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Matthew Gray Gubler, the talented actor, painter, author, and illustrator who is best known for his role as the genius FBI profiler, Dr. Reid, in the long-running TV series, Criminal Minds, has always kept his personal life under wraps. Despite his well-proven career track record, little is known about his romantic pursuits. But we’ve got the inside scoop on one of Hollywood’s most elusive stars.

Gubler has been linked to several women throughout his life, including Eve Wind, Charlotte Kemp Muhl, Kat Dennings, Marissa Morris, Victoria Asher, Ali Michael, and Taylor Swift. While Gubler prefers to keep his love life private, we’re here to give you an exclusive glimpse into the romantic journey of one of our beloved screen idols. Whether you’re a longtime fan or just getting to know him, this is your chance to discover more about the man behind the genius profiler.

So, sit back and enjoy the ride as we take you on a journey through Gubler’s love life, his career, and the many talents that make him one of the most attractive personalities in Hollywood.

Does Matthew Gray Gubler have a marital history?

Matthew Gray Gubler is not married and has never been married, despite the several love relationships he has had throughout the years. The actor is not anti-marriage or anti-true love, despite what this may seem to be.

In fact, we have solid reasons to believe that he adheres to both based on his prior behavior and remarks. For instance, Gubler obtained his ordination as a pastor in 2014 so that he could marry his Criminal Minds co-star, Paget Brewster. Additionally, he introduced Brewster and her husband, Steve Damstra, and tweeted about how happy he was to have officiated their wedding.

Gubler would subsequently admit that Paget had undergone a number of failed romances over the years and had made the decision to live alone before finding true love. He learned from the experience that real love “always finds you at the proper moment.” We may infer from the foregoing that Matthew Gray Gubler has never been married because he has not yet discovered genuine love. We may also assume that once he discovers true love, he won’t think twice about walking down the aisle.

The Criminal Minds Star Might Be Possibly Single

At least in public, Matthew Gray Gubler is not currently involved in a relationship. His most recent relationship, as far as is known, began in the early 2010s. Naturally, the actor may have since had romantic relationships with other individuals, but if that were the case, he would have decided to conceal them from the public.

One thing is certain: anyone Gubler dates or will date must have a specific set of characteristics. In a recent interview, the actor said that he only falls in love with exceptional people who are really uncommon and impossible to duplicate. He wants to be friends with people like them forever. Matthew Gray Gubler opposes entitlement in relationships since, in his opinion, it’s the basis of a lot of problems.

Matthew Gray Gubler Past Dating History

To the best of the public’s knowledge, Matthew Gray Gubler is not currently dating anyone, although, as seen below, he has had some unusual relationships in the past. While some of these connections were proven, others were only hearsay.

Eve Wind (2004)

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Eve Wind, a singer and model, was one of Matthew Gray Gubler’s first romantically associated women. They allegedly started dating in 2004. Gubler was still a relatively unknown performer at the time, and Wind wasn’t exactly a household name.

Although there was little public coverage of their relationship, it is known that they went to a number of events together and that Gubler even gave Wind a birthday party. That year would end with the couple’s separation.

Charlotte Kemp Muhl (2004)

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Matthew Gray Gubler allegedly dated singer, composer, and model Charlotte Kemp after his relationship with Eve Wind came to an end. Given that Kemp was just 16 and the actor was 24 at the time, their frequent sightings together caused many questions.

It was considered creepy by some, but Kemp quickly dispelled any such claims. Despite being close, she said they had never been romantically involved. She also stated that Gubler was the victim and that she was the only one who could have been a predator.

Kat Dennings (2007)

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Gubler will always look back on his affair with actress Kat Dennings with fondness. Before the two decided to split up, the romance lasted for a number of months in 2007. Gubler doesn’t have any resentment toward his ex and only has good things to say about her.

She is such a gifted, bright, kind, and hilarious lady, in his opinion. The actor has also admitted that even after their breakup, he still enjoyed working with Kat and loved her family.

Marissa Morris (2008–2010)

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Marissa Morris, a Portuguese on-screen sensation, is another actress whom Gubler is rumored to have dated. Little is known about the woman or their romance, but considering that it lasted for approximately two years—far longer than any of Gubler’s previous relationships—it must have been a thriving one.

Victoria Asher (2010)

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Matthew Gray Gubler’s second relationship after splitting up with Morris included pianist and musician Victoria Asher. It is thought that Asher and Gubler met while taking filmmaking classes together at New York University, which also happens to be Asher’s alma mater. Later, they started dating, but it was over after a short while.

Ali Michael (2010–2013)

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Model Ali Michael is the subject of Matthew Gray Gubler’s longest-lasting romance to date. Texas-born Michael began modeling professionally when she was 15 years old. She has appeared in publications including Playboy, Harper’s Bazaar, Teen Vogue, and Elle. She has furthermore done runway shows for designers including Chanel and Christian Dior.

After they exchanged many tweets around July 4th, 2010, Michael and Gubler first generated dating rumors. A month later, they were seen exiting the Urth Café in Los Angeles. The two would appear in several photographs together, and their relationship is supposed to have lasted for nearly three years before they split up.

Taylor Swift (2013)

Matthew Gray Gubler
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In the summer of 2013, there were rumors that Matthew Gray Gubler dated the famous singer Taylor Swift. Gubler was observed celebrating the Fourth of July in New England, where Swift lives, which fueled the initial allegations.

Then, on that same holiday, he shared a picture of himself with Swift’s face painted just like hers and a background that looked like one of her own images. There was no question in anyone’s mind that they were indeed together. The romance between the two celebrities never really took off, but this set the rumor mill into a frenzy.

Swift clearly liked Gubler, but their divergent schedules and considerable distance made a relationship impossible, according to sources. Although it appeared like the singer was prepared to take a chance, Gubler wanted to go cautiously since he didn’t want anybody to be wounded. The two ended up spending some time together before parting ways.

Is Matthew Gray Gubler gay?

There have been allegations that Matthew Gray Gubler is gay, but this is untrue. This is because it has been a while since he was in a verified relationship. Nothing in the evidence suggests that the Criminal Minds star is gay.

Although the character of Gubler was intended to be bisexual, the plot abruptly ended when the character developed a crush on another female character, as the show’s producer subsequently acknowledged. Gray has made it plain in real life that he is not homosexual. Even if there are many great homosexual people, he tweeted in January 2011 that he solely has romantic feelings for women.

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