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In the vast industry of classic cars, Wayne Carini is considered a guru and an inspiration for many. Whether people got to know him through his show “Chasing Classic Cars,” his businesses, newspaper columns, or even charity work, there’s no doubt that Wayne is as respected as he is admired.

With a decades-long career to back him up, Wayne is the best guy to look up to for those who either want to follow in his footsteps or simply enjoy his work as a restorer and preserver of the history of classic cars. So, how exactly does Wayne make his magic happen? Stay here to know all about his show, businesses, life story, and what exactly fuels his relentless chase for the best classic cars.

A Passion Passed Down

To Wayne Carini, classic cars are a passion of a lifetime and a family tradition. His career choice isn’t surprising, considering he grew up surrounded by the industry, thanks to his car restorer father.

Wayne continued that legacy himself and is known for his endless knowledge of the business and history. It’s understandable why Wayne’s show, “Chasing Classic Cars,” has been so popular since its premiere in 2008. Even though Wayne’s chase seems simple on screen, there is an art behind it all.

Uncovering Hidden Gems

After being told about a hidden stored or abandoned classic car somewhere, Wayne’s knowledge and experience come into play when deciding on the spot whether a car is a good deal or not. Some cars haven’t been moved for decades, and others have missing parts, but the real magic happens when they’re all brought back to life in Wayne’s restoration shop.

Later on, F40 Motorsports takes care of the selling or auctioning part, ensuring that they’re fairly priced. Not all deals are successful or possible in the end, but what makes the chase so interesting is finding the automotive gems hidden under the dust and piecing together some of the greatest parts of America’s car history while allowing others to enjoy it as well.

The Three Connecticut-Based Shops

While it might be assumed that Wayne Carini has only one business, in truth, there are three Connecticut-based shops involved in his chase for classic cars. The first is “Carini Cazaría,” his automotive restoration shop, which primarily gives new life to all the cars brought into it.

For its part, “F40 Motorsports” deals with the selling process, sometimes storing the cars for exhibitions or just waiting for the right time to auction them. Additionally, “Carini’s Staffed at Continental Auto Limited” is always open to repairing exotic and classic cars, specializing in collision work. This shop was inherited by Wayne when his father retired, continuing his legacy and expanding it to other areas.

The Thrill of Restoring

Although “Carini Cazaría” is his favorite place to spend time, that doesn’t mean he’s all about restoring. Some of Wayne’s most interesting finds are notable for being left almost untouched, such as the 1921 Stutz Bearcat he found hidden in a barn in the ninth season. Surprisingly, he didn’t restore it before auctioning, and it fetched an impressive $594,000.

Record-Breaking Deals

Given how long Wayne Carini has been in the automotive business, it’s not surprising that he’s made some great deals. His biggest one so far occurred in 2013 when he sold a 1967 Ferrari NART Spider for $27.5 million at auction.

The Ferrari originally belonged to Eddie Smith, a former theater boy turned successful businessman and former politician. Eddie’s family preserved the car for years until feeling that it was time to say goodbye, leading to the successful auction orchestrated by Wayne Carini.

The Journey of Wayne Carini

Wayne Carini’s journey in the automotive world began during his childhood, just following his father as the owner of a collision shop, “Continental Auto,” and curating the “Captain Paul House Model A Museum.” Bob Carini was known all around Connecticut and beyond for the high quality of his work, especially when it came to classic and exotic cars.

Thanks to his father’s job, Wayne was surrounded by classics from a very early age, such as Duesenbergs and Packards. However, it was riding his first Ferrari at nine years old that left a lasting impact on him, igniting his passion for these beautiful machines.

A Turning Point

Despite his father’s influence, Wayne went to university and planned on becoming an architect. However, his father had different plans for him, and Wayne soon returned home when offered half the family business.

Around the same time, Wayne was lucky enough to receive mentorship from famous mechanics François Sicard and Luigi Chinetti Jr., two people deeply connected with Ferrari, who fueled Wayne’s automotive passion and guided him in building his career.

Expert Advice

Wayne Carini is a man deeply passionate about the automotive world. He uses his years of experience in the field of business to help others find the classic cars suited for them. His best advice while buying a car is to do it for fun. If the expectation of buying a car as an investment exists, he recommends going for rare, low-production cars that appeal to the buyer.

The Thrill of the Chase

The chase is the most remarkable part of Wayne Carini’s work, as seen in “Chasing Classic Cars.” There’s an incredible thrill about uncovering a long-forgotten car that has been enclosed somewhere for years or even decades. Getting it out of there, breathing new life into it, and finding it a new home is what makes his job so worthwhile.

The Pursuit of Dreams

Wayne’s own chase for his dream car, the 1954 Hudson Italia, was a tale of determination and persistence. After catching sight of it in his father’s shop in 1967, Wayne fell in love with the unique and rare car. Despite the passing of time and the owner’s refusal to sell it, Wayne never lost sight of the Hudson. Finally, in the 1990s, his resolve paid off, and he acquired the beloved car, which he has cherished ever since.

A Star in the Automotive World

Wayne Carini’s restless chase for classic cars attracted attention and was featured in The New York Times in 2006. This exposure led to opportunities in the entertainment industry, and Jim Astrosky offered Wayne a spot on TV, turning “Chasing Classic Cars” into a reality. Becoming a reality star overnight was life-changing for Wayne. Since the show’s premiere, the popularity of his business has been unstoppable, and he has gained recognition from car enthusiasts around the world.

The Enduring Legacy

Even with the lack of news about the 18th season of “Chasing Classic Cars,” Wayne is currently focused on his podcast, “Talking Classic Cars,” and the magazine “The Chase.” All in all, there’s an undeniable thrill in seeing Wayne find, restore, and bring back to life some of the most amazing cars in the world. Whether it happens on TV or in real life, Wayne’s chase for classic cars has taught us that a great passion and love for what one does can accomplish incredible things in life.

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