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Amanda Balionis is a top-notch broadcast journalist for CBS Sports, renowned for her exceptional coverage of professional golf. Despite her specialization in golf, she has also covered a variety of other sports with equal proficiency.

Balionis has established herself as one of the most accomplished reporters in the industry, particularly when it comes to major golf events. Consequently, what is Amanda Balionis’ net worth? Read the article to learn more about Amanda’s salary.

How Rich Is Amanda?

An estimate of Amanda Balionis’s net worth ranges from a modest $100,000 to several hundred thousand dollars. However, the gag is solely based on the assumptions and analysis that Balionis provides for one of the top media organizations in the country.

Amanda Balionis
Amanda Balionis (Image Source: CBS)

Balionis does appear to be a wealthy correspondent with an impeccable sense of style and a jet-set lifestyle based on the appearance of her social media life. However, it is somewhat hazy what financial success she has achieved thus far in her reporting career. Amanda is undoubtedly one of the top patrons in the golf presenting industry.

Is Amanda Highest-Paid Reporter?

Given that Balionis has been covering football and golf for CBS Sports since 2017, it is reasonable to assume that the media personality earns a respectable wage for working with one of the most well-known studios in the country. Before joining CBS, Balionis already had a strong work history having covered for the PGA Tour.

CBS Sports reporter Amanda Balionis interviewing Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence.
Amanda Balionis with Trevor Lawrence (Image Source: Getty)

It seems unlikely that Balionis, who gets to interview the biggest names in the game on prime-time television, is paid the median wage. She undoubtedly stands out among the golf media. According to sources, Amanda Balionis earns more than $61k annually. Additionally, it helps Amanda Balionis’ wealth to increase.

Amanda Balionis’ Career Details:

Balionis was born on June 20, 1985, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Later, she relocated to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where she began a two-year volleyball career at the Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. She then transferred to Hofstra University, where she eventually earned her degree in August 2008.

She chose broadcast journalism as her major there. For Verizon Fios Channel 1 and MSG Networks, Balionis first covered high school sports to launch her career as a reporter. She began working for the PGA Tour in 2011 as an internal reporter and host.

Amanda Balionis.
Amanda Balionis

The native of Pittsburgh then relocated to Callaway Golf in 2016 to work as an internal reporter creating digital content for the media team of the golf equipment manufacturers. She first worked as a part-time golf reporter before beginning her tenure with CBS in 2017.

She started working for the network full-time the following year and now covers NFL and college football games. Additionally, Bryn Renner, a former quarterback for the University of North Carolina and the Baltimore Ravens who is now the FIU quarterbacks’ mentor, is married to Amanda.

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