• Stella Williams posted a critique of Jordyn Woods’ apparel company, Woods by Jordyn, which has now gone viral.
  • On Friday, Woods reacted to Williams in two TikTok videos. “Protecting the financial interests of viewers of my reviews,”
  • Williams told Insider that this was her first responsibility.

Williams claimed in a statement to Insider that she was originally eager to sample the collection but grew less interested as she was unboxing the items.
“You can sense in my initial unwrapping that my thrill turned sour,” Williams stated.. “Because my fans rely on my candor, I uploaded my unboxing and then the now-viral video as a result.”I was dissatisfied because I knew that this review, as a fan and a model, would completely derail any opportunities I could have had to work with the firm,”says the disgruntled party.


Woods by Jordyn, count your mf days. Be soooo ffr rn. #jordynwoods

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“I paid $400 on three dresses that, in my professional opinion, were worth no more than $60 per given it’s a celebrity label,” Williams said.
Williams, who has nearly as many subscribers on YouTube as she has on TikTok, said she was shocked that Woods replied, but her allegiance is with the public.
“My primary duty is to safeguard the money of readers of my reviews of consumer goods.

With the recent Mikayla Nogueira mascara incident, I’ve found that creators like myself have more internet trust since we stay true to ourselves and don’t utter lies to get the favor of corporations. “Nogueira’s dramatic usage of the lashings was highlighted by Williams. “I’ve learnt that there is a legitimate way to behave, and I never want to see a young black girl or a new brand fail,” she explained.a

Williams came to the conclusion that people want frank assessments of popular items and are sick of celebrity “cash grabs.”


Replying to @gabri3llahh woods by Jordyn cash grab try on haul and review #woodsbyjordyn #jordynwoods

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People are tired of celebrity cash grabs and sugar-coated evaluations, especially when these individuals have the means to produce high-quality goods, Williams told Insider. “Blogs like mine will become more and more popular as people see through the smoke and mirrors that influencers are producing for PR, sponsorships, and the like of huge organizations,” writes the author.
Insider’s request for comment was not immediately answered by Woods’ or Jordyn’s representatives.

In a string of TikTok videos, Williams declared that several products from Woods’ collection weren’t her favorites.

After testing the outfits, Williams stated their advantages and disadvantages in one video.
I’m annoyed that I spent $400 on these three clothes, period, said Williams.”Positives: quick shipment; variety. “”Cons: Every other aspect.”
“This quality is clearing the bin,” she continued in a subsequent video.”I do not believe any influencer who claims otherwise,” she said.


Replying to @torinchen1 woods by Jordyn stitching. Sending email for return, please accept it. Thx #jordynwoods #woodsbyjordyn

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Fans on TikTok were shocked shortly after when Woods reacted to Williams’ accusations in two TikTok videos that were published on Friday.

TikTok fans commended Woods for responding to the criticism immediately and being receptive to criticism.

Woods acknowledged Williams’ review and requested Williams’ opinion in response to it.


#stitch with @thestellawilliams Stella the dress looked beautiful on you! 🤍

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“It is significantly more expensive to manufacture clothing that is not mass-produced, especially in this day and age. “”However, I value your constructive feedback ” Woods stated. “I’d love to find out which providers offer the premium mesh you’re seeking for and how I can improve so we can keep going forward together.
Several TikTok users expressed their admiration for Woods’ reaction, with one writing: “Never before, at least to my knowledge, have I heard a company owner respond to a bad review so well. I’m awestruck.”
Williams received praise from other TikTok users for her simple videos.
They wrote, “Thank you for the honesty!”

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