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Masood Zakaria is a notorious individual who has made it to the top of Australia’s most-wanted list. He is believed to be a senior member of the notorious Alameddine Gang, and his activities have made him a target of law enforcement agencies. Despite their efforts, Masood remains at large and continues to pose a threat to the community.

He is a BFL player and one of the most wanted men in Australia. When 2022 began, he was the most in-demand man in NSW. After learning of his impending capture, Zakaria fled the country by hiding in a fishing boat, heading from Western Australia to Malaysia.

Zakaria and a number of his accomplices were detained as a result of the searches. He is currently detained in a prison in Bodrum. But in the upcoming week, he will probably be moved to a jail in Ankara, the nation’s capital.

Azza Zakaria: Masood Zakaria’s Beloved Wife

Azza Zakaria, the wife of Masood Zakaria, had worked for herself as a childcare center director for five years prior. She cited endorsements from employers and stated that she was responsible for overseeing staff training, organizing extracurricular activities, and developing lesson plans. Investigations by the police revealed that she had registered for a childcare training course but later dropped out and had no certificates to her name.

Masood Zakaria’w wife, Azza, had five years of prior self-employment experience as a childcare center director
Masood Zakaria’w wife, Azza, had five years of prior self-employment experience as a childcare center director (Image Source: Daily Telegraph)

Masood and Azza purchased the opulent Greystanes House in 2019 for $1.5 million after submitting a financing application for 75% of the asking price. Masood Zakaria allegedly instructed his wife Azza to make up several stories about her yearly income and professional background in order to obtain a loan to purchase the house.

Azza received a $1.125 million loan for the house in 2020, but the broker had to be aware that almost all of the documentation was false. She then entered a guilty plea to one count of fraudulently obtaining an advantage at Parramatta Local Court. Azza received a 12-month community corrections sentence for her involvement in the plan, which must be completed by April 2023, according to the Daily Mail.

NSW’s Most Wanted Man Has Been Apprehended In Turkey

The most wanted man in NSW, Masood Zakaria, was captured in Turkey. The Alameddine criminal organization, which has been engaged in a bloody conflict on Sydney’s streets since 2020, has accused him of being a top member. Searches conducted early on Saturday morning local time in the port city of Bodrum are said to have led to the arrest of 27-year-old Masood Zakaria.

He was the most wanted man in NSW when, in early 2022, he escaped the country by hiding aboard a fishing boat that was sailing from Western Australia to Malaysia after learning that he was about to be apprehended.

NSW's Most Wanted Man Masood Zakaria
NSW’s Most Wanted Man Masood Zakaria (Image Source: MSN)

According to The Daily Telegraph, Masood is currently detained in Bodrum, Turkey, but will most likely be moved to the city’s main jail in the coming week. He was named as a person wanted on arrest warrants in December 2021 by detectives from the NSW Police criminal gang squad for allegedly taking part in a murder plot and supervising organized crime activity in Sydney’s southwest.

Between 2020 and 2022, the Alameddine crime network engaged in a bloody conflict with the Brothers4Life Criminal Enterprise, and it is thought that he was instrumental in overseeing that network’s operations.

Zakaria’s Father Is Also Arrested; But Why? 

Omar Zakaria, the father of notorious gang boss Masood Zakaria, appeared in court last Friday on two charges. He was accused of concealing large amounts of money generated through his son’s criminal activities. The accusations are related to a police raid on his Sydney home in Westmead on December 8, 2021, where he was accused of handling property obtained illegally.

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