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Fans were captivated by the changes in Ulrika Jonsson’s appearance, a renowned Swedish-British television presenter and model after she underwent nose surgery. The comparison of her older and more recent pictures showed a noticeable difference.

Eva Ulrika Jonsson, a Swedish presenter, first gained notoriety as a TV weathercaster on Good Morning Britain. She later presented the ITV program Gladiators and the BBC Two program Shooting Stars. During this time, Playtex lingerie models appeared on television, and she was a team captain on the BBC TV game show Shooting Stars.

Eva transitioned into the mainstream presentation in 1992. She hosted a variety of programs, including Gladiators on ITV, The National Lottery Draws, Miss World, and the Eurovision Song Contest. She was candidly interviewed for the Channel 4 documentary Ulrika Jonsson: The Truth About Men, which attracted 2.8 million viewers and received significant press coverage.

Has Jonsson Undergone A Nose Surgery?

Recently, Jonsson’s nose surgery has been a topic of discussion in the media, particularly after she expressed her dismay over Katie Price‘s recent surgical procedure. Katie responded to Ulrika’s comments on Twitter by suggesting that she should focus on her own career and appearance before criticizing others.

Ulrika Jonsson Nose
Katie Price aimed Ulrika Jonsson on Instagram(Image Source: MetroUK)

Unlike other famous people, Big Brother contestant Katie has never been embarrassed by surgeries. A few years ago, she flew to Turkey for a full-body liposuction, a cup lift, and a “fox eye” lift.

What Were The Changes In Ulrika’s Appearance Before & After Her Surgery?

According to various online media, Ulrika has been open about the surgery, which is clearly visible in her older pictures. According to Express, she has discussed her cosmetic surgery while criticizing young girls’ decisions. She reportedly admitted to having “filler in my cheeks and some in my lips over the years.”

The 54-year-old model admitted to having cosmetic surgery over the years in order to understand why young reality stars follow suit, and she believes she still looks her age, with her face telling a story.

Ulrika Jonsson Nose
Ulrika has been open about the surgery, which can vividly be observed in her older pictures(Image Source: Facebook)

Moreover, the model claims it is now a “trend” to have filler and botox, including fake hair, false boobs, and eyelashes. However, TV personality Katie Price has criticized Ulrika Jonsson’s appearance, calling her “haggard” in her column for The Sun.

This came after Ulrika expressed her dismay over Katie’s recent surgical procedures. In the column, Katie also suggested that Ulrika’s repeated surgeries indicate her ongoing search for happiness.

Ulrika & Katie’s Fights Regarding Their Surgeries:

Ulrika Jonsson, a Swedish television presenter, commented on the plastic surgery of Katie Price, a former glamour model, and her plans to film a documentary about it. According to Daily Mail, Katie recently revealed the results of her face surgery on Instagram.

Ulrika has also undergone plastic surgery, including breast reduction, as well as lip and eye lifts, and liposuction under her chin. Additionally, she has been open about her struggles with arthritis and the impact it has on her life.

The Swedish TV host claims that a £6,000 procedure to reduce the size of her breasts was her most involved procedure. The model disclosed her hidden suffering from the condition and acknowledged that having arthritis wasn’t the “sexiest” illness. This was in addition to discussing her surgeries.

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