Caleb Walker is the younger brother of the late actor Paul Walker known for playing Brian OConner in the Fast And The Furious franchise

Caleb Walker, the younger brother of the late actor Paul Walker, is well-known for his association with the Fast and the Furious franchise, in which Paul played the iconic character Brian O’Conner. Alongside his brother Cody, Caleb forms part of the trio of Walker brothers.

Caleb’s Journey and the Impact of Paul’s Tragic Demise

The devastating loss of Paul Walker in a tragic car accident on November 13, 2013, had a profound impact not only on the Walker family but also on Caleb and Cody. The untimely demise of their famous brother took a tremendous toll on them, plunging the entire family into grief.

However, despite their sorrow, Caleb and his family remain committed to preserving Paul’s memory and legacy.

The Unfamiliarity Surrounding the Walker Brothers

Though the Walker brothers have largely faded from the public eye, much has transpired in their lives. Since the tragic passing of their beloved brother Paul, their presence in the media has been scarce.

This raises questions about the reasons behind their relative obscurity. In this exploration, we will delve into various aspects of Caleb’s life, including his marital status and other notable details.

Caleb’s Family Background and His Father’s Boxing Career

Caleb Walker was born on October 4, 1977, in Glendale, California, making him 45 years old as of 2023. He is the son of Paul Walker Sr. and Cheryl Walker. Caleb’s ethnic background predominantly comprises English ancestry, along with traces of German, Swiss, and Irish heritage.

His mother, Cheryl Crabtree Walker, worked as a fashion model, while his father, Paul William Walker III, was a sewer contractor and former amateur boxer, achieving the distinction of a two-time Golden Gloves champion. Additionally, Caleb’s paternal grandfather, William, briefly pursued a boxing career under the moniker “Irish” Billy Walker.

Caleb’s Resemblance to His Siblings and Family Upbringing

The late Paul Walker was very much resembled his brothers Caleb Walker and Cody Walker in terms of appearance.
From left, Cody Walker, Caleb Walker, and the late Paul Walker at Caleb’s wedding. Source: Splash

Caleb was raised alongside his older siblings, Amie (half-sister), Paul, and Ashlie Walker, as well as his younger brother, Cody, within the Mormon faith in Sunland, California.

Notably, both Caleb and Cody bear a striking resemblance to their late brother Paul in terms of their physical build and facial features. However, it is important to clarify that the Walker brothers are not twins.

Cody Walker’s Marriage and Parenthood

In recent years, Cody Walker, the youngest of the siblings, tied the knot with his long-term girlfriend, Felicia Knox. Their marriage took place four months after the release of Furious 7 in 2015, a film that became emotionally significant due to its connection to Paul.

Two years after their wedding, Cody and Felicia welcomed their first child, Remi Rogue Walker, marking a joyous milestone in their lives.

Caleb’s Role in Furious 7 as a Tribute to Paul Walker

Following Paul’s tragic passing, Caleb and Cody took on the responsibility of standing in for their brother in his final film, Furious 7, which he left unfinished.

In the seventh installment of the franchise, Caleb and his younger sibling, Cody, utilized computer-generated imagery (CGI) to complete the film’s scenes, seamlessly incorporating Paul’s face.

Caleb Walker and Cody Walker filled in for their late brother, Paul Walker to complete the production of the Furious 7.
After Paul Walker’s death in 2013, his brother, Caleb Walker filled in for him to complete the film.

Caleb spoke to Entertainment Tonight in September 2016, revealing that stepping into his brother’s shoes in the blockbuster franchise and getting to know Paul’s co-stars and friends, including Vin Diesel and Tyrese Gibson, proved to be a therapeutic experience for him and Cody. He expressed,

“We got to understand more about Paul and what he was all about. We had to share Paul with a lot of people, in a weird way.”

As the middle of the Walker brothers, Caleb admitted that both he and Cody deeply missed their late brother. However, by watching behind-the-scenes footage and completing Furious 7, they gained a unique and profound understanding of Paul.

Discovering Paul’s True Nature through Filming

Collaborating with Paul’s close friends in the cast, Caleb and Cody discovered more about their famous sibling than they had expected. They heard “some really cool stories about him” that they were previously unaware of. Caleb revealed that Paul had kept many aspects of his work and personal life private, and participating in the film provided them with the opportunity to learn more about him through his co-stars.

Caleb’s Previous Acting Experience and Roles

Caleb’s involvement as a body double for his brother in Furious 7 was not his first venture into acting. He actually made his acting debut in 2012, starring in the short film The Ultimate Sacrifice.

Caleb’s Marriage and Family Life

Caleb Walker tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Stephanie Branch, on October 9, 2013, when Caleb was 36 years old. The wedding took place six weeks before the untimely passing of Paul Walker, with Paul serving as Caleb’s best man. The ceremony was held at the Dove Canyon Country Club in Orange County, Southern California, in late October.

Paul Walker was the best man at brother's Caleb Walker Wedding.
Caleb Walker is married to Stephanie Branch with a son, Maverick Paul Walker. Source: Instagram

In 2017, Caleb and Stephanie welcomed their first child, a son named Maverick Paul Walker. Maverick is a cousin to Meadow Walker, Paul’s daughter. The couple named their son in honor of Caleb’s late brother. Furthermore, they are preparing to welcome another child into their family, this time a girl.

Friendship with Vin Diesel and the Fast Family

Caleb and Cody share a close bond with Vin Diesel, who was not only a dear friend to Paul Walker but also serves as a godfather figure to both brothers. They consider him a significant presence in their lives, along with other members of the Fast and Furious franchise family.

Involvement with Paul Walker’s Charity Organization

Caleb and Cody actively support the annual Game4Paul fundraiser, which aims to raise funds for Reach Out Worldwide (ROWW), the disaster relief nonprofit organization founded by their late brother. Paul established ROWW after visiting Haiti in 2010. The organization comprises a dedicated team of first-responders and professionals in fields such as medicine and construction, providing crucial aid and assistance during natural disasters.

While Cody Walker serves as the brand manager for Reach Out World Wide, Caleb also contributes to the organization’s efforts, working to uphold their mission.

Relationship with Meadow Walker, Paul’s Daughter

Caleb and Cody hold a deep affection for Meadow Walker, Paul’s daughter from his previous relationship with Rebecca Soteros.

The late actor Paul Walker had a daughter, named Meadow Walker with his one time girlfriend.
Paul Walker’s daughter, Meadow Walker married her fiance in Oct 2021. Source: The Sun

They have expressed that she is of utmost importance to Paul and that they themselves are fiercely protective of her. Meadow, who is also a model, married her fiancé, Louis Thornton-Allan, in October 2021.

Caleb’s Thoughts on Honoring Paul’s Legacy

In 2018, Caleb and Cody collaborated with director Adrian Buitenhuis to produce and promote the documentary “I Am Paul Walker.” The film provides insights into Paul’s upbringing, family life, and career. During the promotion of the documentary, Caleb expressed his willingness to keep his brother’s likeness alive in future Fast and Furious films.

He shared his hope of having a small cameo where Paul’s character would return to save the day, allowing them to recreate that magic once again. Caleb considers this a dream scenario and hopes it can be realized in one of the upcoming movies.

Current Endeavors and Hobbies

Both Caleb and Cody have a passion for the ocean and enjoy fishing. They are experienced fishermen and often showcase their adventures and impressive catches on their social media platforms. Caleb, who stands at six feet one inch tall, frequently shares glimpses of himself in his wetsuit, embracing his love for the sea.

In addition to his other pursuits, Caleb is the owner of Chronic Tacos Bella Terra, a restaurant located in Huntington Beach, California..

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