton is still establishing his own route in the entertainment business. He mostly works in the art departments of high-profile Hollywood movies.

Harry, though, is a producer and performer like his father. This is all the information we currently have on the 6-foot star’s father, a famous figure.

Billy Bob Thornton and his playboy model wife Pietra Dawn Cherniak have a son named Harry James Thornton.

Billy Bob Thornton’s high-profile romance with Pietra Dawn Cherniak, a former Playboy magazine model, gave birth to Harry James Thornton.

Billy Bob married Melissa Lee Gatlin and actress Toni Lawrence before divorcing both of them, and Cherniak was his third wife. William Langston, Harry’s older brother, who also has a birthday in June, was born a little less than a year after Harry was born.

Among Billy Bob’s four children, Harry James Thornton is one.

Harry has two further siblings, both sisters, from two other stepmothers in addition to William. His elder sister, Amanda Brumfield, is well-known for serving a 12-year jail term for the 2008 killing of a one-year-old daughter of one of her friends.

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Childhood photo of Harry James Thornton along with his family. Image Source: Married Celeb

Melissa Lee Gatlin, Billy Bob’s first wife, is the mother of Amanda. Bella, the last-born sibling of Harry, William, and Amanda, was born to Billy Bob and Connie Angland in 2004.

As a child, Billy Bob Thornton spoilt Harry (and his siblings).

Billy Bob Thornton has spoken candidly about his difficult upbringing, describing how his father beat him everyday. He made the decision to raise his children in a completely different way as a result of this traumatic experience.

In 2014, he said,

“In terms of the switching, I received it everyday. “I’m unable of imagining touching my children. I turn away, presumably as a result of my violent father. My children often want me to stop hugging them so tightly: “Dad, won’t you please stop hugging me so much?”

For “Goliath,” Harry and Billy Bob Thornton collaborated.

In the courtroom drama Goliath, one of Billy Bob’s more recent roles, he portrays a disgraced attorney named Billy McBride who is trying to redeem himself. The actor won the 2017 Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Television Series Drama thanks to the show’s positive reception.

Billy Bob had the chance to work alongside his son on the eight episodes of season 3. Harry James Thornton was employed by the program in that year as both a set dresser and an assistant property master.

Two granddaughters were given to Billy Bob by Harry James Thornton.

Billy Bob Thornton’s grandson Harry James Thornton has already become a grandpa twice at the age of 27. Even though he sometimes shares pictures of his family on Instagram, he plays the finer points of his private life extremely close to his chest.

Maggie Monett is Harry’s partner. Nikita is the name of their first child, a girl. Mia is the name of Harry’s second daughter, according to IMDb.

Harry’s maternal aunt Elysabeth was once accused of being stalked by Billy Bob Thornton.

In 1997, Billy Bob’s marriage to the mother of Harry and William came to an end because to Pietra Cherniak’s accusations of domestic violence. Almost ten years later, Pietra’s sister Elysabeth allegedly stalked Billy Bob in an email to many newspapers.

The email included the phrase,

“This last year has been awful for me. He has been bugging my house, listening in on our conversations, contacting me, and concealing his real IP address in some way. Nevertheless, as there was no concrete proof to support her accusations, Billy Bob was not subject to judicial action.

Angelina Jolie, Harry James Thornton’s former stepmother, and him remain close.

From 2000 to 2002, when she formally ended her marriage to Billy Bob Thornton, Harry James Thornton had the opportunity to refer to the famous actress as his stepmother.

Harry and Angelina were quite close at that period, and he claims that their relationship is still strong now. He said in an earlier interview with Entertainment Tonight that they continue to communicate often via phone and that she continues to give him gifts.

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