Allison Cain

Celebrity mom Allison Cain is well-known. Hayley Atwell, an actress, is her daughter. She works as a motivational speaker. She was wed to photojournalist Grant Atwell. Afterwards, she and her spouse divorced.

Allison Cain's ex-husband, Grant Atwell and daughter Hayley Atwell.
Grant Atwell, the ex-husband of Allison Cain, and Hayley Atwell. Source: Pinterest

Is Hayley Married?

Ned Wolfgang Kelly, an actor and music producer, and Hayley are dating right now. After parting ways with superstar Tom Cruise, she was seen with him.

According to a source, Hayley seems to be really content right now. She exudes happiness. They even went on a date to Disneyland. The duo hasn’t made their romance public, however.

Allison Cain's daughter Hayley Atwell.
Allison Cain’s daughter Hayley Atwell. Source: Instagram

Was Hayley Actually Dating Tom Cruise?

Tom and Hayley both appeared in the Mission Impossible film. He was seen alongside Atwell at Wimbledon in 2020. According to a source, they bonded immediately and from the start.

During the time, they were secretly dating. Covid, according to an insider, helped them get more closer. They were seen spending time together in public. They started dating while filming Mission Impossible. They never made their connection public.

They kept their relationship under wraps. But the two decided to split ways since things did not work out.


Her daughter Hayley is 40 years old. 

Net Worth

Her daughter is said to be worth $3 million. Her acting profession has allowed her to amass enormous wealth.

Hayley Was The Reason Behind Dominic Cooper’s Viral Photo

She revealed that she enjoys torturing Dominic in a James Cordon interview. James and Hayley have a common buddy in Dominic. They both cherish him much. In the motion picture Agent Carter, Hayley and Dominic both starred.

She recalled one amusing occurrence during the shoot. One day, a stunt sequence was filmed. The shooting was done inverted. They were captured in such stance in a photograph. She then enlarge Dominic’s picture. That was amusing.

Dominic even requested that she remove the picture of him. She didn’t, however. She distributed the image to the whole staff. 150 crew members donned t-shirts with Dominic’s picture on them on the final day of his shoot.

The t-shirt, according to her, has traveled to several nations as well. Even a phone cover was made using his image. James’s closest buddy is Dominic, so Hayley sent him a gift to honor Dominic.

She gave him a blanket that had that appalling picture of Dominic.

Hayley Loves British TV Shows

Hayley is a British-American hybrid. Hayley enjoys Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Kim Kardashian is adored and beloved by her.

She even mentioned her favorite English program. She enjoys watching GoggleBox. She can’t stop watching that kind of program. She said that Love Island was her other favorite program.

She said that since she was doing an interview at the time the last episode was shown, she was unable to see it. She said she doesn’t own a television. Online, she enjoys her favorite program.

Hayley Talked About Living In LA

Hayley spent some time living in LA. She resided in a hotel and rental apartment in Los Angeles. She had visited LA on business.

Compared to Britain, she knows nothing about life and living in LA. She said that whereas people in LA have a nice way of being unpleasant, folks in New York have a rude way of being polite.

She related a story about an audition she had. The individual who saw her audition said he had never seen someone as talented as her and that she was fantastic. She did, however, get a job and never received a call from that individual.

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