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Before delving into his personal life, it’s worth taking a moment to learn about Tyler Joseph Beede. He is a professional baseball pitcher from the United States who recently signed a one-year contract with the Yomiuri Giants, marking his first foray into overseas competition. This occurred in November 2022.

Tyler, better known by his stage name Beedah, hopes to have a successful 2023. His prosperous professional career has allowed him to amass a net worth of $2 million. Tyler was born in Massachusetts on May 23, 1993.

On the other hand, his beloved wife Allie DeBerry is an actress and has appeared in numerous movies and TV series like Shake it up, True Jackson, Tales from the Hood 2, and King Ripple. She began her acting career in 2001 and has a massive net worth of $500 thousand.

Tyler Beede & Allie DeBerry’s Marriage Details:

Tyler Beede, an American baseball pitcher, is engaged to Allie DeBerry, an American actress, and model. The couple has been dating since the start of 2014. Tyler and Allie took their time getting to know one another and did not rush into a relationship.

Tyler Beede and his wife Allie DeBerry
Tyler Beede and his wife Allie DeBerry (Source: playersbio)

The couple finally decided to get married after dating for four years. After getting hitched in 2017, Tyler and Allie commemorate their union on November 26. The couple openly displays their love for one another on social media and sends each other messages.

The couple enjoys romantic dates and vacations together in stunning locations. They make lovely memories together while cherishing their relationship. Beede and DeBerry have a strong faith in God and abide by the word of Christ. They think that god matched them. It is unknown if the couple has ever been in a relationship before.

Proud Parents To One Child

Tyler and Allie do indeed have a child together. On September 25, 2022, the couple gave birth to Beaux Diesel Beede. The birth of their child brought them great joy.

Tyler Beede, his wife Allie DeBerry, and their children Beaux Diesel Beede
Tyler Beede, his wife Allie DeBerry, and their children Beaux Diesel Beede
(Source: @alexandriadeberry)

After Allie’s pregnancy was revealed on April 11th, 2022, the famous couple eagerly anticipated this day. Through social media, they informed their family and loved ones about this joyous occasion.

In October, Tyler and Allie were anticipating the birth of their baby boy. On her Instagram, Allie frequently shared images from her pregnancy.

She also shared a recording of Tyler’s response to learning she was pregnant. The baseball pitcher had a sense of responsibility and was happy. He could not stop hugging his wife as tears of joy streamed from his eyes.

Busy In Raising Their Child

Despite having a demanding professional life, the Yomiuri Giants’ right-hand pitcher and Lazer Team actress find time for their young child. They are unable to take even a brief break from their infant.

Tyler Beede and Allie DeBerrys child Beaux Diesel Beede
Tyler Beede and Allie DeBerry’s child Beaux Diesel Beede. (Source: Instagram @alexandriadeberry)

Their hearts are sufficiently warmed by Beaux’s charming smile. The couple has taken their child on beautiful vacations and is enjoying quality time with them.

Allie and Tyler enjoy updating people on Beaux. Beaux has learned how to roll, according to Allie’s Instagram. He enjoys taking showers with Allie and has the propensity to stick his tongue out. The blue-eyed boy also enjoys playing zippa dee doo dah.

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