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Cardi B is a world-renowned and famous musical artist, as well as an Instagram star with over 100 million followers. Her celebrity has also brought attention to others close to her, particularly her mother, Clara Almánzar. However, who is Cardi B’s mother?

Cardi B

Clara Almánzar is Cardi B’s mother. Even though the artist keeps her personal life under wraps, she has nothing but praise for her mother. Despite the fact that their relationship was not always ideal, the two are now close.

Clara Almánzar’s profile summary

Name Clara Almánzar
Full name Clara Mercedes Almánzar
Gender Female
Date of birth September 19, 1965
Age 57 (as of 2022)
Zodiac sign Virgo
Current residence New York, USA
Nationality Trinidadian
Ethnicity Afro-Latino (with Spanish and African roots)
Sexuality Straight
Hair colour Black
Eye colour Brown
Marital status Divorced (Carlos Almán– 1991 to around 2005)
Children 2
Siblings 12
Profession Former grocery store cashier

10 facts about Clara Almánzar

Cardi B’s mother is Clara Almánzar. The artist has nothing but respect for her mother, despite the fact that she keeps her private life private. Although their relationship wasn’t always perfect, they are now close.

1. She is 57 years old

Clara Mercedes Almánzar, who is currently 57 years old, was born on September 19, 1965. But, based just on appearance, one may assume she is in her 30s. She has a youthful appearance and could easily be mistaken for Cardi B’s sibling or sister.

2. She is from Trinidad with Afro-Latin roots

There isn’t much known about Clara Almánzar’s past, particularly her past. The race and citizenship of Cardi B’s parents have, however, been revealed.

According to reports, Cardi B’s mother is of Trinidadian descent; she is believed to have been born there before the family emigrated to the US. Her Afro-Latino ancestry has African and Spanish origins.

Her father is of Dominican descent. Cardi B is therefore of mixed race because she has lineage from Trinidad, the Dominican Republic, Africa, and Spain. She considers herself to be Afro-Latina.

3. She was married to Carlos Almán

What about Cardi B’s father? Her mother is no stranger to the spotlight, but what about him? Carlos Alman, the father of Cardi B, was married to Clara.

Clara and Carlos wed in 1991, however nothing is known about how they first met. Clara gave birth to Cardi B a year later. Sadly, the couple separated in 2005, when the rapper was just 13 years old.

Cardi B’s mother raised her daughter by herself after the divorce. She was forced to work more shifts in order to support the family. Hence, the artist praises her mother for making significant efforts to raise her.

4. She has 12 siblings

Her mother is one of 12 siblings and hails from a large family. Her ex-husband comes from a huge family with eight siblings, much like her. Due to the fact that the families formerly shared a neighborhood, Cardi B grew up being surrounded by several aunts, uncles, and cousins.

5. She has another daughter

Clara Almanzar
Rapper Cardi B during an interview on February 11, 2021. Photo: NBC
Source: Getty Images

While she is not as well-known as Cardi B, Clara Almánzar’s other daughter is also a celebrity. Hennessy Carolina, the rapper’s younger sister, was born as Clara and Carlos’ second child in 1995.

Model and social media influencer Hennessy. She is an entrepreneur who has a clothes company and is interested in fashion design. She was also a supporting cast member on the TV program Love & Hip Hop and a former reality TV star.

Hennessy’s role in giving Cardi B her moniker is another intriguing detail about her. Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar is the true name of the rapper. Hennessy, who is called after a brand of booze, wanted her sister to have a name that was similar. She began referring to her as Bacardi (a rum brand), and the moniker caught on. She changed the rapper’s name to Cardi B as she gained popularity.

6. She lived in the Bronx

In Highbridge, The Bronx, New York, Clara gave birth to Cardi B and reared her together with her sister Hennessy. Hispanic and African-American groups predominate in the area, which is characterized as a low-income neighborhood.

Cardi B takes pride in her ancestry. She attributes it to making her more resilient and giving her a stronger skin. The rapper also spent some time in the Washington Heights neighborhood, which was home to her grandmother (her father’s mother).

7. She used to work as a cashier

While Cardi B may be wealthy and popular now, this was not always the case. She was raised in a low-income household by parents who worked “regular, low-paying jobs.” Her mother used to support her family by working as a cashier at a neighborhood grocery shop in The Bronx.

Contrarily, Clara’s husband worked as a cab driver. Cardi B has also said that following her divorce, her mother started working two jobs to help the family.

8. She was a strict parent

Cardi B has characterized her mother as stern and rigorous. Because of the neighborhood they lived in while she was growing up, her parents were watchful of her and her younger sister. They were thus prohibited from going out frequently, attending events, or even having sleepovers.

When Cardi B’s parents separated, everything changed. She frequently found herself alone because her father had left the family and her mother had two jobs. She therefore viewed this as a chance to engage in activities that were prohibited.

Cardi B developed into a rebellious adolescent who frequently skipped class to go to parties, which hurt her GPA. She started hanging out with gang members over time, and eventually she even joined one. Finally, soon before she turned 18, Clara ejected Cardi B from her home.

Clara Almanzar
Cardi B accepts the Woman of the Year Award during the Billboard Women In Music 2020 event on December 10, 2020. Photo: 2020 Billboard Women In Music

But, Cardi B is grateful for her mother’s rigorous upbringing and has admitted that if it weren’t for her, she either would have died or became a teen mother. Since becoming a mother, she has come to appreciate the strictness and even embraced her mother’s no-sleepover rule for her own kids.

9. She was not happy to learn that Cardi B was a strip*per

Following her eviction, Cardi B moved in with her boyfriend and obtained a job at a grocery store. She was, however, let go after a few months due to her tardiness. She went to stripping after being left without a job and stuck in an abusive relationship that she was attempting to leave.

Cardi B has never been ashamed of her work as a stripper, but she kept it a secret from her judgmental mother. She thus made up a job as a babysitter where she could make up to $100 a day. The rapper stated in an interview that when her mother discovered she was stripping, she was so furious that she struck the woman.

10. She is close with her daughters

Cardi B and Clara’s mother had a rocky relationship. The mother and daughter, though, are now close. She frequently appears in photos with the rapper, and she even assisted the latter at the birth of her child. Cardi B even fulfilled her mother’s childhood ambition of owning a home by buying her one.

Hennessy Carolina, Clara Almánzar’s second daughter, and she get along well. They did not always get along, especially after Hennessy came out to her since her mother did not like of her daughter’s sexual orientation. Hennessy claimed in an interview that she helped her mother embrace her and that as a result.

Although not being as well-known as her children, Clara Almánzar has contributed significantly to their success. Even though she didn’t have much money, she worked hard to support her daughters. After she and her husband separated, she even had to work two jobs at one point.
Despite their prominence, they kept their relationship a secret, with only brief glimpses of it on the reality TV program. They moved away from the spotlight as a result of their sad divorce in 2017, which occurred quietly and left people wondering what happened.




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