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A man has been accused in connection with the boating incident in Mandurah that resulted in the deaths of Deborah Burdon and Kylie Bazzo.

A 47-year-old man has been charged in relation to his wife’s and another woman’s deaths in a boating accident south of Perth. The captain of the boat has been charged with two counts of manslaughter. He is accused of being in charge when the boat struck a navigational marker in the Mandurah estuary, killing the two women on board.

Burdon appeared in Mandurah Magistrates Court on Monday afternoon and was granted bail. He was on crutches and receiving medical attention for the injuries he sustained in the boat crash throughout the brief hearing.

Deborah Burdon & Kylie Bazzo Were Killed In A Boat Crash In Mandurah

A boat carrying four people crashed into a red channel marker in the Mandurah Estuary on the evening of January 21. Kylie Bazzo, 52, Rhett Bazzo’s mother, and Debbie Burdon, 54, perished in the collision.

Victim Kylie Bazzo with her son Rhett Bazzo and daughter Kameron Bazzo
Victim Kylie Bazzo with her son Rhett Bazzo and daughter Kameron Bazzo (Image Source: The West Australian)

Following the boat crash, the neighborhood showed its support for the families of the women who died, and there was a large outpouring of condolences. Ms. Bazzo was revered as a trailblazer for female football players. The body of Ms. Bazzo was found by water police in the estuary the following evening.

John Phillip Burdon Has Been Taken Into Custody

A man has been charged with causing a boat accident that claimed the lives of his wife and the athlete’s mother. John Phillip Burdon has been accused of two counts of manslaughter in relation to the incident on January 23, when a boat he is alleged to have been in struck a red channel marker on the Mandurah Estuary in Western Australia.

Mr. Burdon, 47, was supported by a crutch as he appeared in Mandurah Magistrates Court on Monday as he recovers from the injuries he sustained in the collision. The police did not object to Mr. Burdon’s bail despite acknowledging in court that he had been found guilty of drunk driving in 2019.

Has John Phillip Burdon Been Let Go?

John Phillip Burdon was forced to surrender his passport, was let go with a $100,000 surety and $100,000 personal commitment, and is now due in Stirling Gardens Magistrates Court on February 22. Two counts of manslaughter have been brought against Ms. Burdon’s husband, John Burdon. In the boat accident, John Burdon also sustained injuries.

John Phillip Burdon Is Arrested
John Phillip Burdon Is Arrested (Image Source: The West Australian)

Following a brief court appearance in Mandurah, the 47-year-old, who is thought to be the boat’s skipper, was given bail. The prosecution revealed that Burdon had been convicted of drunk driving in 2019 as part of their request that Burdon is subject to several conditions, including that he doesn’t leave the state.

Commemorations From The Community Following The Tragedy

The West Coast Eagles expressed their deep sadness in a statement following the passing of a woman. She was fondly remembered as an exceptional mother who raised her two children exceptionally well. Tributes are pouring in for the two women who lost their lives in the unfortunate boat accident that took place on Saturday night in the Mandurah Estuary.

The Mandurah Netball Association offered their sincere condolences to the two children of the Bazzos. The association stated that Kameron was a player who represented MNA for many years, with Kylie always being a supportive presence on the sidelines.

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