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The podcast Pardon My Take, which Dan Katz, aka “Big Cat,” co-hosts, is well-known among listeners. There are three weekly releases of the podcast. Despite the fact that Dan Katz’s wife is a frequently asked question about him, Dan rarely discusses his love life or marriage, even though he frequently comments on what’s happening in the sports world with a humorous twist.

The purpose of podcasts is to provide a forum for hosts and guests to talk candidly about what goes on behind closed doors. Dan, however, had never really been a fan of this notion. Among other reasons, it might cause intrusion into his family. But after some searching, we came across a few images of his beloved long-term partner.

In addition, there are claims that the blogger from Chicago is married and the father of one child. Do the rumors hold up? Dan has previously mentioned having a child. Let’s look more closely at his personal life now.

Relationship Status: Is Dan Katz Dating/Married?

Let’s set the record straight about Dan’s personal life first. The man and his girlfriend have been together for a long time. Even though his girlfriend’s name hasn’t been revealed yet, Dan’s fan refers to her as “lady cat.” Don’t you think it’s a good name for the Big Cat’s partner?

dan katz and his possible wife
Dan Katz and his partner

The crucial query at this point is whether or not Big Cat and Lady Cat have already wed. Some astute admirers assert that they are indeed wed and that Lady Cat is Dan Katz’s wife. How? Dan’s impromptu week-long 4th of July vacation in Paris in 2020, according to his Reddit fans, was probably a honeymoon.

The fact that Dan is very private about his personal life only serves to support the argument. Dan has also mentioned the need for separation between his personal and professional lives. Whatever the case, the blogger appears to be content with his life, and we as readers would like to see the same.

He Has Two Children; One Son & One Daughter

Dan surprised his following in March 2019 after posting a tweet. He stated that he and his girlfriend or wife are expecting their first child in the tweet. In addition, he added that he would welcome a child in June of the same year.

He also shared a Barstool Sports article in which he spoke candidly about leading a private life. He mentioned having a boy in the article. On June 19, 2019, Dan and his wife welcomed their son. He shared the exciting news on Twitter along with a photo of his son’s birth certificate and photo.

Dan shares a picture of his infant son on Twitter
Dan Katz’s beautiful son

Around a year has passed since the birth of his child, and this June marks his two-year birthday. Dan not only announced the birth of his child but also stated that he would not be answering any further questions about the child. He noted:

“There won’t be much more information shared here than this. I won’t be using my child’s birth or upbringing as a source of content. There is only a personal approach to this; there is no right or wrong way.”

Along with mentioning his child, Dan also expressed his desire to shield his partner from the spotlight. He does not want his fame to interfere in any way with his family life. As he wrote,

She supports me through everything, including trips, late nights at work, moving from Chicago to New York City, and 24/7 sports. She has had my back through highs and lows, and all I want to do is have hers in the same way, which is by protecting her and wishing that you guys can do the same.

Dan and his partner welcomed their first kid, a boy in June 2019
Dan Katz and his lovely partner

We do, however, fully comprehend you, Big Cat, and we sincerely hope that you make a wonderful partner and father to your girlfriend or wife. In addition, Dan and Lady welcomed a daughter in May 2021, marking their second parental milestone.

Name Of Dan Katz’s Partner:

Despite Katz’s efforts to keep his marital status a secret from the media, some sources identified Stephanie Maloney as Dan Katz’s wife. On his spouse, there aren’t any additional details, though. His wife Stephanie is very understated, in contrast to his frequent public appearances.

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