Truck customization took a revolutionary turn with the debut of Diesel Brothers on TV in 2016. This show, hosted by David Sparks and David Kiley, introduced a captivating world of diesel fuel trucks and a close-knit group of friends who breathed life into these powerful off-roading beasts.

The Diesel Brothers became a beacon for motorheads, offering a blend of adrenaline-pumping adventures and light-hearted pranks.

The Legal Battle Unfolds

However, not everyone greeted their endeavors with open arms. Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment (UPHE) took legal action against Sparks and his associates for allegedly violating the Clean Air Act through their business, Sparks Motors.

The controversy sparked in 2016 when UPHE tested a Ford F-250 truck, revealing alarming emissions levels, 36 times higher than standard models. This prompted UPHE to file a lawsuit seeking an injunction against the business.

The Legal Maze

The legal battle was arduous, stretching over five years before concluding in 2021. One of the pivotal moments came in 2018 when an injunction was imposed, restraining Sparks Motors from further modifying diesel control systems. Despite arguments about the intended off-road use of these trucks, the regulations applied universally.

The Verdict and Its Aftermath

Sparks Motors did not contest that they had modified emission systems, but contended that most of their sales occurred outside Utah. However, the judge ruled that the Diesel Brothers’ earnings, particularly from their TV show, amounted to over four hundred thousand dollars.

In the end, the businesses faced fines of over 848 thousand dollars and an additional eight hundred thousand dollars in court fees.

Life After the Storm

Despite the legal turbulence, the Diesel Brothers’ businesses are still active. Sparks Motors, their flagship venture, continues to thrive and even relocated to a larger facility in late 2022. Diesel Sellers, their online marketplace, is also operational, though social media updates have been infrequent since 2021.

The Rise and Evolution

Before gracing TV screens, Heavy D and Diesel Dave were internet sensations, renowned for their captivating truck customizations showcased on YouTube. Their popularity led to appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, ultimately paving the way for their Discovery Channel show, Diesel Brothers.

The show marked the end of their prolific YouTube channel, Diesel Sellers, but birthed a new platform, Heavy D Sparks, which is inching closer to three million subscribers.

The End of an Era

After a seven-year run and over 50 episodes, Diesel Brothers announced its eighth and final season in December 2022. Speculations abound regarding the reasons behind the show’s conclusion, with legal battles potentially playing a role.

While fans may mourn the end of an era, Heavy D and Diesel Dave remain active in their businesses and social media ventures, leaving the door open for new adventures.


The Diesel Brothers’ journey has been a rollercoaster ride of customization, controversy, and closure. From the exhilarating world of truck transformations to the courtroom drama that followed, their story is one of resilience and passion.

While the show may have reached its final season, the legacy of Heavy D and Diesel Dave continues, promising more exciting chapters ahead.

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