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A newborn baby named Yagiz Ula was saved from the rubble of a building that had crumbled as a result of the earthquake that struck Turkey. The child, just days old, was rescued by rescue teams that worked tirelessly to search for survivors amidst the destruction caused by the powerful seismic activity. The tiny life was safely extracted from the collapsed structure and was given medical attention to ensure its well-being.

Thousands of buildings, including many tower blocks and hospitals, were destroyed by the quake, which struck on Monday morning and was the deadliest to strike the region since 1999. Thousands of people were injured or left homeless in Turkish and Syrian cities.

A baby was born beneath the ruins of her home after the terrible earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria. When the miraculous infant was extracted from the rubble, her umbilical cord was still in place. The death toll is likely to increase despite international assistance because rescue efforts are being hampered by freezing weather and numerous aftershocks.

Discovery of Yagiz Ula: A 10-Day-Old Baby Was Found Alive After Being Trapped For 90 Hours

A baby named Yagiz Ula was discovered in Syria among the remains of collapsed structures and was abandoned by its mother soon after birth. It is believed that the mother of the child gave birth during Monday morning’s 7.8-magnitude earthquake. The dust-covered infant was seen being rushed to safety on camera, and she is currently being treated in a hospital.

10-Days-Old Baby Yagiz Ula
10-Days-Old Baby Yagiz Ula (Image Source: BBC)

In videos posted online, rescuers can be seen climbing up the mounting piles of collapsed buildings as they lift a baby who is choking on dust to safety. The baby’s miraculous recovery was one of the thousands of rescues taking place throughout Syria and Turkey as overworked emergency personnel struggled through subzero temperatures, nonstop rain, and power outages.

Did the family members of the baby, Yagiz Ula, make it through the event?

The girl’s parents and her four siblings are not believed to have survived, according to locals in the small Syrian town of Jindires. Videos of the baby’s rescue were widely shared on social media. A man was captured on camera emerging from the wreckage of a collapsed building while carrying a baby covered in dust.

Khalil al-Suwadi, a distant relative, pulled her to safety and brought the baby to Dr. Marouf in the Syrian city. At least 6,300 people have died as a result of the earthquake, and it is estimated that about a quarter of the town is now in ruins.

According to Turkish authorities, 13.5 million people in a region that spanned 450 km from Adana in the west to Diyarbakir in the east and 300 km from Malatya in the north to Hatay in the south were affected.

Is Yagiz Ula still available for adoption?

Thousands of people have expressed interest in adopting a baby girl born there after Monday’s earthquake in northwest Syria. Aya is currently in the hospital. She arrived on Monday in such bad shape, with bumps and bruises, being cold, and barely breathing, according to her pediatrician, Hani Marouf.

Dr. Khalid Attiah
Dr. Khalid Attiah (Image Source: BBC)

On social media, thousands of people have asked for information about adopting her. The hospital manager, Khalid Attiah, asserts that he has answered dozens of phone calls from people looking to adopt baby Aya from all over the world. She will not be adopted at this time, according to Dr. Attiah, who has a daughter who is only four months her senior. He looks after her as if she were his own until her distant relatives return.

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