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Colestein Veglin is a mysterious figure whose origins can be traced back to Newark, New Jersey in the late 1800s. The man, or perhaps myth, behind the legend has gained notoriety for an exceptional feat of longevity, with reports claiming that he lived for an alarming 615 or 617 years.

If you believe in conspiracy theories and myths about immortality, Colestin Veglin might not be a new name to you. And whenever such discussions are on the table, Veglin does frequently steal the show. With the exception of Biblical and mythical figures, he is arguably the strongest candidate among supercentenarians and may even be the only one.

When people hear about very old people, particularly those who are in their 110s, they often have in mind or have heard of Veglin. It happened in the days following Saturnino de la Fuente Garcia. He was a Spaniard and held the title of “Oldest Man Alive” in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Garcia had been alive for 112 years and 341 days when he passed away. While people living past 110 years old have recently become common knowledge, hearing that some people have seen days beyond that often sends shivers down the spine. However, was Veglin actually as old as he claimed to be, and for that matter, was he even real? Discover the reality in the report below.

Debut of Colestein Veglin:

The New York Times, a venerable news source, published an article on July 20, 1876, which served as the catalyst for the entire event. The headline of the surprisingly succinct rundown read,


According to the article, on Thursday, police in Newark, New Jersey, detained an insane man. The man reportedly informed the officers that his name was Colestein Veglin and that he was 615 years old immediately following the altercation.

The man also allegedly stated that he had six wives, all of whom were still alive, according to the NY Times. He claimed to have a large amount of property and that his residence was at 21 William Street.

Of course, no one was convinced by his tale, and he was immediately committed to an asylum.

A rendition of Colestein Veglin in bed with his relative
Rendition image of the supposed man who lived for 617 years, Colestein Veglin

But that was what Veglin and The New York Times had to say as well. Since that time, neither one of the oldest news organizations nor any other reputable journals have followed up in any way. Veglin, however, was a completely new face, even for the locals, according to another word of mouth (though more from the public’s POV). Evidently, nobody knew who he had been in the past.

Nevertheless, there are a few unofficial sayings that assert Veglin passed away at the age of 617. It would have been two years since his aforementioned arrest. A written confirmation is the only thing that was missing from this.

Other People Who Have Lived A Long Time

When mythology is factored in, there is no shortage of people who claim to have lived through not just generations or centuries, but eras. There are enough people in the Hebrew Bible (old testament) who have lived for an incredible 900 years. However, the aforementioned number used lunar months rather than the year we actually use when calculating years. The 900 is translated to be just under 73 years, which, to be honest, isn’t really worth the attention.

Other mythical characters, on the other hand, are rumored to have lived for tens of thousands or even millions of years, just like the actual years. According to legend, Japanese monks and the spiritual leaders of Hinduism and Jainism are the only people who have ever accomplished such a magnificent feat among humans. They typically lived for between 240 and 280 years. In terms of history, as it is known, that is as plausible as it gets.

Indonesian born Sodimedjo who died at age 146 years old
Sodimedjo of Indonesia died at age 146 according to The Guardian. (Image Source: The Guardian)

In May 2017, TheĀ Guardian reported on the passing of Sodimedjo, also known as Mbah Ghoto or Grandpa Ghoto. According to his documents, he was born in December 1870 and was 146 years old at the time of his death, making him the oldest recorded person to have ever lived. However, his age was not verified.

Is Colestein Veglin a Historical Figure?

Kirk Campbell of France is the oldest person to have ever lived, according to some mythology and some recorded history. When he passed away, he was 261 years old. A British man by the name of Thomas Cam, who continued to breathe until he was 207 years old, is second on the list.

It’s definitely shocking how many years it is. However, the longest person to have ever lived, according to historically accurate records, was a Frenchwoman named Jeanne Calment, who passed away at the age of 122.

Is It Feasible for Colestein Veglin To Have Lived So Long & If So, How?

It might be. Scientists have not been able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that historical figures lived long lives, but they have also not offered any evidence in favor of that theory either. However, historians and scientists agree that people do have the capacity to live for hundreds or even thousands of years. According to some experts, the first person to live a thousand years could already be here.

Veglin may or may not be him. Due to a rare biological occurrence in his body, he might have lived for 600 years. According to genetic experts, although one in a quintillion people will live that long or longer, there is a chance that humans will live that long or longer. And we do observe some instances where reality has defied all odds.

He is listed on Wikipedia among those whose longevity myths are well-known, but the word “myths” is used there instead of “people.” Simply put, nobody has yet succeeded in unraveling the mystery of Colestein Veglin. It is entirely possible that the theory will always hold true. A frustrating constant has been the search for a correct response to this. The pursuit of the hard-core truth has always been a difficult endeavor since this news first appeared in the New York Times.

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