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Clarence Avant is a renowned figure in the entertainment business. From humble beginnings as a child growing up during the Great Depression in North Carolina, he has risen to become a prominent power player in the industry through his expertise in management and negotiations. Avant has been honored with an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, solidifying his legacy as a titan in the field.

Avant also got involved in sports, politics, and the R&B and rap industries in the latter half of his life. One of the highlights was participating in a promotional capacity on Michael Jackson‘s 1987 Bad World Tour. He started working in the music industry in the 1950s, and over the following decades, he managed artists including Sarah Vaughan, Jimmy Smith, and Lalo Schifrin.

Despite the fact that it is obvious that Avant has been around for a while, his recent public appearances have only become less frequent. As a result, there are many concerns about his whereabouts right now and his sincerity regarding whether he is still alive or not. Scroll through the inside story below to discover the real truth.

Is Clarence Avant Alive? If Not, How He Died?

Some tabloids claimed to have pictures of Avant dining with her son-in-law Ted Sarandos in the middle of May 2022. This took place five months after his wife Jacqueline‘s tragic death, which occurred in late 2021 as the result of a parole-eligible robber breaking into their Beverly Hills home and killing her.

Additionally, Netflix CEO Sarandos, who is married to Nicole Avant’s daughter, was present with Clarence. Wednesday night, Sarandos and Avant were dining together outside a well-known Hollywood restaurant.

Veteran music executive Clarence Avant with his son in law Ted Sarandos in May 2022
Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos with his father-in-law Clarence Avant (Image Source: Hedo/Backgrid)

Later, the two left the restaurant in a vehicle that Sarandos was driving. Avant had also gone to Sarandos’ Netflix is a Joke comedy festival earlier in the same month. Since his longtime partner tragically passed away at the hands of Aariel Maynor on December 1, 2021, this was his first appearance in public.

Additionally, Avant is frequently mentioned, mostly by his family and friends, whether it be on his birthday or other special occasions. Similarly, there are currently no reports of the music executive’s passing. From this point forward, it may be safe to assume Clarence Avant is still alive, despite the fact that he is somewhat past his prime.

How Did Avant’s Wife Jacqueline Died? Current Status Of Clarence Avant:

Around 2:30 on December 1st, someone requested Beverly Hills police to the $7 million mansion of Avant and Jacqueline. According to the police, Jacqueline, Avant’s wife, was still alive when they arrived at the scene, but she had just sustained a single gunshot wound.

The Black Godfather‘s wife was taken by the medic to a nearby hospital, but Jacqueline passed away later that morning. Clarence was present at the house at the time of the tragic event, but he was asleep. The burglar was eventually startled by Jacqueline, which made him use his AR-15 to shoot her.

Clarence with his late wife Jacqueline at an event in January 2020.
Clarence Avant with his wife, Jacqueline (Image Souce: Associated Press)

After being apprehended by the police, Maynor was sentenced to 150 years in prison. Jacqueline, Avant’s wife, was a former model for the Ebony Fashion Fair and a prominent local philanthropist. Additionally, she served on the board of the UCLA International Student Center.

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