Although EMMA MYERS, a Florida native, did not play the lead character in the Netflix series Wednesday, the show’s viewers still paid enough attention to her and created a lot of buzz about the young actress.

Fans of global pop culture are currently paying more and more attention to Myers’ most recent television series, Wednesday. As one of the hottest topics on Netflix, it is also breaking records. 341.2 million hours of the show were watched globally.

With that, Wednesday overtook Stranger Things season 4 as the most watched series on streaming services in a first week. However, the article below will focus more on one of the series’ up-and-coming stars, Emma Myers, and her love life. The actress is young, and in addition to her talent for acting, people are curious about her.

Who Has Dated Emma Myers? An Overview of Her Dating Life

According to her social media posts, Emma Myers appears to be single and not dating anyone. Like any other 20-year-old, Emma appears to be always willing to share behind-the-scenes details of her life on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Myers’ moblog does, in part, reveal what the young adult is doing or what her hobbies are. However, they are far from revealing even the slightest hint about her deeply private matters, particularly the answers to the question of who her boyfriend might be.

Florida born actress Emma Myers as Enid Sinclair in the Netflix Wednesday
Myers as Enid Sinclair in the Netflix series Wednesday

In actuality, the general public has no idea about this aspect of Myers’ life. The Wednesday cast includes the Southeastern actress who has generated a lot of buzz regarding their relationship but has not yet commented on it.

Myers started her actions on social media not too long ago, so it might be unfair to ask the 20-year-old already what her sexy chapters look like.

However, Emma Myers Loves These Boys

Myers doesn’t seem to be discussing her love life anytime soon, but there are a few guys that the young actress has a deep affection for, and they are the members of the K-pop group SEVENTEEN. Myers has reportedly been a fan and CARAT of the 13-boy band for more than five years.

Additionally, Emma has a strong bias toward one of the group members, Jeonghan, claims Teen Vogue. However, the now-blonde celebrity has claimed that there aren’t any particular reasons why she likes Jeonghan. She also likes S Coups more than other types.

20 year old actress from Florida and Wednesday star, Emma Myers
Wednesday’s Enid Sinclair actress Emma Myers during her interview with Jimmy Fallon

Additionally, the Generation Z actress couldn’t stop gushing about how excited she was for SEVENTEEN during her recent interview with Jimmy Fallon. Emma told Fallon how much she loved the Korean band and why, despite calling themselves SEVENTEEN, they only had 13 members. Myers also acknowledged that To You was either her favorite song or her favorite song overall.

In earlier interviews, Emma had expressed how deeply enamored she is of SEVENTEEN and how her love of the band has permeated every aspect of her being for a very long time. On May 26, 2015, the South Korean band SEVENTEEN released “17 Carat,” the first album from their extended play. The song continued to run for a very long time.

Emma Myers’ Career: First Wednesday Role in a Long Time

Emma Myers, a Wednesday Enid Sinclair star, was born in Orlando, Florida, on April 2, 2002. Myers never had the opportunity to attend a traditional school because she was a member of a homeschool co-op while growing up. Myers claimed in an interview with Elite Daily that she was a very shy child who lacked energy.

The 2010 family drama Letters To God, in which the Sinclair actress played an uncredited role of a girl on a school bus, marked the beginning of her acting career. In the same year, she made another uncredited appearance in the A&E network series The Glades. Myers would next portray a gym girl in the short film Crooked.

Enid Sinclair actress Emma Myers on Wednesday
Orlando-born actress Emma Myers in the Netflix series Wednesday

She would continue performing on the screens only after the age of 16 when she and her family moved to Atlanta, Georgia.

Myers resumed acting by portraying the role of Stephanie for one episode in the ABC comedy show The Baker and The Beauty. Following that, she appeared in projects including Deathless (short), Dead Of Night (TV series), A Taste Of Christmas (TV movie), and Girl In The Basement (Film).

When it came to getting the role of Sinclair, Myers told Grazia that it took quite a long time.

The Floridan revealed she had first auditioned in Feb 2021 but didn’t officially secure it until June of that year. Explaining the experience, Myers said while it was a long nerve-wracking process, the wait was totally worth it. On Wednesday, Myers plays a werewolf, Enid Sinclair alongside casts including Jenna OrtegaGwendoline ChristieRiki Lindhome, and others.


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