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Itali Miller, born on January 8, 1999, gained fame as the youngest daughter of the renowned rap mogul, Master P. Master P, whose real name is Percy Robert Miller, is a rapper, record producer, and the founder/CEO of No Limit Records, a record label. He and his former wife, Sonya C., were married for 24 years and together they have nine children, including Itali.

Itali, along with her siblings, has become quite well-known. She is a socialite and her Instagram bio indicates her interest in fashion and design. Additionally, Itali has ventured into acting, with one of her notable roles being in the film “I Got the Hook-Up 2.”

Now, let’s address the questions regarding Itali’s siblings. They have all achieved their own levels of fame, just like Itali. However, there have been reports suggesting that one of her sisters passed away due to drug abuse.

To delve further into Itali’s relationship with her siblings and provide more details, let’s continue reading the article.

Who are Itali Miller’s Siblings?

1. Romeo Miller, Aka, Lil’ Romeo

Percy Romeo Miller, commonly known as Lil’ Romeo, is Itali’s older brother. He was born on August 19, 1989, in New Orleans, Louisiana. In the year 2023, he will be turning 34 years old.

Rapper, Master P's eldest
Rapper, Master P's eldest Romeo Miller – rapper, actor, and a TV star

Lil’ Romeo is indeed a prominent figure in the American rap industry. Following in his father’s footsteps, the 33-year-old Miller has established himself as a rapper, actor, and TV personality. He rose to fame as a rapper in the early 2000s after signing a record deal with his father’s label. Remarkably, Romeo delved into the music business at the young age of 11. His debut single, “My Baby,” achieved significant success, reaching #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Subsequently, he released his first album, titled “Lil’ Romeo,” in 2001.

Beyond his successful music career, Romeo has also made a mark as an actor. He starred in his own show, “Romeo!,” which aired on Nickelodeon for three seasons starting in 2002. Additionally, he has appeared in films such as “Jumping the Broom” and “Madea’s Witness Protection.”

Notably, Romeo’s talents extend beyond music and acting—he is also a former athlete. He received a basketball scholarship and played for the USC Trojans at the University of Southern California. However, his basketball career was relatively short-lived, as he left the team in 2010.

In recent times, Itali’s brother has shifted his focus towards taking care of his young daughter and being a loving partner to Drew Sangster. Alongside his flourishing career, Romeo embraces his roles as a father and devoted partner.

2. Veno Miller

Veno Miller, born on July 16, 1991, is the second child of Master P and his former partner. Despite being a part of the prominent Miller family, Veno’s own identity and accomplishments have often been overshadowed by his father’s success. Nevertheless, he has made a name for himself as an actor and has appeared in several films. While Veno may not receive the same level of recognition as his father, his contributions to the entertainment industry should be acknowledged.

Master P's second born son
Master P's second born son Veno Miller – Itali’s elder brother

Prior to his acting career, Veno, Itali’s brother, gained recognition as a model. He worked with the renowned agency Ford Models in Chicago, participating in various modeling projects. As a result, the 31-year-old maintains an impressive physique and often showcases it on his Instagram.

In addition to his modeling pursuits, Veno ventured into acting. He made his debut in 2008 with the musical/indie film “Sunday School Musical.” He also had a notable role as a bassist in the TV series “Victorious,” appearing in 30 episodes from 2010 to 2013. Veno has also been involved in other shows, such as “La La Land.”

Beyond the entertainment industry, Veno is engaged in business and real estate ventures. According to his LinkedIn profile, the 31-year-old owns VVS World LLC and is a certified real estate agent.

In summary, Veno Miller has made a name for himself as a model, actor, and entrepreneur, showcasing his talents in various fields.

3. Young V, Or Vercy Miller

Vercy Miller, also known as Young V, is Itali’s third older brother. He was born on July 26, 1991, in New Orleans, Louisiana. Following in the footsteps of his siblings, Vercy is an actor, gaining recognition as the son of the influential figure in the American rap industry.

Additionally, Vercy showcases his entrepreneurial spirit through his activities, as mentioned in his Instagram profile. It suggests that he has ventured into entrepreneurship alongside his acting career.

Young V
Young V Young V, aka, Vercy Miller, Itali Miller siblings.

Unlike his older brothers, Young V maintains a private life and keeps a low profile. While it is known that he has appeared in films such as “I Got the Hook-Up 2,” “Decisions,” and “The Team,” not much information is readily available about his professional endeavors beyond that. Similarly, in terms of his personal life, it has been discovered that V is in a loving relationship with B. Merahi, a musician. His girlfriend often takes the spotlight on his Instagram feed, offering glimpses into their relationship.

