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In the realm of no prep racing, one name reigns supreme – Ryan Martin. With a bold statement asserting his dominance in the fourth season, Martin has solidified his position as a force to be reckoned with.

While street racing may be outlawed in many parts of the world, the TV show “Street Outlaws” on Discovery Channel has transformed this underground phenomenon into a thrilling spectacle for viewers.

From Mechanic to Racer

Before gracing the screens of “Street Outlaws,” Ryan Martin was a seasoned mechanic, dedicating his expertise to enhancing the performance of fellow street racers’ vehicles.

Born on December 1st, 1977, Martin’s early life was marked by a passion for painting, drawing, and photography. He attributes his achievements in the racing world to the influence and upbringing of his mother.

BNR Performance: A Testament to Skill

Ryan Martin’s journey also includes ownership of BNR Performance, an auto shop specializing in aftermarket performance products. Since its establishment in 2015, the shop has offered a range of upgrades, from affordable options to comprehensive custom builds.

This venture showcases Martin’s prowess not just under the hood, but in the creation of high-performance machines.

The Fireball Camaro Reign

Taking to the asphalt with his fifth-generation 2010 Camaro SS, affectionately named the Fireball Camaro, Ryan Martin has amassed an impressive winning streak on “Street Outlaws.”

His talents extend beyond the mechanics; Martin’s adeptness at burning rubber on the streets has earned him three championships in the notorious Street Outlaws no prep Kings tournament.

Triumphs and Trials

However, as with any high-speed endeavor, danger is never far behind. Martin faced a harrowing incident when the Fireball Camaro’s engine burst into flames during a race. The ensuing blaze transformed the front of the car into a literal fireball, temporarily halting the competition. This incident, captured in the minds of fans, serves as a stark reminder of the risks inherent in street racing.

Challenges Down Under

Ryan Martin’s courage was put to the test once again during testing for an international competition in Australia. In a heart-stopping moment, he lost control of his 1969 Camaro, resulting in a collision with the retaining wall.

While the chassis emerged relatively unscathed, the incident highlighted the unpredictable nature of racing.

Beyond the Track: Family and Business

In his personal life, Ryan Martin shares a committed relationship with Cherish Casey, affectionately known as Mama Fireball. Together for nearly eight years, they have a son named Dax, who frequently features in their social media updates.

While marriage is yet to be in the cards, their bond is evident in their cherished moments together.

A Fan Base Beyond Borders

Ryan Martin’s popularity extends far beyond the realm of “Street Outlaws.” With nearly 330,000 followers on Instagram, he leverages this platform to promote BNR Performance’s merchandise line.

The exact financials of his shop remain private, but it is clear that Martin has found success in both his racing career and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Speculated Net Worth

Though specific figures are elusive, Ryan Martin’s estimated net worth stands at around 2 million dollars. The bulk of this wealth was amassed prior to his appearance on “Street Outlaws.” While the exact earnings per episode remain undisclosed, it is known that some stars on the show can earn substantial sums, alongside residuals from episode airings.

In Ryan Martin, we find a racer who has not only mastered the mechanics of speed but has also navigated the trials and triumphs of the racing world. With each race, he cements his legacy as a dominant force in no prep racing, leaving fans eagerly anticipating his next exploits on one of America’s most beloved reality TV shows.

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