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Rowing may not be one of the first sports that come to mind when thinking about the best athletic activities, especially when it comes to women’s rowing. However, Eva Andersen is determined to establish herself as a noteworthy figure in the sport. She has been dedicating her efforts to making a name for herself in the rowing world.

Eva is already becoming well-known in the sport of rowing at such a young age. Georgeta Damian, be on the lookout because she wants all of your records. What makes this rower so unique, and who is Eva? Let’s find out a little more about her, then.

Is Focused On Both Education & Rowing

Similar to how many seasoned athletes begin their careers, Eva also got started early. While continuing her education and rowing, she has been doing both for many years. So where is the athlete attending a class today?

Eva Andersen can be seen smiling in the picture as the text welcoming her is written below her face.
Georgetown’s Women Rowing welcoming Eva Andersen (Source: Instagram @guwra)

Eva, who currently attends an institute in Washington, DC, lives away from her home in White Plains, New York. At Georgetown University, Eva is a freshman. Through their Instagram, Georgetown’s Women’s Rowing welcomed Eva from the Class of 2026. She claimed that she enrolled in the college due to

Georgetown’s outstanding academic opportunities and the tight-knit rowing team community were the main factors in my decision to attend. I’m overjoyed to be able to spend my college years playing the sport I adore with encouraging coaches and teammates in such a lively city! Hello Saxa!

Where Did Eva Study Before Georgetown?

Eva cares about her education and wants to improve her rowing skills, as evidenced by what she said when she joined Georgetown. So where did she try to accomplish both before Georgetown?

Eva attended Greenwich High School, where she competed on the school’s Greenwich Crew team, and only received her diploma in 2022.

Her Career Is In Full Swing 

Although Eva’s career is in full swing, it won’t be long before we see her representing her nation in the Olympics. She has done a lot already and will undoubtedly do more in the years to come.

You can see why Georgetown is pleased to have her on their team by looking at his Greenwich accomplishments. She has leadership skills already, as evidenced by the fact that she served as the team captain at Greenwich.

She also accomplished other things in high school. She was also given the distinction of being 2020’s most improved rower. However, there’s still more. Her accomplishments in rowing are listed in Be Recruited. In the 2020 American Youth Cup Series I – V4+, she took first place.

Eva won both the Head of the FishVarsity 4V8+ position in her freshman year and the Novice 8+ position in the Novice Year at the Northeast Regionals. In addition, a slew of other honors.

Eva Is Still Searching For Love

Eva Andersen does not appear to be dating anyone right now. She is a woman who is committed to developing a rowing career. She is, in fact, juggling both her education and her rowing.

Given everything she is already occupied with, it would be difficult for her to devote time to any relationships. She may soon be in a man’s arms, but for the time being, the White Plains woman is concentrating on her career.

Was Honored By Greenwich

Some of her accomplishments were mentioned in the previous topic. Eva Andersen was one of the nineteen athletes recognized by her high school for their athletic achievements, so it makes sense that she was one of them.

Eva Andersen with others is posing wearing their University Shirts.
Eva Andersen (Fifth from left to right in the back row) being honored by Greenwich alongside 18 other athletes (Source: Greenwich Sports Beat) 

For them, Eva was a Division 1 athlete. Athletes from a variety of sports were honored, but rowing produced the majority of them. If you’re interested in learning more about this event, David Fierro of Greenwich Sports Beat wrote a fantastic article about it.

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