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Sunyata Palmer is an American-born make-up artist. She is known for her work in movies like Meet the ApplegatesTransylvania Twist, and others. But, Sunyata came to the limelight as the half-sister of the actress Winona Ryder.

Despite having a famous sibling, Sunyata has managed to avoid the spotlight. Although we do know a little about her professional life, we don’t really know much about her personal life. People are constantly searching for information about the mysterious sister of the Stranger things actress.

The focus of today’s article will be Sunyata Palmer, including information about her age, siblings, career, net worth, and other details. Let’s get going!

Sunyata Palmer Is The Actress’s Daughter: Her Age & Siblings

On October 5, 1967, Sunyata Palmer was born in San Francisco, California, in the United States. Palmer will be 55 years old in 2023. She is the daughter of John Palmer and actress Cynthia Palmer (father).

Jubal Palmer, Palmer’s younger brother, was born on May 14, 1969. But the bond between her parents didn’t last very long. Similar to this, it appears that her parents split up after the birth of her younger brother.

Even though her parents’ brief union has been kept a secret, we do know a few details about Sunyata’s early years. Following the divorce, her mother made her way down the aisle alongside American archivist Michael Horowitz. Winona Ryder (born October 29, 1971) and Uri Horowitz (born February 5, 1976) were the couple’s other two children.

Along with their mother Cynthia and half-siblings, Sunyata and her brother Jubal resided in New York at their stepfather Michael’s home for a number of years. Sunyata used to frequently go out with her new family during that time.

Sunyta Palmer's step-father Micheal and his daughter Winona
The photo Sunyata’s half-sister Winona posted on her Twitter on Father’s day

Especially with her half-sister Winona, Sunyata’s siblings and family are very close. The two sisters were destined to remain close. Winona, in contrast to others, lacked a strong heart because she was constantly afraid. She and her sister Sunyata were being followed by some people, which increased the terror.

The Mermaids star still has little doubt of what their intentions were and has also said, “God Knows how many attempted kidnappings there are.”

The Origin Of Sunyata Palmer’s Name

Her first name, “Sunyata,” is derived from the Tibetan Book of the Dead, according to the biography Winona Ryder: The Biography.

Who Is Sunyata Palmer’s Employer?

Sunyata is a makeup artist, as was already stated. Given that she hasn’t yet disclosed any other careers to the media, it is possible that she works at it full-time. In three films so far—Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael, Meet the Applegates, &Transylvania Twist—Palmer has served as a make-up assistant.

Sunyata Palmer alongside her sister Winona
Sunyata worked as an Assistant Make-up Artist in Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael. Source: Pinterest

We are not, however, claiming that Sunyata has only appeared in these three movies. She’s probably operating the camera from behind. It appears that she would have preferred to keep her work a secret from the public. Whatever the situation, we hope Sunyata is succeeding in her line of work.

The Status Of Sunyata Palmer’s Relationships

No information has been provided by Sunyata regarding her romantic or married relationships. She is also a very private person in terms of her personal life. The same can be said of her romantic relationships. Sunyata’s relationship status is therefore still single as of 2023.

Winona Ryder, however, is unlike her; in fact, the Stranger Things actress is in a very happy relationship with the fashion designer Scott Mackinlay Hahn. For more than ten years, the couple has shared a home.

Sunyata Palmer's half-sister Winona has been leading a very blissful relationship with her boyfriend
Sunyata’s sister Winona Ryder with her long-time boyfriend.

Despite dating for eleven years, they have not yet tied the knot. In numerous interviews, Sunyata’s sister stated that she would prefer to never have a husband to getting divorced. According to ET Online, Ryder explained in an interview with The Edit that the reason she is not eager to get married soon is the relationship between her parents.

Furthermore, in 2016Winona said she would rather live unmarried than get a divorce.

She explained,

“Marriage? I don’t know. I’d rather never have been married than been divorced a few times. Not that there’s anything wrong with divorce, but I don’t think I could do it if that was a possibility.”

In 2023, Where Will Sunyata Palmer Be?

Perhaps Sunyata is leading a quiet life with her family away from the media. Regarding Sunyata’s current way of life, there are no news updates. The current residence of Winona’s half-sister has not even been covered by a single online tabloid.

As previously stated, all online sources indicate that Palmer is still employed as a make-up artist as of the year 2023. However, we won’t know until Sunyata speaks out in front of the media about the situation.

Sunyata Palmer’s Net Worth: How Much Money Does She Own?

The amount of money Sunyata Palmer is worth is unknown. Therefore, it is still unknown as of 2023. Her half-sibling Winona Ryder, on the other hand, is thought to have a net worth of $18 million. Ryder is an actress who earns a living.

Does Sunyata Palmer Participate In Social Media?

Sunyata doesn’t use any social media sites. Winona Ryder, who is her half-sibling, is active across all social media platforms. On Instagram, she has more than 600k followers, and on Facebook, she has 4 million.

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