Where Is Justin Ryan Simpson, Son Of O. J. Simpson Now?

As the only son of O.J. Simpson and his late ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, Justin Ryan Simpson has been in the public eye since the day he was born. However, the notoriety surrounding his family is not something that he asked for, as the brutal murder of his mother, Nicole, and the subsequent trial of his father, O.J. Simpson, captured the attention of the entire world.

Despite the fact that his father was acquitted of the crime, many still believe that O.J. was responsible for Nicole’s death. But for Justin and his sister Sydney Brooke Simpson, the events of the past are just that – in the past. The two siblings have been able to move on with their lives and create their own identities, separate from the shadow of their father’s infamy.

But what is Justin Ryan Simpson up to these days? Away from the media spotlight, he has been able to build a peaceful and fulfilling life for himself. He has been able to pursue his own passions and interests, and has managed to forge his own path in the world.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the life of Justin Ryan Simpson and find out what the star kid is doing in the present. From his personal life to his career, we will uncover the man behind the name and explore the world of Justin Ryan Simpson.

How old is Justin Ryan Simpson? His Early Life and Family

He will be 34 years old this year. He was born in Los Angeles, California, on August 6, 1988. Ryan Simpson, the only child of Orenthal James Simpson and his second wife Nicole Brown, grew up mostly in an affluent Los Angeles neighborhood.

Justin is a multiethnic person. While his mother is of Caucasian race, his father is of African-American descent.

Justin Ryan’s Education and College

Justin enrolled at Gulliver Preparatory School after completing middle school. He attended the same high school that his father did.

The gorgeous man enrolled at Florida State University after finishing high school. He studied entrepreneurship and small company operations while attending the institution.

He has one older sister.

Ryan has one sibling, a sister by the name of Sydney Brooke Simpson, in addition to himself. Her birthday is October 17, 1985. She currently owns and operates her own company, Simpsy, LLC. She is in charge of three local properties.

Sydney Brooke Simpson with Robert Blackmon
Sydney Brooke Simpson with Robert Blackmon

Robert Blackmon and Sydney Brooke Simpson were said to be dating. The Daily Mail, as a source Gulliver’s Academy served as her high school, after which she enrolled at Boston University. In May 2010, Sydney earned a BA in sociology from the college’s College of Arts and Sciences.

Justin Simpson Also Has Three Half Siblings

Ryan Simpson has three half-siblings, in addition to his biological sister Sydney, from his father O.J.’s union with Marguerite Whitley, who was O.J.’s first wife.

Jason Simpson, Arnelle Simpson, and Aaren Simpson are their names. Aaren, one of his half-siblings, tragically passed away on August 26, 1979, in Los Angeles, California. She had only turned two years old when she passed away.

What is Justin Ryan Simpson doing nowadays? is a real estate agent.

The whole Simpson family has been the center of attention since the iconic O. J. Simpson murder case first surfaced. The whole time that Orenthal was on trial for the alleged murders of his wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman, his children Sydney and Justin were kept in a locked room. Since the investigation was concluded in October 1995, there has been a great deal of interest in Justin and Sydney.

Find out what Justin is doing right now. Justin now has positions as a broker and real estate agent. The rising star has been employed with the DHM Real Estate Group in the Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida region since 2018. He also included “Real Estate, Home, and Investing” in his Twitter account. Integrity is keeping your promise; honesty is offering it.

His Previous Work Experiences

When Justin finished college in 2010, he was certain he wanted to work in real estate. He started his professional career in the year 2013; He began working with Muffley & Associates Real Estate in 2013 and continued there until 2015.

After that, he worked from 2015 to 2018 with Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate in Florida. Then, in 2018, he established Bolder Property Management, a new business.

Justin Ryan Simpson’s Mother Nicole Died Tragically

Nicole Brown and her male companion, Ronald Goldman, were discovered dead outside Nicole’s condo in the Brentwood district of Los Angeles on the evening of June 12, 1994. They were discovered by the authorities with many stab wounds.

Sydney Brooke Simpson with her parents and younger brother
Sydney Brooke Simpson, with her parents and younger brother, Source: E! News

On June 17, 1994, a few days after the couple’s murder, O. J. was accused of the crime. After discovering a blood-stained glove on his premises, investigators accused him. He attempted to flee in his 1993 Ford Bronco SUV when the judge ordered him to turn himself in. He became the target of a slow-moving chase while doing so.

O. J. engaged a group of well-known defense attorneys after being accused of the murder, including Robert Shapiro, F. Lee Bailey, Alan Dershowitz, Robert Kardashian, Shawn Holley, and others. On November 9th, 1994, Orenthal was found not guilty of the crime, despite the fact that the majority of Americans thought he was the guilty party.

Justin Ryan Simpson Was Cared For By His Grandmother And Aunt After The Death Of His Mother

Justin’s mother passed away, but his parents had already split. They split formally in February 1992, when his mother filed for divorce. Both of them were given joint custody of their two children after they divorced. Nicole’s relatives received custody of her children after her passing.

When Justin and Sydney were little children, it was her mother Judith and sister Tanya who took care of them. The children suffered the most when the awful occurrence occurred, which many of you are unaware of. Tanya, Justin’s maternal aunt, recalls how difficult it was for them to move on in an interview with RadarOnline. Additionally, Nicole Brown’s family has long held the opinion that O. J. killed Nicole. Because of this, whenever Justin’s grandma or aunt Tanya visited the Simpsons with the kids, they felt a little uneasy.

“I went to go pick up the kids at his place, and I saw him,” Tanya remarked. I struggled, but I managed to complete it. “You’re doing this for the kids,” my mother told me as she gave me a pep talk. I went inside and started to load their suitcases. “I entered his house and recognized the furniture I had sat on with Nicole at the time.”

Justin and his sister Sydney were fortunate to have a secure upbringing. With their other family members, neither of them broaches the subject of their mother’s passing.

Is Justin Ryan Simpson married?

As of right now, however, we are unable to confirm if Justin Simpson, the son of O.J. Simpson, is married or not. However, in the same interview with RadarOnline, his maternal aunt stated that her nephew and niece are both involved. Since the article is from 2019, we are unable to determine whether Justin is still dating anyone.

Sydney, a sister of Justin, allegedly dated Robert Blackmon, a previous candidate for the St. Petersburg City Council, at some point. Additionally, it has been said that she met Robert through her brother Justin, who attended the same college as Blackmon.

Justin is now dating a girlfriend and also has a baby girl with her.

Justin has been seeing his girlfriend for a year, despite the fact that things have been quite private regarding his love life. He initially revealed his relationship status in a Facebook post in February 2022. Ryan tweeted a photograph of his girlfriend and an image of the ultrasound scan of their unborn child at the same time.

He noted:

“We are incredibly happy, anxious, afraid, and in love.”

In the same post, he also announced the baby’s name and gender, adding,

“Little Lana will be joining our family in just a few short months, and we can’t wait for you to meet her!”

Justin Ryan Simpson girlfriend
Justin and his partner

As a result, Justin is already the father of Lana, the baby girl he had with his girlfriend, although they haven’t recently shared any further information. Ryan Simpson hasn’t, however, made the mother of his child public either. He and his family are presently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada.

How Much Is Justin Ryan Simpson’s Net Worth?

His net worth is anticipated to be about $300,000. He made the most of his money working in the real estate industry. Realtors in the US typically make roughly $50,000 per year. O. J., his father, is presently valued at $1 million.

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