Yulanda Wilkins

Yulanda Wilkins is the sister of Tyler Perry. So, most of you have probably heard of Tyler? Tyler is a well-known American actor. He works as an actor and is also a director, producer, and screenwriter.

Tyler Perry, Yulanda’s brother, is well known for creating several successful plays and movies. He has received several honors and is regarded as one of the most prominent individuals of the 2020s.

Yulanda Wilkins

Interesting Facts About Yulanda Wilkins

Full Name Yulanda Wilkins
First Name Yulanda
Last Name Wilkins
Profession Celebrity Sister
Nationality American
Birth Country United States
Father Name Emmitt Perry, Sr.
Gender Identity Female
Sibilings Tyler Perry, Emmbre Perry, and Melva Porter

Relationship Status: Perry, the brother of Yulanda, Is He Wed?

Although there isn’t much information online about Yulanda, her brother Tyler is a very successful businessman. Back in 2009, the man began a serious relationship with a lady by the name of Gelila Bekele. Over a decade have passed since they started dating.

Independent woman Gelila pursues careers in filmmaking and modeling. The lady also adopts the persona of an activist. Going back in time, the two originally connected in 2007 during a Prince concert. The reason the couple did not get married despite spending a lot of time together is still a mystery.

Tyler Perry, the brother of Yulanda Wilkins, announced the news of becoming a parent in an unorthodox way with Gelila Bekele, his former lover.

Yulanda Wilkins

Despite not being married, they had a child together who goes by the name of Aman Tyler Perry. They gave birth to boy five years into their marriage. Do you know how the lady told her husband Perry about this fantastic news, though?

In order to inform him of the positive pregnancy test findings, the lady Facetimed him. The artist has also said that since she is so amazing, there is no one else for him except her.

Isn’t Being a Good Father Preferable Than Being a Good Husband?

Tyler, has he mentioned this? If you didn’t know, the longtime couple has ended their marriage. On social media, the gentleman himself said that he is a single man eager to begin the next phase of his life. Despite their divorce, the former couple has opted to be great friends since they are parents.

The best versions of their son Aman are what they both want to be. The musician continued by saying that he would be a great parent and person. What more do we need?

Yulanda Wilkins Has Three Siblings

Tyler parents’ names are Emmitt Perry, Sr. and Willie Maxine Perry. The other three siblings of Yulanda Wilkins. Tyler Perry, also known as Emmitt Perry Jr., is well-known to many of you. The man is really talented since he is one of the most paid people in the entertainment industry.

Yulanda Wilkins
Yulanda Wilkins with his sibings. (Source: Google)

Next is Emmbre Perry. He is employed by the same company as Tyler as a director and actor. His performances in No More Games, Two Is Better Than One, and Every Family Has Problems have earned him recognition. The final name on the list is her sister, Melva Porter. About her, little is known.

Yulanda Wilkins Brother Tyler’s Once Attempted Sucide

Tyler’s life wasn’t exactly what it is now. Tyler, a young guy at the time, had to deal with a challenging circumstance. In reality, he made one attempt at suicide. Yes, what you heard is true. In order to avoid receiving slaps from his father, he had joined the activity.

When Tyler and his mother saw this, they went to church. Till he was sixteen, he had not changed his name to Tyler. And the goal of all of this was to keep him apart from his biological father.

Net Worth Status: How Rich Is Yulanda Wilkins Brother?

Tyler Perry, Yulanda’s brother, is said to be worth $1 billion, according to Forbes. He is one of the world’s highest-paid directors and receives an annual remuneration of more than $200 million. Through the decade-long construction of his vast multi-media company, he accumulated great riches.

Tyler Perry giving a speech

Tyler Perry, the brother of Yulanda Wilkins, delivers a speech.

(Image Source: WBLS)

Tyler has a 14,000 square foot home on 20 acres of property on White Bay Cay in the Bahamas. In addition, he is the proprietor of the ultra-exclusive gated enclave known as Beverly Ridge Estates. He also owns a $20 million, 25,000 square foot home on a 22.5 acre plot.
Tyler also flaunts his riches by owning two private planes, one a Gulfstream III that he paid $125 million for. A further $50 million was spent on equipping and personalizing his own plane.

Is Yulanda Wilkin Active On Social Media?

Yulanda has shielded the media from her social media activity. She hasn’t yet made her social media profiles public, if she even has any. On social media, her brother Tyler Perry, however, has a sizable fan base.

Tyler Perry has more than 6.9 million followers on Instagram and 6.6 million followers on Twitter, respectively. He keeps his fans informed by posting regularly on these accounts due to his intense activity. The figures are comparable to those of the 6 million-subscriber YouTuber Hooman Nouri.

Tyler Perry has gained over 15 million followers on his Facebook page, where he has the largest following. It just serves to highlight how powerful Yulana’s brother is.
Tyler, Yulanda’s brother, also has a separate website in addition to these social media profiles. On his website, he displays news, announcements, and other pertinent information.

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