Stayce Holte Patti LaBelles Niece

Stayce Holte is widely recognized as the niece of the legendary American R&B singer, songwriter, actress, and businesswoman, Patti LaBelle. While she is best known as Patti LaBelle’s niece, Stayce has her own unique story to tell.

From her early life and career to her personal struggles and relationships, this article delves into Stayce Holte’s fascinating journey.

Stayce’s Early Life and Family:

Born on May 18, 1964, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Stayce Holte is the daughter of Jacqueline Holte, Patti LaBelle’s late sister. Tragically, her mother passed away from brain cancer at the young age of 43 in 1989.

In the wake of this loss, Patti LaBelle legally adopted Stayce, ensuring she would have a loving and supportive family. Stayce grew up in Philadelphia, alongside her older brother William Holte, who is also adopted by Patti LaBelle.

She also has a biological brother, Zuri Kye Edwards, Patti LaBelle’s only biological son, who is a music producer and manager.

Stayce’s Relationship with Patti LaBelle:

Despite not being her biological child, Stayce and Patti LaBelle share a close and loving bond. Stayce affectionately refers to Patti as her “Auntie-Mommy.”

On Patti LaBelle’s 75th birthday, Stayce expressed her deep love and admiration for her aunt, highlighting their unique relationship and lifelong connection.

Stayce’s Career:

Stayce Holte has dedicated her professional life to making a positive impact. She has worked at various community organizations, including Los Angeles Black Pride and the charity organization Comic Relief.

Through her involvement in these organizations, Stayce has contributed to charitable causes and made a difference in the lives of others.

Stayce’s Personal Life:

Stayce Holte is an openly gay woman and has been in past relationships with several women. While her current relationship status is unknown, Stayce has shared heartfelt posts on her social media accounts, expressing her love for her previous partners.

She has embraced her LGBTQ+ identity and has openly shared her experiences and love for the community.

Stayce’s Struggles and Advocacy:

In 2017, Stayce Holte courageously opened up about her struggle with bipolar disorder. She shared her personal journey, including battles with suicidal thoughts, in an effort to raise awareness about mental health and provide support to others facing similar challenges.

Stayce’s advocacy for mental health highlights her resilience and determination to help others find the support they need.

Stayce’s Social Media Presence:

Stayce Holte maintains an active presence on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. With her Instagram account, she shares glimpses of her family, posts related to political causes, and shows support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Stayce uses her social media platforms as a means to connect with her followers and advocate for issues close to her heart.

Stayce’s Net Worth:

While Stayce Holte’s exact net worth remains unknown, her famous aunt Patti LaBelle has accumulated an estimated fortune of $60 million as of 2023.

Stayce’s net worth, however, is still under review and may not match Patti LaBelle’s level of success.


Stayce Holte’s journey is a testament to resilience, love, and advocacy. As the niece of Patti LaBelle, she has navigated personal loss, embraced her identity, and shared her experiences to make a positive impact.

Through her career, relationships, and advocacy work, Stayce continues to inspire others and highlight the importance of love, acceptance, and mental health awareness.

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