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Angel Iris Murphy Brown is the daughter of Eddie Murphy (also known as Edward Regan Murphy), an American writer, comedian, producer, and performer. Her father is an accomplished actor best known for his roles in 48 Hours, The Nutty Professor, Beverly Hills Cop Series, and Dolemite Is My Name.

Like her father, Melanie Janine Brown, better known by her stage as Mel B, is the mother of Angel. Mel is a singer, songwriter, and TV personality who initially came to the notice of the public as a Spice Girls member.

Many of her parent’s fans have been interested in Angel since she is the daughter of such well-known singers. To learn more about the famous daughter’s life inside and out, including her age, early years, connection with her parents, siblings, and other details, read the article below.

How Old Is Eddie Murphy’s Daughter, Angel Iris Murphy Brown? 

Angel will be 15 years old in 2023. She was born on April 3, 2007, in Santa Monica, California, under the sign of the Ram, Eddie’s 45th birthday.

Angel was 5 lbs. at the time of her delivery. In reality, the famous kid was nurtured only by her mother since her parents had already divorced before she was even born.

Angel Iris Murphy Brown Age

Eddie, Irish’s biological father, even questioned if the unborn child was indeed his blood while she was still in her mother’s womb. Eddie said,

 “I don’t know whose child that is until it comes out and has a blood test.”

Angel’s mother Melanie and stepfather Stephen Belafonte were responsible for raising her throughout her youth.

Moreover, Angel Murphy, the daughter of Eddie Murphy, was born an American. Her mother is of African-Nevisian and English ancestry, while her father is an Afro-American, hence she has a mixed ethnic heritage.

Meaning Behind Angel’s Name

Isn’t the name of Eddie and Mel B’s sole angel very lengthy? With regard to Angel’s name, Melanie previously said in an exclusive interview that it has significance. She said

She is my angel, and throughout my pregnancy, she was my tiny angel. Iris because it is the name of my grandmother, Murphy because he is the father, and Brown because I am the mother!

Angel Iris Murphy Brown’s Siblings

As was previously stated, Angel is her parents’ lone child. The celebrity child, however, really has 11 siblings in total thanks to her parents’ relationships with their many partners.

Murphy Brown has an older half-brother named Eric Murphy, who she inherited via her father’s connection with his former lover Paulette McNeely.

In a similar vein, Angel’s father welcomed Tamara Hood and his ex-girlfriend Christian Murphy.

Angel Iris Murphy Brown has 11 siblings
Angel Iris Murphy Brown with her half-siblings from her father’s side

Like her elder half-siblings Bria, Miles Mitchell Murphy, Shayne, Zola, and Bella Murphy from her father’s marriage to his ex-wife Nicole Mitchell, Iris is a sister to them.

Izzy and Max Murphy, her father’s younger half-siblings, were born through their relationship with Australian model Paige Butcher.

Angel also has two half-sisters from her mother’s two distinct relationships: Madison Brown Belafonte, who was born on September 1, 2011, in Los Angeles, California, and Phoenix Brown.

Her elder half-sister Phoenix was a product of her mother Mel B’s 16-month marriage to Dutch backup dancer Jimmy Gulzar. Phoenix was born in February 1999.

Phoenix previously appeared in the “Born Famous” TV series on Channel 4.

Angel’s Dad Initially Denied Her As His Daughter And They Underwent A Paternity Test

As Angel’s mother Mel was carrying her, her father raised the issue of the unborn kid.

Even though he subsequently denied it, he even wanted a paternity test before Angel was born. But after a month, the actor changed his mind and agreed to the test.

Eddie had a DNA paternity test at a Beverly Hills hospital two months after giving birth, despite the fact that he was originally unprepared for it.

Angel Iris Murphy Brown Dad denied her initially
Angel Iris Murphy Brown, her dad at the left and her mom at the right

Around this period, Tracey Edmonds, Murphy’s dad’s new girlfriend, discussed the DNA test and said,

If a paternity test reveals that the child is [Eddie’s], he will be held accountable.

In June of that year, Genetic tests revealed that Eddie was Angel’s father. This is what her mother Mel said:

He is the baby’s father, that much is certain. “There is no question that the child is entirely his.”

