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The sudden passing of Simon Dunn has left Australian sports fans in shock and sparked curiosity about the cause of his death.

By competing for their country as the first openly gay athlete, 35-year-old Simon Dunn made bobsledding history. He switched from football to rugby in 2016 and started regularly playing for the all-gay Sydney Convicts. Dunn returned to bobsledding in 2021 in order to compete in the 2022 Winter Olympics. His dream, however, was dashed when he tore his bicep.

The athlete competed for the title of Sports Personality of the Year at the Australian LGBTI Awards in both 2018 and 2019. He had previously stated that he would always be passionate about helping his local community and advocacy organizations while exploring new ways to give back.

Simon, a former rugby player, and bobsledder passed away suddenly at the age of 35, shocking the Australian sporting and artistic communities. The openly gay athlete competed in bobsledding and played rugby for the Sydney Convicts.

Cause Of Simon Dunn’s Death: What Was The Reason Behind It?

Early reports indicate that Simon Dunn committed suicide before passing away. His death was confirmed by the police and his agent, Ruby Rose Management. His body was found in his Sydney apartment on Saturday morning, according to NSW Police, and there are no indications that the circumstances are suspicious.

Simon Dunn: First Openly Gay Athlete
Simon Dunn: First Openly Gay Athlete (Image Source: Daily Mail)

Ruby Rose Management, Dunn’s management group, confirmed the terrible news. According to a police spokesperson, on January 21, 2023, at around 10 a.m., officers were called to a residence on Crown Street in Surry Hills after hearing reports that a man’s body had been found there.

He Was Dealing With Depression Before His Death

Simon spoke with DNA Magazine Australia about the depression and mental health problems that many LGBTIQ people experience. He began to feel depressed and anxious when he realized he had no friends, a partner, money, or other resources. Furthermore, he also realized something was wrong when he lost interest in going to the gym.

The Australian athlete used to spend six hours a day in the gym training for competitive sports. He stopped skyping and started talking to his partner only on the phone, which caused anxiety he had never experienced before.

With this, Simon was able to identify the signs and realize he needed help. As a result, he got in touch with a doctor and had a candid conversation with him. After that, the doctor suggested that he go back to the gym, go back to Sydney, get a job as a personal trainer, and let everything fall back into place.

Dunn Has Received Numerous Tributes

The tributes to Dunn were coordinated by a DJ and drag artist, Kitty Glitter, who also posted on Facebook about her shock. She claimed that she had been friends with him since he was a cute young teen and had watched him develop into a handsome man and gifted athlete. She is shocked and devastated.

Simon Dunn, a former rugby player and out gay Australian bobsledder, died at the age of 35.
Australian Athlete Simon Dunn Died At The Age Of 35 (Image Source: Twitter)

According to Ruby Rose Management, Simon had a strong commitment to community service and volunteering. He used his profile to donate his time to numerous charities. He had his favorite causes, just like all great ambassadors, including “Pride in Sport,” “Give Out Day,” and “The Bobby Goldsmith Foundation.”

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