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Hal Barwood is a writer, director, and producer from the United States. His writing and game design for video games is what he is best known for. The well-known screenwriter has contributed to the video games for popular film series like Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

Barwood is a well-known game designer, known for his popular works like Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine, Indiana Jones and His Desktop Adventures, and Star Wars: Yoda Stories. Currently, he is married to Barbara Ward.

What Is Hal Barwood Net Worth?

Hal Barwood’s estimated net worth of $5 million can largely be attributed to his writing and designing accomplishments. Besides video games, he has also worked as a screenwriter in Hollywood.

Hal Barwood is outdoors, wearing a shade in the picture.
Hal Barwood taking a selfie (Image Source: LinkedIn @Hal Barwood)

Designing video games for well-known film franchises like Star Wars: Yoda Stories and a few Indiana Jones games is just one of Barwood’s accomplishments that can be linked to his wealth. He has also contributed to a number of films, including Warning Sign, Dragonslayer, and The Sugarland Express.

Barwood has also written novels in the past, so his writing is not just limited to movies and video games. Additionally, he also owns Finite Arts, a business from which he derives revenue.

Relationship Status: Married To Barbara Ward

Hal Barwood is wed to Barbara Ward, who is also his partner. For some people, getting married to your childhood sweetheart seems like something that only happens in Disney movies. But not Barwood, whose wife was his first love when he was a child.

Away from the prying eyes of the media, Barwood and Barbara are currently residing somewhere in California. They both maintain private lives and are absent from social media. The specifics of their marriage date are also unknown. His wife Ward is a teacher, which is one thing that is known about her.

Is Also A Writer: Has Penned Several Novels

Barwood Ward, Barbara Ward’s husband, has developed his writing abilities beyond television and video games and has applied them to writing novels. He has so far published a couple of novels, and his readers seem to have enjoyed them.

The picture has a man made up of stars looking down at the ground which is filled with cars.
The cover of Hal Barwood’s Book, Sandpeople (Image Source: GoBazaar)

With Shadowcup, Broom Handle, and Whiskey Jack, Barwood started his novel-writing career. These three books are an extension of the same narrative that centers on Marianne Sarzeau, a police officer who possesses witch-like supernatural skills and makes good use of them.

Hal is also the author of the books Glitterbush, Happenstance, Fulfillment, Sandpeople, Tinwoman, and Cratertown. His books have all received positive reviews and reader ratings. He began doing it out of a desire to write more and is now supporting himself through it.

Education Background

Barwood is an intelligent man who has attended several universities. He first went to Brown University and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree there. Later, he enrolled in the School of Cinema-Television at the University of Southern California. Barwood concentrated solely on the arts and animation during his studies. This gave him the boost he needed to launch a lucrative career in video game development and screenwriting.

Owns A Business: Finite Arts Is His Company

Hal Barwood now owns and operates his own company, Finite Arts. Given that the business was founded in January 2008, he has been doing this for a very long time. According to his IMDb page, he is employed by the business as a freelance independent contractor.

The picture has a huge Finite Arts text written in white with red background.
The Logo of Hal Barwood’s Finite Arts (Image Source: Finite Arts)

A business located in Portland, Oregon is called Finite Arts. Video games are Hal’s primary focus throughout the business; according to the website, he enters into a contract with game developers and collaborates with them on the project.

Barwood’s Parents:

Barwood’s parents have led a very private life, and they are still unknown. However, the author of Warning Sign, Barwood, has revealed what his father’s occupation was when he was a child. In Hanover, New Hampshire, Hal’s father once ran a movie theater. In a 2010 Star Wars interview, Barwood himself made this admission.

He mentioned in the interview that one of the factors that led him to become interested in movies at a young age was his father’s job. Hal mentioned in that interview that he has exposed to a wide variety of films at a very young age thanks to his father’s movie theater. He gives his father credit for it. Sadly, we haven’t yet learned any information about his mother.

Started Making Video Games As A Kid

Barbara Ward’s husband, Barwood, is a video game designer, which stems from his childhood love of video games. He began creating non-digital games as a young child, which is interesting. When Hal and The Indy Experience sat down to talk, Hal told them this tale.

His childhood was spent when computers were expensive and not widely available, as they are today. He began by creating mechanical games. His electrical football machine was his first real video game.

The game has a top-down view as the Indian Jones character is in the middle of the forest.
Hal Barwood’s video game, Indiana Jones and his Desktop Adventures (Image Source: Alshoff YouTube Channel)

The game featured both visible and hidden switches to set up the formation and choose the play at the beginning of the game.. Later on, Hal created digital games in addition to some of his notable games, such as Star Wars: Yoda Stories, Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine, RTX Red Rock, and Indiana Jones and His Desktop Adventures.

How Did Barwood Break Into The Film Industry?

Barwood has established a reputation among moviegoers in addition to gamers. He was inspired and motivated to get into it by a few things. His father’s theater served as his initial inspiration. That theater helped him watch a lot of movies as he began to fall in love with movies. The 1957 movie The Seventh Seal served as Barwood’s other major source of inspiration.

When he first saw this movie, he was a high school student, and he really enjoyed it because of how strange Ingmar Bergman‘s film was. Hal Ward, the husband of Barbara Ward, was also influenced by Disneyland. He loved the idea of bringing fantasy ideas to life, and he loved the concept of Disneyland, which is what he liked about the well-known theme park.

A Quick Look At His Career:

Hal Barwood has a remarkable background in both movies and video games. He began his filmmaking career by creating 8mm short animated movies. Later, he wrote for films like Warning Sign, Dragonslayer, and The Sugarland Express. Additionally, he contributed to the renowned Steven Spielberg movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

When it comes to Hal’s career as a video game designer, he began as a child by making mechanical games. His first taste of significant success came in 1990 when LucasArts hired him to continue the game The Last Crusade project. From that point on, Hal’s video game only gained popularity, and today, many gamers still consider him to be the best person to create an Indiana Jones game.

He Is A friend Of George Lucas

George Lucas, the renowned creator of Star Wars, is friends with Barwood, the author of The Dragonslayer. They have been friends since their time in college. At the School of Cinema-Television at the University of Southern California, they first ran into each other. Barwood was aware of a lot of Lucas’s abilities and believed he would succeed.

But despite the fact that he hadn’t anticipated it, Lucas ended up having a very successful career. Hal and Barwood were friends outside of the university because he had a job at the esteemed LucasArts. One of the main factors that allowed Barwood to create licensed games for Star Wars and Indiana Jones was their friendship.

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