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The actor Billy Bob Thornton, whose outstanding performance in the blockbuster film Sling Blade catapulted him to national prominence, is the father of Bella Thornton.

He received an Oscar Award for Best Adapted Screenplay for his contribution to the movie. In addition, Bella’s mother Connie Angland performs many duties in front of the camera, including animatronic engineer, special effects technician, and more.

Bella’s parents are prominent Hollywood actors and directors, so does she have a passion for the entertainment industry? Billy and Connie, his sixth wife, are quite open about their daughter, unlike many famous parents. And in particular, her father Billy often discusses his daughter in the media.

Let’s find out Bella’s father-daughter connection, then. We will also discuss her siblings, her father’s advice to her not to date anybody who is similar to him, and other topics. Let’s start!

Bella Thornton is Billy Bob Thornton’s fourth child; learn more about her birth here

Bella was born on September 24, 2004, in California, and she weighed 6 pounds, 1 1/2 ounces. The actress went to her father’s induction ceremony on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on October 7, 2004, in Hollywood, a few weeks after Bella was born.

Bella Angland's parents
Bella with her mother and father. Source: Getty

In October of that year, her parents Billy and Connie made the first child’s impending arrival public knowledge.

Thornton Relationship With His Daughter

Bella and her father have a strong bond. Billy first discussed his experience bearing a daughter with ET in January 2005.

He discussed the close relationship between a father and a daughter,

“It’s true what they say about the relationship between a father and a daughter. There is already a link. It’s fairly crazy, particularly when a female is involved. That is a unique experience.”

He continued by describing “being a parent as a very fresh experience, It takes some getting accustomed to again since I haven’t had a baby in a long time.”

Her Age And Ethnic Background

Bella has a White ethnicity, according to what is known about her ethnicity. She belongs to the United States.

Has Three Half-Siblings

Through her father’s previous marriages, Bella has three elder half-siblings, two brothers and a sister. Billy Bob, the actor who is her father, and his first wife Melissa Lee Gatlin welcomed their daughter Amanda as their first child. During her father’s marriage to Playboy model Pietra Dawn Cherniak, she inherited two more half-siblings.

Bella Thornton’s Father Initially Dined To Marry Her Mom: Why?

As they were both working on the set of Bad Santa, her parents Billy and Connie initially became acquainted (2003). In the movie, Thornton portrayed the lead character of Willie Stoke, while Angland served as a special effects specialist. In 2003, the pair started dating.

The two also had a baby daughter a year after they started their lovey-dovey. Yet, Billy would not be prepared until 2014 to begin any form of married engagement with Connie. It was brought on by the actor’s unhappy marriage. Before meeting Connie, he had already had five unhappy marriages.

Billy’s previous marriage was to Angelina Jolie. The once eccentric Hollywood couple wed in 2000 and split up in 2002. They split up in a very dramatic way. Billy finally wed Connie on October 22, 2014, in their Los Angeles home for the sixth time.

Just their closest friends and family members were present during their low-key wedding. A year after their wedding, however, there were rumors that Thornton had cheated on his wife with Amber Heard, Jonny Depp’s ex-wife. Nevertheless, eventually it was discovered that all of the rumors were false. Billy and Connie have been enjoying a happy marriage.

Bella Thornton Personal Life: Father Suggested Her Not Dating Anyone Like Him

The Sling Blade actor told Mirror in January 2017 that he doesn’t want his daughter to date someone who is similar to him. Billy, who had five severely broken up marriages, says,

“My 12-year-old daughter lives with me. After your daughter is born, something changes inside you. My kid should never be around somebody who is like me, in my opinion.”

What about her romantic life, then? Is Bella currently seeing anyone? Due to Bella’s refusal to publicly acknowledge her relationship and the fact that she is not now seeing anybody, the answers to all of the questions are currently fairly private.

What Is Bella Thornton Doing At Present? Has Billy’s Daughter Appeared In Movies And TV Shows?

Thornton keeps her work life mostly under wraps. The star child made a few TV appearances, according to IMDb. Bella played Maria in Hodgepodge back in 2013. On her career, there is, however, nothing more. Since his daughter “wants to be an entomologist, everything is about insects like butterflies and caterpillars,” Billy Bob said in a February 2015 interview with Hello Magazine.

Bella Thornton age
Bella and her doing dad Billy. Source: Zimbio

About her father’s career, Billy Bob has a long history of accomplishments in the fields of acting, filmmaking, and music.

In the film Hunter’s Blood, he made his acting debut as Billy Bob. Throughout time, he made a number of well-known films, such as U Turn, Primary Colors, Armageddon, The Man Who Wasn’t There, and others.

Billy also joined the blues-rock group Tres Hombres as their drummer. The musician has issued a number of albums throughout the years, including Private Radio, The Edge of the Earth, Hobo, Savor Every Sandwich: Songs of Warren Zevon, and others.

What Is Bella Thornton Net Worth?

Her fortune’s actual size is still unknown. Bella, however, clearly has a very opulent life as the daughter of a prominent actor father with a net worth of $45 million.

Bella Thornton now resides at her father’s California Hills home. For $3.1 million, he acquired the 3,099 square foot house in Agoura Hills in April 2021.

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