Rose Bryne's son Rafa Cannavale

As a celebrity son, Rafa Cannavale has attracted people’s attention. Her parents, Bobby Cannavale and Rose Bryne, are well-known figures in the entertainment sector, which should come as no surprise.

American actor Bobby, who played the part of Ant-Man, is Rafa’s father. But many people will always remember her mother Rose for her role in the television series Bad Neighbours.

A Brief Overview Of Rafa’s Parents’ Relationships

Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale, Rafa Cannavale’s parents, are also accomplished performers. In the fall of 2012, they became friends and eventually fell in love. They quickly developed a love connection and began dating.

Bobby Cannavale with his partner Rose Byrne.
Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale together. (Source: People)

Bobby and Rose have a reputation for maintaining a secluded existence. Yet, the couple has remained committed to each other for more than ten years, maintaining a deep love bond.

In addition to their personal connection, Bobby and Rose have collaborated on a number of projects. Together, they appeared in a number of movies, including Spy and Adult Beginners.

Are Rafa’s parents still together?

While it may come as a shock, Bobby and Rose, Rafa’s parents, are not wed. While they have been living together since 2012, the wedding ceremony is still pending.

Byrne has been referred to as Bobby’s wife several times. As a result, people believe the couple is married. They both explicitly stated that they are not legally married, though.

Bobby Cannavale and Rose Byrne with their children in Halloween Party.
At a Halloween party, Bobby Cannavale and Rose Byrne were joined by their kids.(Source: Instagram @bobby_cannavale)

Bobby and Rose continue to serve as models for a healthy relationship as of yet. Fans are therefore anticipating seeing them make their vows to one another and walk down the aisle as a couple.

Regarding the previous marriage of Rafa’s parents

Rose Byrne, the mother of Rafa, never got married. Bobby Cannavale, on the other hand, was married to Jenny Lumet before dating Byrne.

Jenny Lumet, Bobby’s ex-wife, is an actress and screenwriter who works in the entertainment sector. She is the author of the TV show Claire as well as the film The Mummy.

Bobby Cannavale with his former wife Jenny Lumet.
Bobby Cannavale and his former wife Jenny Lumet. (Source: Celebrities InfoSeeMedia)

1994 saw the conclusion of Bobby and Jenny’s intimate wedding ceremony. Their son Jake Cannavale was born into their marriage.

Regrettably, Bobby and Jenny chose to separate ways when their marriage didn’t work out. Their divorce was ultimately completed in 2003.

Parents of Rafa Cannavale’s estimated Net Worth

Rafa is too young to pursue any career and build any wealth. As a result, we shall concentrate only on his parents’ earnings from the entertainment industry.

Bobby Cannavale, Rafa’s father, is worth $10 million. He earned this money by working as an actor. He will have four forthcoming acting roles that might bring in money.

Rafa Cannavale's mother Rose Byrn during the shoot of the TV series Physical
Rose Byrne, the mother of actor Rafa Cannavale, at the Physical TV series filming.(Source: Instagram @fullyrosebyrne)

Bobby played the part of Paxton in the cast of the superhero film Ant-Man. It was a box office success, earning $519.3 million overall, above its $130 million budget.

In addition to Bobby, Rose Byrne has accrued a roughly $16 million net worth. She received $500k for her performance in the film Annie and $75k per episode of the TV show Damages.

A Quick Look At Rafa’s Siblings

Rafa, a famous son, is one of the family’s younger children. He also has two older brothers, Jake and Rocco Cannavale.

Rafa’s father Bobby welcomed Jake, his half-brother, together with his ex-wife Jenny Lumet. His birthday is May 1st, 1995. He has already made a name for himself as an American actor and musician.

Similar to that, Rocco was born in 2016 to Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale. Rafa and Rocco are both still too young to pursue careers and live opulent lifestyles like other famous kids.

 A Brief Introduction To Jake, Rafa’s Brother – Bio & Wiki

Jake Cannavale is an American actor and musician who works in the entertainment industry, as was already mentioned. He captured many people’s hearts with his portrayal of Nurse Jackie.

Jake has contributed to the television and movie industries for more than ten years. In the film Romance & Cigarettes, he made his first appearance on screen.

Rafa Cannavale's brother Jake Cannavale is an American actor.
Jake Cannavale, Rafa’s brother, is an American actor. (Source: ET Canada)

The Mandalorian and Eat Brains Love are two of Jake’s famous acting roles. His three next ventures, which also include The Gemini Lounge, are widely anticipated by his audience.

Jake has explored a music career in addition to his acting career. While he is mentioned in the song Savior, his acting profession is currently his major priority.

Bobby Cannavale, father of Rafa Cannavale

American actor Bobby Cannavale has established himself in both cinema and television. Early in the 1990s, the actor who played a roadie made his acting debut in a number of off-Broadway productions.

In 1996, Bobby made his acting debut in the movie I’m Not Rappaport, which he had a minor part in. Yet after having a recurrent part in the TV show Third Watch, his acting career began to flourish.

Bobby Cannavale on the red carpet of Ralph Lauren during its 50th anniversary.
For the 50th anniversary of Ralph Lauren’s red carpet, Bobby Cannavale appeared. (Source: Marriedceleb)

Bobby’s performance in the popular HBO series Boardwalk Empire was one of his most enduring parts. He portrayed the vicious criminal Gyp Rosetti, who was dreaded by many.

Bobby is praised for his attractiveness and natural talent as an actor. He has received 26 nominations, two coveted Primetime Emmy Awards, and six more accolades.

Instagram & Twitter – Are Rafa’s Social Media Accounts Active?

Rafa Cannavale is too young to have a social networking account or participate in one. He does not currently have any accounts on social media sites like Instagram or Facebook.

He frequently posts photos to his father’s Instagram account, which has the user name  @bobby_cannnavale. Byrne, Rafa’s mother, is also active on Instagram.

An Overview of Rose, Famous Mother of Rafa

Australian actress Rose Byrne is well-known in the entertainment sector. She is acclaimed for both her remarkable beauty and her varied acting abilities.

Byrne’s career started off well when she was hired for the TV show Echo Point. She appeared in 130 episodes as Belinda O’Connor in recurrent roles.

Rose Byrn with the American actor Mark Wahlberg.
Mark Wahlberg, an American actor, and Rose Byrne. (Source: Instagram @fullyrosebyrne)

Byrne, who plays Byrne in Damages, has been in hit movies including Bridesmaids and X-Men: First Class. She has already worked on astonishingly 78 projects.

As of right now, Rose has had success in both cinema and television. She has two Primetime Emmy nominations, 15 other award wins, and 34 more nominations as proof of this.

quick Facts About Rose Bryne’s son Rafa Cannavale

Birth Date 2017
Full Name Rafa Cannavale
Birth Name Rafa Cannavale
Birth Country United States
Father Name Bobby Cannavale
Father Profession Actor
Mother Name Rose Byrn
Mother Profession Actress
Marital Status Single
Sibilings Two

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