Eric Schlosser's wife Shauna Redford

Successful American painter Shauna Redford is a partner of the accomplished journalist Eric Schlosser. She is well known for being from a prominent Hollywood family. Robert Redford, a well-known actor who has collaborated with people like Jane Fonda and Marlon Brando, is her father.

Shauna is a well-known painter who hails from a distinguished family of social workers, performers, and historians. She was born Shauna Jean Redford on November 15, 1960, to her famed historian mother Lola Van Wagenen and actor father Robert Redford.

Shauna was born in New York City, the nation’s cultural melting pot. Her Mormon mother comes from a Caucasian family, while her English, Scotch, and Irish father both have Caucasian ancestry. She presently does business under the name Shauna Redford Schlosser.

Net Worth: The Millionaire Shauna

Shauna Redford’s estimated current net worth is $2 million. She has earned this money via her profession as a consultant and painter. She even worked on the Sundance catalogs and was the creator of the popular Rural Route 3 brochure.

Eric Schlosser, Shauna’s well-known husband, and Katherine Langford, a well-known Australian actress, each have fortunes of $5 million.

Eric earned money through his work as a journalist, the sales of his books, and his appearances on television. His parents both have successful jobs and are rich persons.

Shauna Redford (left) with her parents and siblings.
Shauna Redford and her family, left to right. Source: Facebook

The legendary Robert Redford, Shauna’s father, has accumulated a $200 million fortune. His incredible career in filmmaking, production, and direction provides the funding for this. He also founded a number of businesses, Sundance Productions being the most well-known. He owns a sizable amount of real estate as well.

Shauna’s mother, Lola Van Wagenen, is a millionaire, though little is known about her wealth. Amy Redford, an actress, is her sister and has a $5 million fortune.

About Siblings

Robert Redford and Lola Van Wagenen, who are now divorced, had four children together, Shauna being one of them. One of her older siblings was a brother named Scott Anthony Redford who passed away in 1959, possibly from SIDS, only a few months after his birth.

A picture of Shauna Redford's late brother Jamie Redford with his wife, Kyle.
A photo of Jamie Redford, the late brother of Shauna Redford, and Kyle, his wife. Source: Twitter @kyleredford

Amy Redford and James “Jamie” Redford are Shauna’s other siblings. She was a devoted older sister, according to everyone.

Current Relationships Status: Who Is the Boyfriend of Shauna Redford?

We are aware of two high-profile relationships involving the famous child Shauna. Her first relationship was with the sadly murdered Sidney Wells, who passed away.

Shauna is currently happily married to successful journalist Eric Schlosser. Together, they are parents to two kids and reside in their Connecticut estate.

Relationship with Eric Schlosser

When Shauna Redford and Eric Schlosser got married on October 5, 1985, their relationship was made public. The ceremony took place outside on the lawn of Robert Redford’s house in Utah.

Justice Zimmerman and Ted Wilson, the former mayor of Salt Lake City, conducted the ceremony in a nonreligious manner. The Salt Lake City newspapers covered their wedding ceremony. The city also hosted the marriage of businessman Jerry Sloan and his second wife, Tammy Jessop.

Shauna and Eric exchanged heartfelt vows, beginning their life as a married couple and their new chapter. They have a very loving relationship and have always been there for one another.

Sid, Shauna’s ex-boyfriend, was killed

It’s possible that many of Shauna’s followers are aware of her darkest moments. She experienced a great deal of sadness following the brutal murder of her then-boyfriend Sidney Wells, a case that is currently cold.

A Quick History Of Sidney Wells And Shauna Redford’s Relationship

Sidney “Sid” Lee Wells was a journalism student at the University of Colorado Boulder in 1983. He was also a member of the Navy ROTC. Sid, a bright student, supported himself by working at the Boulderado, a nearby hotel, while he was in college.

An old picture of Shauna Redford's then-boyfriend and murder victim, Sidney Wells.
An old photo of Sidney Wells, Shauna Redford’s former boyfriend and murder victim. Source: CNN

Sid, his brother Sam, and a roommate shared a condo in Spanish Towers for the summer of that particular year. Their mother owned the condo, which they used to reside in while attending college.

The young Navy man was introduced to Shauna Redford, who shared an apartment building with him. They happily dated for three years after falling in love. Even engagement rumors circulated.

About The Tragedy

Due to a lack of funds, Sid and his brother had decided to find a roommate. Thayne Alan Smika, a local drifter and college dropout, entered their lives in this way. Later it was discovered that he had mental problems and blackouts.

