Richie Shelton's late brother, Richie Shelton.

Blake Shelton’s late brother Richie Shelton was a prominent figure in country music. We have songs like God’s Country, Boys ‘Round Here, Ol’ Red, and Austin by the eight-time Grammy Award nominee. His projected $120 million net worth.

Blake’s life was greatly touched by Richie’s passing. When he died, Richie was twenty-four years old. At the time, his younger brother was just fourteen.

After a car crash, Blake Shelton’s brother passed away

At the age of 24, Richie Shelton perished in an automobile accident; he wasn’t the driver. His girlfriend was operating the vehicle, and he was sitting in the passenger seat. The fatal tragedy happened when his girlfriend was driving uphill and struck a school bus with her automobile.

The picture shows Richie, Endy, and Blake Shelton sitting next to each other as they are looking slightly away from the camera.
Endy Shelton (center) and Blake Shelton (left to right) are Richie Shelton’s siblings. (Source: Endy Shelton Instagram @endydesignz)

The three-year-old kid of Richie’s girlfriend was also in the car, but sadly no one inside survived the accident. The terrible incident took place on November 13, 1990, in Ada, Oklahoma. 

Blake, Richie’s younger brother, was just fourteen years old. According to the God’s Country singer, he has not yet recovered from his brother’s passing and most likely never will.

Richie’s brother Blake Shelton’s net worth

Until his death, Richie Shelton kept his wealth and income sources a secret. We shall thus concentrate on his brother’s money instead. Because to his tremendous music career, Blake Shelton has a net worth that is believed to be $120 million.

52 million singles and nearly 13 million albums have been sold by the well-known country artist. With over 287 Million listens, God’s Country is his most played song on Spotify. The music video for the song has received over 188 Million YouTube views.

Richie’s brother is a musician as well as a judge on The Voice, a well-known singing competition program. He earns $500,000 each episode, or more than $13 million, from the show each season.

Blake and Richie’s mother collaborated before

The song Time for Me to Come Home was written by Richie’s mother Dorothy Shelton and brother Richie Blake. She contributed vocals as well as compositional assistance for the song. It was published in 2012 and was a Christmas tune.

Dorothy Shelton is wearing a black dress.
Dorothy Shelton, the mother of Richie Shelton (Source: Yahoo)

The song’s success also inspired Travis Thrasher and Dorothy to collaborate on the book Time for Me to Return Home. She and her son Blake have a wonderful relationship and have been in public on occasion.

The Time for Him to Come Home for Christmas movie, which was based on his mother’s book Time for Me to Come Home, was another project the Boys ‘Round Here vocalist collaborated on. Before she married into the Shelton family, Dorothy went by Shackleford. Her mother has a position of authority.

How did Blake handle his brother’s death?

Blake, the vocalist of Happy Anywhere, has claimed that Richie Shelton’s passing will never go away and that he has merely become accustomed to it. Young Blake’s death was horrible, but fortunately he had a loving family who helped him to cope.

Most Beach singers have shown gratitude to their grandma. Over the difficult times, Blake’s grandma assisted in keeping the family together. Festivals and other special occasions were among the finest ways the Shelton family would connect.

Around Thanksgiving and Christmas, according to Blake, his entire family will get together to eat. And occasionally they would need to rent a house simply to accomodate the entire family.

Richie has a sister named Endy Shelton as well

Singer of God Gave Me You The late Richie had a sister by the name of Endy Shelton in addition to Blake. She is Blake’s older sister and was born on March 7, 1972. She creates jewelry for a living.

Endy Shelton is hugging Blake Shelton in the picture.
Endy Shelton, Blake Shelton, and the Richie Shelton brothers. (Source: Pinterest)

As he died so young, Richie never had a lot of time to spend with his sister. Blake did, however, enjoy a wonderful childhood with his sister. The vocalist for Nobody But You has shared a story from his youth in which he and his sister persuaded one another to take breakdancing training. Endy wants to have a quiet life, although they still have solid relationships.

When Did Richie’s Father Die?

Richie and Richard Lee Shelton, Blake Shelton’s father, have passed away. His father, Dick, who was well-known, died on January 17, 2012, in Oklahoma. Much of Richie’s father’s death may be traced to his declining health with advancing age.

According to  CNN, he was also hospitalized for pneumonia a month before to his death but was ultimately released.

Who Is Blake Shelton, Richie’s Brother?

Some of Blake Shelton’s songs, including God’s Country, Boys ‘Round Here, God Gave Me You, Nobody But You, and many others, have made him one of the most well-known names in country music.

Born on June 18, 1976, the singer. Blake is currently wed to singer Gwen Stefani. He had relationships with Keynette Williams and Miranda Lambert in the past.

Blake Shelton is driving a car in the picture.
Blake Shelton appears in the God’s Country music clip. (Source: Blake Shelton YouTube Channel)

First introducing himself with the 2001 song Austin. The Academy of Country Music Awards have also acknowledged his contribution to country music (ACM). He has received several nominations and five ACM award wins.

controversy surrounding Richie’s brother’s racism and homophobia

As some of his earlier tweets came back to bother him, Blake Shelton found himself in hot water. Some of the Come Back As A Country Boy singer’s earlier tweets that were deemed racist and homophobic were unearthed.

According to Vogue, the country singer tweeted about labeling the man who drank a thin caramel latte homosexual and asked gay people whether skittles are their favorite sweet. In 2011, he also sent out a racist tweet in which he claimed the person who shared his room next to him intended to bomb a location. We can presume that people didn’t like it.

After the criticism, the singer released a long apologies statement. He said he was attempting to be amusing and offered his apologies to everyone. He further defended himself by claiming that while his comedy could be acceptable, it was never malicious.

Richie Shelton Has A Song From Blake

Blake was devastated by Richie Shelton’s passing since he had always admired him. He has honored his brother by performing the song Over You. Miranda Lambert, Blake’s ex-wife, is also featured in the song.

Richie’s father’s death prevented Miranda from performing the song on her first-ever concert. She then requested that they each have a turn listening to the music. The moment she and Richie’s brother agreed to write this song has also been disclosed by Blake’s ex-wife. She assured her ex-husband that she could give him a different perspective on the tragedy. Many people enjoyed the song, and others who heard it could connect to the tragedy in their own lives.

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