Even after the test revealed that Ediie is Angel’s biological father, the Nutty Professor actor put off efforts to establish a contact with his kid for a considerable amount of time.

How Do Angel Iris Murphy Brown and Her Dad Get Along These Days?

Angel, who is 15 years old, gets along well with her funny father Eddie. In her autobiography Brutally Honest, Angel’s mother gave credit to Eddie’s mother Lillian Lynch for the current closeness between Angel and her father.

He is now an excellent father to his daughter, as a reliable source revealed:

“He constantly makes care to incorporate them in Angel’s life. Angel constantly talks on the phone and texts with Eddie. She adores her father.”

And he offers her all the presents, Eddie,” “There are 150 boxes beneath the tree at Christmas, for absolutely every event, including her birthday, clothes, shoes, and toys.”

Her dad and her mom continue to get along well, in addition to Angel. Eddie and Mel B are now sharing parenting duties with their 15-year-old daughter.

While Angel lived mostly with her mother, the famous child has also spent time with her father. As her mother Mel B required immediate surgery in London after fracturing two ribs in late 2018, she was forced to reside with her father in Los Angeles.

Murphy Angel Irish Mel B and Eddie Murphy, Brown’s parents had never been married

Eddie and Melanie, the parents of Angel, got married in 2006. Their relationship was quite brief, lasting just approximately six months.

When the former lovers first saw one another at Eddie’s Beverly Hills house party, they felt a strong attraction to one another.

Angel Iris Murphy Brown Parents were never married
Angel Iris Murphy Brown’s Parents

Melanie, Brown’s mother, said that she fell in love with Brown immediately after their first encounter. Mel B writes in her 2018 autobiography, Brutally Honest,

“I felt a hundred different emotions at once, from confused to elated, to happy to scared, to relaxed to incredulous, and everything in between.”

The vocalist of Lullaby continued,

“I felt as if I had known this guy my whole life and that I was looking into the face of my destiny.”

Afterwards, Eddie made contact with Brown, and their relationship grew. But, their relationship quickly deteriorated and became poisonous.

The Quantum Leap actress said that her boyfriend Eddie abruptly and unexpectedly left her and afterwards questioned the legitimacy of their planned-for pregnancy.

Their union came to an end in December 2006. Eddie Brown’s kid, Angel, was born four months later, but Eddie didn’t get to meet his child in person.

Angel’s mother filed a petition against Eddie Murphy seeking increased child support.

Melanie, Angel’s mother, requested further child support from her ex-partner Eddie in court documents filed in October 2020, during the COVID breakup.

The actor was previously required to pay $25,000 per month as part of the paternity deal in 2009, but because of the epidemic, Brown went back to the court asking for greater financial support.

The epidemic significantly reduced her income. After two years, the stand-up comedian agreed to pay more, increasing his monthly payment by $10,000 to $35,000 to cover increased child support.

He has been described as a “extraordinarily high earner” recently. According to the court’s decision, he must pay child support until Angel becomes 18 years old.

Angel Iris Murphy Brown Appeared On Her Mom’s Instagram

Regarding the social media accounts, it is clear that the 15-year-old star kid has not yet fully immersed herself in the media industry.

On her mother Mel B’s 1.5 million-follower Instagram account, she was often visible to her admirers. Also, she sometimes featured on the Instagram account of her half-brother, particularly that of her elder brother, Eric Murphy.

What Is Angel Irish Doing In 2023?

According to her age, the singer’s kid is now a high school student. When Angel Iris Murphy Brown graduated from junior high school in 2018, her mother also posted a message about it on her Instagram.

Congratulations, my little Angel! Happy graduation, my darling! You have grown up so much and are so incredibly loved. I’m pleased your family and I could be there to support you today. She is a genius, therefore the world had better take notice!

She presently lives with her mother and two of her mother’s half-sisters.

Angel Iris Murphy Brown lives with her mom Melanie Brown
Angel Iris Murphy Brown with her mom and half-sisters

Angel, who was born into affluence, has a fantasy existence in which her mother grants all of her wishes and her father stands by her side to provide support.

The net worth of Angel Murphy’s parents is one million dollars.

Eddie Murphy, Angel’s father, is thought to be worth $200 million as of 2023, while Angel’s mother is worth $6 million. They undoubtedly made such a big sum of money via their expanded entertainment profession.


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