Sid was shot once in the back of the head and found dead in his apartment on August 1, 1983. The main person of interest in the case was Smika. Sid made the decision to confront Smika about the unpaid rent while Sid’s brother was away camping at the time.

An old picture of Shauna's late boyfriend and murder victim, Sidney Wells.
An old photo of Sidney Wells, Shauna Redford’s ex-boyfriend. Source: 9 news

Police later discovered a shotgun and ammunition in Smika’s closet. On the day of the murder, there were already reports of him carrying something long and stiff across the parking lot and loud bangs being heard.

Furthermore, there were already rumors of the trade in cocaine. Sid was reportedly a regular dealer, and drugs may have played a role in his murder.

For years, Shauna battled depression

Shauna experienced anxiety and depression after Sid Wells’ passing. Her family did everything they could to help her, even taking her to another continent.

Even though everyone tried, it took her a while to get better.

Shauna Redford Was Involved In A Mishap

Shauna was involved in a collision in Salt Lake City in 1984 when her car slammed into the Jordan river. Fortunately, a few passing drivers noticed the situation and jumped to save her.

They bravely extricated her from the awash car and carried her to the bank of the river. Since Shauna was buckled up, any serious injuries were avoided.

Shauna was required to spend a day in the hospital after the terrifying incident. As a result, the media had a field day and frequently emphasized her portrayal as being “constantly depressed”.

mother of two children

Similar to American parents Nicky Marmet and Robin Tunney, Shauna and Eric are parents to two kids. Michaela, their eldest child, was born in 1991 when Shauna was 31 years old. She is the oldest grandchild of Robert Redford.

A possible picture of Shauna Redford's daughter, Michaela "Mica" Schlosser.
Possibly a photo of Michaela “Mica” Schlosser, Shauna Redford’s daughter. Source: Instagram @shadesofnoir

Shauna and Eric welcomed their youngest child in July 1992, one year later. Conner Schlosser was revealed to be his name. The father, Eric, was thirty-three years old at the time.

The two kids are now adults with burgeoning careers of their own. Conor is a producer and an artist, while Mica creates content and takes pictures.

The two stepparents of Shauna

Shauna’s parents tragically got divorced in 1985. They had gotten married twice before, once in Utah and once in secret in Las Vegas.

The reason for Lola and Redford’s divorce was her father’s rising fame. They grew competitive and their points of view diverged, and they eventually drifted apart.

As per Lola’s son Jamie:

Mom was no longer working from the apartment. She was flying to Washington a lot, and that put a strain on her, on us, on everyone

Shauna Redford's father Robert Redford and stepmother, Sibylle Szaggars
Robert Redford and Sibylle Szaggars are the parents of Shauna Redford. Source: PopSugar

After dating for roughly ten years, Sibylle Szaggars, Robert’s longtime partner, got remarried in 2003. She is an accomplished German multimedia specialist.

In 2002, Lola married George Burrill, the company’s founder and head of international development. He is a diplomat and an academic.

Career Outlets

Shauna paints, much like her creative father. Robert Redford has painted all of his life and even spent months studying the art in Paris.

Shauna has worked for Sundance, the family business. She played a key role in helping the family business create a very distinctive and individual western profile in the retail industry.

Shauna no longer participates in the Sundance catalog or the Sundance Film Festival, but she still paints. She appears to have a strong body of work.

Qualifications in Education for Shauna Redford

Shauna Redford, the older sister of Amy Redford, originally attended the posh Dalton School in Manhattan. Most of the Redford kids went to this pricier prep school.

Later, Shauna attended the University of Colorado, the school of her parents. However, she experienced a personal tragedy there when her boyfriend passed away.

Shauna reportedly has a college degree, but her full academic history is reportedly a secret. She reportedly has a degree in the arts. a previous image of Shauna Redford’s ex-boyfriend Sidney Wells.

Quick Facts About Eric Schlosser’s Wife Shauna Redford

Birth Date November 15,1960
Full Name Shauna Jean Redford Schlosser
Birth Name Shauna Redford
Other Name Shauna Schlosser
Profession Painter
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Birth City New York
Birth Country America
Father Name Robert Redford
Father Profession Actor
Mother Name Lola Van Wagenen
Mother Profession Historian
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Scorpio
Marital Status Married
Spouse Eric Schlosser
No Of Children 2
Height 173 cm
Networth 2000000
Sibilings Scott Anthony Redford, David James Redford, Amy Hart Redford
Education University of Colorado Boulder

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