4. Tytyana Miller; She died of Drug Overdose

Following the arrival of three sons, Master P was blessed with the birth of his first daughter, Tytyana Miller, also known by her nickname TaTa. She was born on June 15, 1992, making her Itali’s eldest sister.

Tytyana "TaTa" Miller
Tytyana "TaTa" Miller Itali and TaTa pictured together before her passing away

As mentioned earlier, Tytyana Miller, also known as TaTa, was involved in the entertainment industry like the rest of her family. Although she did not achieve significant fame, she pursued acting and showcased her talent in projects such as the short drama film “A Mother’s Choice” in 2010, where she appeared alongside her two sisters. She was also listed as one of the cast members of “Growing Up Hip Hop,” a reality show featuring her own father.

Tragically, Tytyana’s life was cut short at the age of 29. Her passing was announced by her father through his Instagram account on May 29, 2022. It was revealed that the main cause of her death was fentanyl intoxication, highlighting her struggle with drug addiction.

In the wake of her untimely death, each of her siblings posted tributes in her memory on their social media platforms. Itali, in particular, holds a special place for her sister in her bio, demonstrating the closeness they shared. May Tytyana rest in peace.

5. Inty Miller

Inty Miller, originally named Intylyana Miller, is the second daughter of Percy Robert and Sonya. She was born on June 25, 1993, following her older sister TaTa. Like her siblings, Inty is recognized as a rapper and an independent artist, showcasing her talents in the music industry. Being a star kid, she has gained attention and recognition for her work.

Inty is an actress-cum-singer
Inty is an actress-cum-singer Inty Miller – Itali’s elder sister

In the rap industry, Itali’s sister, known as Princess Inty, has made a name for herself. Working as a rapper, she has released several tracks on SoundCloud. In 2017, she debuted with her first song, “The Real Love,” followed by her second single, “You Know I See You.”

In addition to her music career, Intylyana is also involved in acting. She has participated in a few documentaries and TV shows. Her acting journey began in 2010 with a role in the short film “A Mother’s Choice.” In 2013, she appeared in the docuseries “Futurescape with James Woods.”

6. Cymphonique Miller

Cymphonique Miller, born on August 1, 1996, is another sibling of Itali Miller. At 26 years old, she has embraced her family’s legacy and established herself as a popular American actress and singer. Cymphonique entered the entertainment industry in 2007, showcasing her talent and passion for showbiz.

Cymphonique is an actress and singer
Cymphonique is an actress and singer Master P.’s daughter, Cymphonique Miller

Itali’s sister’s career as an entertainer began as a performer on national tours and theme parks around the US. To this date, she has toured with a number of famous singers, including Demi Lovato and JoJo. Furthermore, she has released a number of songs as well under contract with the record label, No Limit Forever. Butterflies, Lil’ Miss Swagger, and Daddy I’m A Rockstar are some of Cymphonique’s most loved songs.

In addition to this, she is most widely known for her role on the Nickelodeon sitcom, How to Rock. Likewise, her voice role as Krystal on Nickelodeon’s Winx Club is also highly admired.

7. Hercy Miller

We said Itali is P.’s youngest daughter, but the rapper had two other sons after her birth. Hence, Hercy Miller is one of the two younger brothers that Itali has. He was born on 28th March 2002 and is 20 – soon to be 21 – years old. Unlike his other siblings who’ve chosen showbiz, Hercy is into basketball.

20-year-old Hercy
20-year-old Hercy Hercy Miller, one of the younger brothers that Itali Miller has

20-year-old Miller has been playing basketball since he was a high schooler. Initially, P.s’ son was recruited by the Tennessee State Tigers. Hercy played for the team for a year from 2021 to 2022. Following this, he was recruited by Louisville Cardinals – he is currently on this team for over a season.

8. Mercy Miller

Mercy Miller is the youngest of the Miller family. He is Itali Miller’s young brother, born in 2005. As of 2023, he is just 17 years old. Because Mercy is so young, he stays off the radar most of the time. Since he is approaching his late teens, we believe that the boy is in high school.

Master P's youngest child
Master P's youngest child Mercy Miller – the youngest among 8 Miller kids

Furthermore, like his brother, Hercy, Mercy Miller is also into basketball. Sources tell us that he plays for his school, Nore Dame High School as a Point Guard in the present day.

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