Bhad Bhabie, also known as Danielle Bregoli, is a rapper from the USA. She rose to fame in 2016 through her appearance on Dr. Phil, where she became an internet sensation for her viral catchphrase, “Cash me outside, how bout dah?” This sparked her career as a rapper.

In addition, it only took her a year after that for her to be acknowledged as the youngest female rapper in history. These Heaux, her first song, debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2017. But that’s not why we’re here—to talk about this young rapper’s career.

Bhabie has always been open about her relationships, as far back as her fans can remember. She doesn’t hide her relationship with her current partner and proudly displays him on her social media. Today, we’re here to gather some information about that.

How many relationships with men did Bhabie have in the past? Is she single or is she dating someone right now? Check out the article below to learn more!

Has Bhad Bhabie Dated Trippie Redd?

Fans conjectured that Trippie Redd, an American rapper, and Bhabie were having a romantic relationship in 2019. The two rappers did not actually date; this was just a rumor.

Bhabie was reported to be in a relationship with Redd in 2019
23-year-old American rapper, Trippie Redd

What then ignited everything? Many people previously thought that Bregoli and the rapper were dating. She acknowledged kissing Redd to DJ Akademiks in an interview. Unfortunately, Trippie eventually recanted and acknowledged that he never had a sexual relationship with the rapper.

After that, Bhabie published screenshots of the Love Scars singer flirtatiously texting her. The texts made it abundantly clear that Trippie had feelings for Danielle. She was only 16 years old when the rapper, who was 20 at the time, asked her to “come over” and “come alone.” Bhabie even added a sassy quote to the post’s caption as an addition. She penned,

“Oh but 69 the one who likes lil girls. “

Redd cannot deny that he was never into Danielle, even though the post has already been removed from her personal account.

Bhabie Inked NBA Young Boy’s Name On Her Hand; Information On Her Yet Another Secret Relationship

A rumor that Bhabie was secretly dating YoungBoy Never Broke Again, a.k.a. Kayden Gaulden in 2019 first surfaced after Trippie. The rapper herself fuelled this rumor after admirers noticed a fresh tattoo on her hand. What was it about, I hear you ask? At the side of her hand, she had a tattoo of YoungBoy’s real name, “Kentrell.”

However, Bregoli denied having such a tattoo when fans pointed it out. Even more, she addressed the rumors live on Instagram. She stated:

“This is my body. These are my tattoos. I do my own shit for my own reasons. Y’all don’t know behind the scenes. Stop telling me he how has a girlfriend. I did not get this tattoo to be with him or because I’m with him. Like, c’mon, Stop. Seriously. Stop the bullshit. Stop. Y’all sound crazy.”

Of course, nobody was actually happy with this response.

In 2018, Bhabie snapped a video where YoungBoy was lying next to her in bed
YoungBoy Never Broke Again is Babi’s rumored BF in 2019.

Additionally, Danielle posted a picture of herself and NBA YoungBoy in one of her stories along with a lengthy caption, which only served to confirm everyone’s suspicions. He was “the most talented person with an amazing heart,” she said. She also added that the tattoo she had on her handheld special significance for the two of them.

Bhabie then clarified that although they were not actually together, they had been a significant part of each other’s lives. Similarly, before this mess began, Bhad Bhabie recorded a video of a man lying next to her in bed in 2018. Fans immediately pointed out that it was YoungBoy in that video despite the fact that she, of course, covered his face.

Young Bans- Did She Date The Rapper?

In 2020, a new controversy erupted! Bhabie Peskowitz, daughter of Ira Peskowitz, was allegedly seeing rapper Yung Bans at the time. Furthermore, this relationship appears to be strikingly similar to that with YoungBoy. On the back of her leg, the rapper once more inked the name of her “rumored” man.

Yung dated Bhabie for a short time in 2020
Yung Bans – Danielle’s short-term ex-boyfriend

In addition to all of this, she spread this rumor yet again by sharing a video on Instagram. There, Yung Bans was plainly visible in the background, lying in her bed. In addition to this, Bhabie occasionally spoke up in defense of her relationship with him. She was three years younger than Bans; at the time of the rumor, the rapper was twenty years old, while Bhabie was only seventeen.

This led to a lot of tension because people were criticizing her man for dating a minor in an “illegal” way. Danielle was forced to speak up in his defense in order to put everything to rest. Sadly, their romance did not last, and they made the decision to pursue separate careers.

Bregoli Posts About Her New Man On Instagram; Who Is He?

In October 2020, Danielle Bregoli shared a cuddly photo with another man on her Instagram after splitting up with Yung Bans. All of Bhabie’s fans were left wondering who the man was because he was not included in the photo.

Bhabie's recent love interest
This man, @oca800 is reported to have been in a relationship with Bhad Bhabie in Oct. 2020

They eventually discovered the man’s Instagram handle thanks to her fans’ cunning ways. He reportedly made a comment on one of Bhabie’s posts. @oca800 was the handle of her new boyfriend. After extensive research, we discovered that he also works in the rap music sector. In addition to this, he also seems to be more in touch with the well-known rapper Lil Candy Paint.

Additionally, Bhabie appeared to be completely smitten with this new guy. On her Instagram, she frequently shared pictures of them together along with heartfelt captions. She even said in one of her posts that she looks “forward to spending forever” with him, which led the followers to believe that he was the one for her. But, Bhabie does not appear in any photos on Instagram, which is unfortunate. Perhaps they have split up, or perhaps they are attempting to hide their relationship.

In 2023, Does Bhad Bhabie Have A Boyfriend?

We’ve already discussed all of Bhad Bhabie’s possible relationships. However, we do not know whether she will be single or married in 2023. She last shared a romantic photo with a man in 2020. Since then, her account has also been cleared of those posts.

Therefore, it is difficult to tell whether or not this young rapper in her late teens is involved in a romantic relationship. Hopefully, her fans will be aware of when she is actually dating someone. We must wait and be patient until then.

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