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The media often focuses on the stunning beauty of female celebrities and models, but why shouldn’t men also receive recognition for their attractive features? Both genders deserve equal admiration.

10 Most Handsome Actors In The World” is a very broad topic. This list cannot be limited to those who are physically appealing. Nearly all of them are evaluated based on their endearing personalities, fulfilling careers, modest demeanors, and, of course, their physical appearance. In other words, they ought to be versatile. Such handsome hunks are said to make women fall head over heels for them.

Who are these 10 men, then? The names on this list are constantly changing. The most recent group of men, who were carefully chosen and given the title of “The Most Handsome Man,” have been presented to you. Learn more about them now!

1. Kim Taehyung, or “V”

He may be better known by his stage name, V, too many young girls. Popular South Korean singer Kim Taehyung is a committed member of the sexy group BTS. V, however, is not only a singer; he is also a songwriter and an actor!

Better known by his stage name, V
Member of BTS, a Korean Boy Band

This member of the Korean boy band was named “The Most Handsome Man in the World 2021” by two different news outlets last year, 2021. First, Asian News International, a news organization covering South Asia, gave him the title on September 29.

Following this, he was formally named “The Most Handsome Man” for the year on September 30th by a survey carried out by a British publication called Nubia Magazine. The fantastic thing about this is that he will still hold the title in 2023!

2. Robert Pattinson

Most people know Robert Pattison as one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors. But did you know that he is also listed among the most attractive men? That’s right, the actor who played Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga is someone who regularly attracts women’s attention.

Pattison is the highest-paid actors in Hollywood
Edward from the Twilight Saga

The Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi claims that Pattison has a face structure that is 92.15% accurate. Along with being on the list of the top 100 influential people in the world, the actor was also listed as one of 100 celebrities by Forbes Magazine. In addition, he was selected as the sexiest man alive by People’s Magazine in both 2008 and 2009.

In addition, this man is more than just a pretty face. He has taken part in a number of charitable initiatives, the Go Campaign being one of them. In addition to everything else, Pattison is commemorated by a wax statue at Madame Tussauds in both London and New York City.

3. Hrithik Roshan

The next name on this list is the Indian actor Hrithik Roshan. This man is renowned for his flawless dancing abilities and striking yet lovely hazel-green eyes. The media and television regard Roshan as one of India’s top leading actors. He is the son of actor/producer Rakesh Roshan when he first entered the Bollywood industry, but he went on to achieve great success.

Roshan began acting as a star kid
The Bollywood actor, Hrithik Roshan

Today, Roshan is a divorcee. He is still at the top of his field, though. He is compared by many to the Greek Gods in terms of appearance. Moreover, since the beginning of his career, he has been dubbed the “Hottest Man Alive” by prestigious international publications like People, Vogue, and Glamour UK.

Hrithik has received numerous honors for his outstanding work in films like Kaho Na Pyaar Hai and Koi Mil Gaya. He works as a philanthropist in addition to acting.

4. Omar Borkan Al Gala

Omar Borkan Al Gala, also known as Omar Borkan, is an Iraqi who was born in Baghdad. And what is this man not renowned for? Borkan is well-known for being a poet, actor, model, photographer, and online sensation, to name just a few of his accomplishments.

Omar Borkan is an actor-cum-poet-cum-photographer
The Most Handsome Arab Man – Omar Borkan

He was one of the most attractive men in the world due to his versatility as an actor, poet, and writer. In addition, his endearing demeanor, stunning appearance, and those hazel eyes are sufficient for any girl to fall in love with him.

Omar has previously been dubbed “The Most Beautiful Man in the Middle East.” Since then, he has made great strides. He is the most attractive Arab man in the world right now.

5. Brad Pitt

Who has never heard of Brad Pitt? The Hollywood actor is well-known throughout the world for his outstanding work in numerous motion pictures. Nearly everybody loves him!

Pitt has a 38 year long career in Hollywood
Brad Pitt

The Oscar and Golden Globe winner began his acting career at the age of 20. In other words, despite working in the film industry for close to 38 years, he has maintained a solid reputation. The actor is still gorgeous and has great facial features despite being close to 60! He takes excellent care of himself and doesn’t compromise his physical well-being.

One of America’s most attractive actresses, Jennifer Anniston, was once married to this young actor. They, unfortunately, split up, and soon after, he married Angelina Jolie. Pitt and Jolie’s union lasted only a short time.

6. Idris Elba

Idris Elba, a British handsome man who writes, acts, and produces in English, hails from the UK. Elba is more than just an actor, though he is better known for his part in the HBO series The Wire. He is an incredibly talented DJ, singer, and songwriter.

Elba is a British actor
The most handsome man on the planet! – Idris Elba

Idris was included in People’s Magazine’s list of the sexiest men alive in 2018. His alluring personality, great, manly physique, and stunning face have made it possible for him to be listed on numerous other lists of the world’s most attractive men.

7. Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd recently gave an incredible performance in the film Ghost Busters: Afterlife. The actor is still one of the most active men in the business. His work in Ant-Man is also what made him most famous.

The "Ant-Man" actor
Paul Rudd, the most evergreen actor in America

Rudd was named the “Sexiest Man Alive” by People’s Magazine only the year before. Almost everyone, regardless of age, adores this man! Most women are taken aback by his consistently positive personality and alluring appearance. Surprisingly, the actor has never experienced a slump in his career. His reputation has always been excellent, and he is still at the top today.

8. David Beckham

Football prodigy David Beckham is renowned for having excellent skills. One of the best former football players in the world is this man, who is originally from the United Kingdom. He currently serves as the president of Salford City and Inter Miami FC. Beckham played for a number of well-known football teams before his retirement in 2013, Manchester United being one of them.

a UK-based football player
The former star of Manchester United, David Beckham

This football player, like the other men on this list, was selected by People’s Magazine as one of the sexiest men. Additionally, he is more than just a pretty face. Beckham participates in a variety of charitable endeavors. He is a Goodwill Ambassador and an active member of UNICEF.

9. Henry Cavill

Due to his portrayal of Superman in the DC Extended Universe superhero films, actor Henry Cavill gained recognition on a global scale. Millions of people have fallen in love with the British actor since he made his film debut in Laguna in 2001.

The star of "Superman"
Henry Cavill, AKA Superman

Prior to this, British Glamour readers named Cavill the “World’s Sexiest Man” in 2013. He has continued to value the title ever since that time. He is now regarded as one of the top 10 most attractive men in the world.

10. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise, who starred in Mission Impossible, is a well-known actor in Hollywood. Everyone in the world adores the actor, not only for his attractive and dashing appearance but also for his flawless work in numerous action films. In addition to this, he is well known for having many different hairstyles.

Cruise is a highest-paid actor
Tom Cruise is one of the world’s most attractive men!

Three Golden Globe Awards have been given to Cruise. He has also received three Academy Award nominations, in a similar manner. His reputation as one of the highest-paid actors in the business is well-known.

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