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According to the producer Jon PetersPamela Anderson would get $10 million from his fortune. He claims he will “always adore Pamela,” despite the fact that they were only married for 12 days in 2020.
The 77-year-old Hollywood producer revealed what he left for his ex-wife Pamela Anderson in his will.
He told Variety on January 26 that “I will always adore Pamela, always in my heart.” “In actuality, I gave her $10 million in my will. She is completely unaware of this. Nobody is aware of that. With you, I’m just expressing it for the first time. Maybe I shouldn’t be saying that. So whether she requires it or not, it is for her.”

Although they were married in 2020, their relationship only lasted 12 days.
Pamela stated on social media that she never formally wed Jon and added that there were “no bad feelings” after their romance ended. She has known her lifetime friend since 1989, and she still has nothing but good things to say about her.
She told Variety last week,

He’s fantastic and has had a significant impact on my life. I am devoted to him.

A Star Is Born starring Lady Gaga, Batman, Man of Steel, The Color Purple, and Clue are just a few of the high-profile films Jon has produced.

Pamela had already married and divorced Kid Rock, Tommy Lee, and Rick Salomon before becoming connected to Jon. She is portrayed by Lily James in the Hulu series Pam & Tammy, which details her relationship with Tommy and their leaked sex tape. She criticized the effort, though, for reenacting the time in her life when the video was stolen and made public in 1995. She admitted to Variety,

“I’ve got nothing against Lily James.” “She’s a lovely woman in my opinion, and all she was doing was working. “But simply the thought of the whole thing happening was so depressing to me.”

Pamela Anderson and Jon Peters
Pamela Anderson and Jon Peters. Image Source: US Weekly

With the release of her novel, “Love, Pamela,” and the Netflix documentary, “Pamela: A Love Narrative,” Pamela is now prepared to share her own story. In the teaser for the documentary, she states,

“I didn’t feel like I had a lot of respect.”

“I had to use the fragments I had left to build a career. But I’m not the helpless princess. “I forced myself to overcome strange events.”



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