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Who is the wife of Andrew Janz? Heather Walker is his wife. Details about Andrew Janz’s marriage and family are shown below! 

The Fresno County District Attorney’s Office is home to famous Deputy District Attorney Andrew Janz. He also ran for mayor of Fresno, California, in 2020, however he lost in the primary on March 3.

Janz was also chosen to serve as the permanent Fresno City Attorney at the special closed meeting on Tuesday.

For your knowledge, only Councillor Garry Bredefeld voted against the appointment; the vote was 5-1 in his favor.

In a similar vein, he is one of the knowledgeable and experienced lawyers who has always maintained a strong commitment to pursuing justice for those who have been the victims of violent crimes.

Also, he has been a Deputy District Attorney at the District Attorney’s Office since 2014, where he has taken on some of the most challenging and well-known cases in Fresno County.

Andrew Janz Wife Heather Walker Janz

Andrew Janz, the Democratic Party’s candidate for the 22nd Congressional District in California, is often questioned about his personal life, particularly his marriage and wife.

He has a sizable internet fan base and often posts about his personal life on social media. Moreover, Janz, the Fresno City Attorney, is a family guy who is married, according to his supporters and loved ones.

So, while discussing his marital status, Andrew is blissfully wed to Heather Walker Janz. She works as an advocate for mental health.

With his wife and daughter, Andrew Janz.
With his wife and daughter, Andrew Janz. (Source: Facebook)

Her Instagram account states that she has a tiny company called Janz Family Counseling. Also, she has more than 800 followers on Instagram, but Heather has sadly made her account private, so not much is known about her at this time.

Yet, Janz often posts photos of himself and his wife together, and the two look stunning. But, specific information on their marriage is still unavailable.

Looking at his Instagram account, it seems that the pair has been together for a number of years and that Andrew and Heather are content to live together as a result of his good fortune to have a modest, loving family.

Meet Andrew Janz Daughter Wilhelmina Janz

The spouse and father of Wilhelmina Janz is Andrew Janz. He often posts a photo of his daughter on social media, mostly on his Facebook page.

The adorable pair revealed their pregnancy for the first time in an Instagram post, where Janz posted a photo of a baby frock and said,

“Thrilled to announce the Janz Family was increasing by one in 2020! “.

He loves dogs and has shared numerous photos of his gorgeous puppy on Instagram in addition to being a family guy.

Wilhelmina Janz is shown in a post by Andrew Janz.
Wilhelmina Janz is shown in a post by Andrew Janz. (Source: Facebook)

Wilhelmina Rose Janz, the couple’s daughter, was also born on January 31, 2020. We can learn more about Janz’s family on his Instagram account, where he often posts photos of himself with his wife and kid.

The family is undoubtedly tiny but happy. Also, Andrew is fortunate to have a lovely kid and a wife who stand by him through any situation.

Andrew Janz Net Worth As Of 2023

In addition to inquiries regarding Andrew Janz’s personal and professional lives, many individuals were curious to learn how much money he made.

Posing with his lovely wife and little daughter is Andrew Janz.
Posing with his lovely wife and little daughter is Andrew Janz. (Source: Instagram)

He will likely make $240,000 as Fresno’s next city attorney, according to the sources. We are not allowed to know the full scope of his earnings and net worth.

Likewise, his current basic pay is said to be $138,000 at this time. The deputy district attorney must thus be leading a lavish lifestyle at their home with their wife and daughter.

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